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      December 20, 2022 at 12:50 am #35653

      Updated the color scheme, removed some extra length (for me), included mental state.

      &z[&248HP&251:&G%h&z/&g%H&z][&248Comm&251:&G%k&z/&g%K&z][&251MV&075:&G%v&z/&g%V&z][&248Force&251:&C%m&z/&c%M&z][&YOOC&z:%b&z][&p%u&z]%_[&w%G&z][&075%J&z][&248Tone&251: &075%D&z][&075%w&z][&248Time&251: &075%W&z][&248Close&251: &G%A&z][&R%g&z]&w%_

      &z[&248HP&251:&G%h&z/&g%H&z][&248Comm&251:&G%k&z/&g%K&z][&251MV&075:&G%v&z/&g%V&z][&YOOC&z:%b&z][&p%u&z]%_[&w%G&z][&075%J&z][&248Tone&251: &075%D&z][&075%w&z][&248Time&251: &075%W&z][&248Close&251: &G%A&z][&R%g&z]&w%_

      Included mental state in the fprompt:

      &z- %E &z- (&w%G&z)&z%_&GH&gealth &G%h&z/&g%H &z(&G%C&z) &BM&bove &B%v&z/&b%V &z(&B%Z&z) &CF&corce &C%m&z/&c%M &z<&w%g&z>%_&z<&w%A&z>%_

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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