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    • Gyndi Participant
      August 27, 2012 at 9:33 pm #19752

      &zHP &w[&C%h&z|&c%H&w] &zMP &w[&C%v&z|&c%V&w] &w[%B&w] &w[&c%w&z|&c%W&z|&c%J&z|&C%D&w]%_&w[&C%k&z,&c%K&w] &w[&W%A&w]&z &W%g%_

    • Gyndi Participant
      August 27, 2012 at 9:35 pm #19753

      People should use this to post their awesome (or stupid) prompts for everyone else.

    • Inactive
      August 27, 2012 at 9:37 pm #19754

      These are Zero’s:

      &zO&wOC &z[%B&z] &z<&w%g&z>%_&GH&gealth &G%h&z/&g%H &BM&bove &B%v&z/&b%V &CF&corce &C%m&z/&c%M%_&zTone &w[&W%D&w] &zTime &w[&W%W&w] &zAmbience &w[&W%J&w] &zComlink &w[&W%k&w:&W%K&w]%_&z<&w%A&z>%_

      &zO&wOC &z[%B&z] &z<&w%g&z>%_&GH&gealth &G%h&z/&g%H &BM&bove &B%v&z/&b%V%_&zTone &w[&W%D&w] &zTime &w[&W%W&w] &zAmbience &w[&W%J&w] &zComlink &w[&W%k&w:&W%K&w]%_&z<&w%A&z>%_

    • Bai Participant
      September 1, 2012 at 8:24 pm #19816

      &p{&zHP: &G%h&p/&c%H&p} &p{&zMV: &G%v&p/&c%V&p} &p(&zT: &w%D&p) &p(&zL: &G%w&p) &p[&zchan&G%k&p] &z[&W%g&z] %_ &p(&w%W&p) &p(%B&p) &p{&G%A&p} &w&W%_

      i’ve been using mine for the past forever

    • Slyth Member
      September 23, 2012 at 7:13 pm #19901

      Engineer basic prompt


      &Y{&WT&wone&Y} &g%D &z| &Y{&WL&wanguage&Y} &g%w &z| &Y{&WA&wmbience&Y} &g%J &z| &Y{&WC&wlose&Y} &g%A%_&Y{&WHP&Y} &g%h-%H &g(&W%C&g) &z| &Y{&WMP&Y} &g%v-%V &g(&W%Z&g)%_%_

    • Cronlan Participant
      April 30, 2013 at 6:11 am #21791

      Just you know, bumping for love and for those who don’t know about this thread.

    • Zeromus Participant
      April 30, 2013 at 10:39 am #21792

      I created a companion fprompt for my prompts that COB posted:
      &z- %E &z- &z%_&GH&gealth &G%h&z/&g%H &z(&G%C&z) &BM&bove &B%v&z/&b%V &z(&B%Z&z) &z<&w%g&z>%_&z<&w%A&z>%_

    • Johnson Participant
      April 30, 2013 at 7:06 pm #21796

      Here is what I use, pretty much universal for all my characters because I never play forcers.

      prompt &z[&r%h&z/&c%H&z|&g%v&z/&c%V&z] &z%g%_[&OT&z.&Y%W&z|&OC&z.&Y%k&z/&O%K&z|&rL&z.&z%w&z|&pT&z.&z%D|&rA&z.%J|%A]&w%_

      fprompt &z[&r%h&z/&c%H&z|&g%v&z/&c%V&z|&O%E&z]&z(%A)&w%_

      Here is what this looks like:


      [hp/maxhp|move/maxmove] *(if busy)
      [timeofday|comlink|language|tone|ambiance|near you]

    • Alevious Participant
      April 30, 2013 at 11:19 pm #21797

      Here’s what I use for prompts.

      prompt &c{&WT&wone&C: &g%D &c} {&WL&wanguage&C: &p%w &c} &c{&WC&wurrent &WC&womlink&C: &B%k&c/&b%K&c} [&Y%T&c]%_&c{&WH&wealth: &R%h/&g%H&c} &c{&WF&worce: &C%m/&G%M&c} &C[&c%g&C] &c{&WM&wovement&W: &g%v/&p%V&c} &C[&c%A&C]%_&w

      fprompt &c{&g%E &c} {&WL&wanguage&C: &p%w &c} &c{&WC&wurrent &WC&womlink&C: &B%k&c/&b%K&c} [&Y%T&c]%_&c{&WH&wealth: &R%h/&g%H&c} &c{&WF&worce: &C%m/&G%M&c} &C[&c%g&C] &c{&WM&wovement&W: &g%v/&p%V&c} &C[&c%A&C]%_&w

    • Falcon Participant
      May 1, 2013 at 2:41 am #21798

      Here’s my prompts. Same ones I’ve been using for years:


      prompt &cO&wOC &w[%B&w]%_&cH&wealth &w[&Y%h&w/&O%H&w] &cM&wove &w[&Y%v&w/&O%V&w] &w<&W%g&w>%_&cT&wone &w[&Y%D&w] &cL&wanguage &w[&Y%w&w] &cT&wime &w[&Y%W&w] &w<&Y%A&w>


      fprompt &cH&wealth &w[&Y%h&w/&O%H&w] &cM&wove &w[&Y%v&w/&O%V&w]%_%E —– &w<&Y%A&w>

    • ccubed Participant
      May 1, 2013 at 2:45 am #21799

      I just use this prompt.

      &z[&RHP:&w%h&z|&W%H&z] [&CMV:&w%v&z|&W%V&z] [&O%W&z|&c%J&z|&w%g&z]%_&z &z|&W%w&z| {&c%A&z}%_

    • Flek Participant
      September 10, 2013 at 2:08 pm #22345

      prompt &P%A%_&W{&zH:&R%h&z/&r%H&W} {&zM:&R%Z&W} {&zF:&R%X&W} {&zOOC:&R%b&W} {&zCall:&R%t&W} %g%_&W{&zTime:&R%W&W} {&zTone:&R%D&W} {&zLan:&R%w&W} {&zAmbi:&R%J&W} {&zCOMM:&R%k&z-&R%K&W}%_


      fprompt %E%_&z[&W%C&z]&W%A&z[&W%Z&z]&z[%X&z]%_


      My main thing is my fprompt is stupid simple I freaking hate clutter in combat I wanna see something at a glance.

    • Xaleron Participant
      September 21, 2013 at 8:18 am #22442

      I universally use this prompt for every character, changing the color scheme depending on what I’m playing as. And I just duplicate it for fprompt.

      prompt &W&w&W(&w%h&W|&z%H&W)&B%g&W(&w%v&W|&z%V&W)&B%g&W(%B&W)&B%g&W(&zTone&W:&w%D&W)

      &B%g&W(&zAmb&W:&w%J&W)&B%g&W(&z%k&W|&z%K&W) &R%A&w%_

      It’s got the little action stars all the way through in between each bracket set, with nearme people in bright red at the end. And a linebreak after that. I used to have the old AP in my prompt beside the OOC bars but decided it was finally time to get rid of it.


      EDIT: I had to split it into two lines to get it to show up completely on here… It’s all one line in usage, very simple and sleek IMO.

    • Aydenn Participant
      February 10, 2014 at 11:02 am #23609

      I like all these prompts, so I’m making sure this post stays near the top.

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