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    • Walldo Keymaster
      April 25, 2014 at 1:56 am #24055

      We had a couple newbies asking about this thread so I’m bumpin it up.

    • Kirash Participant
      April 25, 2014 at 2:53 am #24056

      This is pretty much my go to prompt for everything. The only difference is putting in the mana part if I have a Forcer.



      Looks like:

      [T:tone][L:language][channel|encryption][ action timer ][Nearby]

      [T:tone][L:language][channel|encryption][ action timer ][Nearby]

    • Valens Participant
      April 28, 2014 at 5:31 pm #24058

      Here’s my prompt. I pretty much universally use LOL. Too lazy to make more than one.

      prompt &R&W(&YOOC:%B&R&W)(&zLang:&Y%w&R&W)&R&W(&zChan:&Y%k&R&W)(&zEncr:&Y%K&R&W)(&RNear:&r%A&R&W)[&z%g&R&W]%_(&zAmb:&Y%J&R&W)(&BT:&z%D&R&W)(&BHP:&C%h&z/&c%H&R&W-&BMV:&C%v&z/&c%V&R&W)->

    • Jamie Participant
      May 29, 2014 at 9:11 am #24111

      prompt &r[&wHP: &G%h&z/&g%H&r][&wMove: &W%v&z/&w%V&r][&wMana: &P%m&z/&p%M&r][&wCall: &W%t&r][&wAction: &W%g&r]%_[&wTone: &z%D&r][&wTime: &z%W&r][&wAmbience: &z%J&r][&wOOC: %B&r][&wPBase: &Y%u&O/&Y%U&r]%_[&wComlink: &z%k/&z%K&r][&wLanguage: &z%w&r]%_[&wDroid: &d&r]%_[&w%A&r]&z%_%_

      [HP: */*][Move: */*][Mana: */*][Call: 0][Action: ]
      [Tone: *][Time: *][Ambience: *][OOC: ||||||][PBase: */*]
      [Comlink: */*][Language: *]
      [Droid: ]

    • cnemus Participant
      April 10, 2015 at 11:13 am #25131

      &c{&WS&wpeaking&c:&B%w &p%D&c} {&WC&c:&Y%W&c} {&WA&c:&p%J&c} {&WC&wom&c:&B%k &rE&wnc&c:&r%K&c} {&YOOC&c:&R%b&c}%_&rHp&c:&R%h&W/&G%H &PM&pp&c:&R%v&W/&G%V &c[&R%g&c] [&p%A&c]&w%_

      {Speaking:lang tone} {C:time} {A:ambiance} {Com:0 Enc:0} {OOC:6}
      Hp:*/* Mp:*/* [action] [nearby]

      &c{&WS&wpeaking&c:&B%w &p%D&c} {&WC&c:&Y%W&c} {&WA&c:&p%J&c} {&WC&wom&c:&B%k &rE&wnc&c:&r%K&c} {&YOOC&c:&R%b&c}%_&rHp&c:&R%h&W/&G%H &BFp&c:&R%m&W/&G%M &PM&pp&c:&R%v&W/&G%V &c[&R%g&c] [&p%A&c]&w%_

      {Speaking:lang tone} {C:time} {A:ambiance} {Com:0 Enc:0} {OOC:6}
      Hp:*/* Fp:*/* Mp:*/* [action] [nearby]

    • Trayn Participant
      July 25, 2015 at 11:54 am #26581

      Bump, Bump for the newbies this era who need prompts.

    • Kirash Participant
      July 25, 2015 at 3:31 pm #26583

      Thanks for bumping this. I couldn’t find the string for my old prompt.

    • KRESKZZORZ Participant
      July 25, 2015 at 3:55 pm #26597

      &c————————————————————————%_&zHitpoints &C[&R%h&r/%H&C] &w{&p%m&w} &zMovement &C[&b%Z&C]%_&zChannel: &C[&O%k&C] &zSpeaking &W%w&w (&z%D&w) &r[&z%A&r]%_&c————————————————————————%_

    • Zeromus Participant
      August 6, 2015 at 1:48 pm #26754

      Reposting my prompts because I’ve updated them:

      &zO&wOC &z[%B&z] &z<&w%g&z>%_&GH&gealth &G%h&z/&g%H &BM&bove &B%v&z/&b%V &CF&corce &C%m&z/&c%M%_&zTone &w[&W%D&w] &zTime &w[&W%W&w] &zLanguage &w[&W%w&w] &zComlink &w[&W%k&w:&W%K&w]%_&z<&w%A&z>%_

      &zO&wOC &z[%B&z] &z<&w%g&z>%_&GH&gealth &G%h&z/&g%H &BM&bove &B%v&z/&b%V%_&zTone &w[&W%D&w] &zTime &w[&W%W&w] &zAmbience &w[&W%J&w] &zComlink &w[&W%k&w:&W%K&w]%_&z<&w%A&z>%_


      &z- %E &z- &z%_&GH&gealth &G%h&z/&g%H &z(&G%C&z) &BM&bove &B%v&z/&b%V &z(&B%Z&z) &z<&w%g&z>%_&z<&w%A&z>%_

      &z- %E &z- &z%_&GH&gealth &G%h&z/&g%H &z(&G%C&z) &BM&bove &B%v&z/&b%V &z(&B%Z&z) &CF&corce &C%m&z/&c%M &z<&w%g&z>%_&z<&w%A&z>%_

    • Athrun Participant
      January 11, 2017 at 1:10 pm #28791

      Can’t find the thread that I put my prompt in, and this is linked on the help prompt file on lotj, so posting mine here:

      &z[&OHP&Y:&C%h&z/&c%H&z][&OComm&Y:&C%k&z/&c%K&z][&OMove&Y:&C%v&z/&c%V&z][&YOOC&z:%B&z][&O%J&z]%_[&O%D&z][&O%w&z][&p%u&z/&P%U&z][&OTime: &c%W&z][&OClose: &c%A&z]&z[&R%g&z]&w%_

      I tweak the colors depending on which character I am on, so…this one is browns and blues.

    • khamael Participant
      March 16, 2017 at 2:46 pm #28942

      Modified from Kresk’s prompt

      &g((&G((&W(&z[ FirstName&z]&W)&G))&g))&z)>@)))))&w%_&rH&Ri&ztpoin&rt&Rs &z[&w%h&z/&r%H&z] &z{&p%m&z} &gM&Go&zveme&Gn&gt &z[&g%Z&z]%_&cC&Ch&zann&Ce&cl&z: [&c%k&z|&r%K&z] &OS&Yp&zeaki&Yn&Og &w%w &z(&O%D&z) &z[&Y%A&z]%_&z(((((@<(&g((&G((&W(&z[ Lastname &z]&W)&G))&g))&w%_

      Appears as:

      ((((([ FirstName]))))))>@)))))
      Hitpoints [0000/0000] {0} Movement [100%]
      Channel: [0|0] Speaking basic (none) []
      (((((@<(((((([ Lastname ])))))

      This helps when going through logs on days I played multiple characters. Fprompt is the same but with red ascii lightsabers

    • Andvari Participant
      January 9, 2018 at 9:04 am #30693

      bumped for new era

    • Diiroehn Participant
      December 5, 2018 at 6:39 pm #31316

      Bump. Because I’ve been tinkering with prompts. Would love to see more fprompts.

    • Athrun Participant
      January 31, 2019 at 2:47 pm #31466

      I’ve tweaked mine a little. Still using the Zeromus fprompt but now using this for a prompt:

      &z[&GCharacter Name&z][&OHP&Y:&G%h&z/&g%H&z][&OComm&Y:&G%k&z/&g%K&z][&OMove&Y:&G%v&z/&g%V&z][&YOOC&z:%B&z][&O%J&z]%_[&OTone: &g%D&z][&O%w&z][&p%u&z/&P%U&z][&OTime: &g%W&z][&OClose: &G%A&z]&z[&R%g&z]&w%_

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