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    • korr Participant
      August 31, 2015 at 3:48 pm #26867

      Meh, I was Ewalm. I did things that included being a Jedi, then I died and quit for a while because I was upset about the way I died.

    • Andvari Participant
      September 1, 2015 at 2:52 pm #26868

      Was Ewalm one of the dudes Galv was trying to help? I forget all of the names.

    • Moh Participant
      September 2, 2015 at 12:50 am #26869

      @hashi I’m happy you’re alive and at least one person will keep it real and was actually around enough to have a valid opinion on what really happened. RIP Lofi

    • Moh Participant
      September 2, 2015 at 12:54 am #26870

      And Omi getting whacked had nothing to do with the Empire. Ciao.

    • Zeromus Participant
      September 2, 2015 at 12:50 pm #26871

      By all means, don’t explain it or anything.

    • George Stephanis Participant
      October 5, 2015 at 11:15 am #27020

      I was Twitch, a Rodian Leadership main Combat focus who trained random newbs on those rare occasions I logged in.

      Y’all are suprised, right? Considering it’s the third Twitch I’ve rolled that did the exact same thing.

    • Locksharp Participant
      January 17, 2021 at 4:57 pm #32289

      Found an extensive Hapan propaganda broadcast from Era 1 of this TL published after the end of the Hapes vs Republic war, along with some other post-war broadcasts…

      &zIn the beginning, there was a sense of peace. &wThe galaxy knew nothing but boredom and mediocrity until an excited report burst forth from a team of Republican scientists that dared to venture beyond the Transitory Mists, seeking to claim what forgotten resources laid beyond for their own greed. When they found something, it was with shock that these so-called intelligent men reported “&WPirates!&w” with all of their fervor, never knowing before their deaths how wrong they were. &OLittle did they know they had uncovered a civilization far greater than their own. Quickly did their eagerness to plunder turn to a fear of the unknown and the already enlightened… leading to &r&iThe Republican War of Aggression.

      &rThe War of Aggression&z, as it is being taught in academy classes, unofficially began with the suicide of Chancellor Vaclav when he delusionally attempted to run a Consortium blockade, insisting that he had authority over the Queen Mother’s fourth colony, &gKashyyyk&z, which had before been floundering as an independent government. Wary was our beloved Mother, but she allowed the Republic to continue to exist, heeding the promises that the ‘great government’ as a whole intended for peace and prosperity. However, the &gRe&rpu&zb&rlic&zan &gTra&rde C&zol&rlap&gse &ztook hold of all its worlds, the aftereffect of a terrible embezzling attempt to rig all Republican markets in favor of Coruscant, benefiting the &Balien Admiral &i&RPtiza&d&z and select Senate fatcats who wished to deepen their pockets further.

      &BThe slimy Senator &rSoran Ni&B quickly rose to power in such turmoil. &wGreasing his palms with the monetary assistance of the &YHutt Crime Lord &RVengo&w, Soran falsified reports, restoring the trade routes under the pretense the Republican coffers on each world were not in deficit. &zGamble after gamble, the &r&iKamino&d&z Chancellor applied his people’s sadistic theory of eugenics, culling the weak and the ‘undesirable’ in an attempt to bring order within the treacherous Republic. &RIt wasn’t enough to stop the frothing bloodlust of the Duros assassin &rHep&R, who slayed &pPrincess Ravanna&R as she travelled to Coruscant under the presense of calling a &Wdiplomatic meeting… &OAfter ordering a failed assassination attempt on &gLorrdian leader &CD&ca&Onnen-&CA&cl&Oeissia, he quickly resigned and attempted to fade into obscurity, hiding in the shadows to avoid redemption for his crimes, allowing for the next male leader to assume the mantle of Chancellor… &RAsvar.

      &zOur dear &RQ&ru&peen &RM&ro&pther’s &zpain was felt by colonists everywhere, each liberated world of the Republic cheering her on as she lead the charge of the Hapan people; being the loudest cry for revenge and justice for our great loss despite the calls that went up with each new colony brought under the Consortium’s umbrella. &rDespite having lost both of her children, it was decided to make a final attempt at peace… the fateful stand at &YCorellia.

      &gA motion for peace likened to a firm action, but one even Jedi understand, the benevolent Queen Mother decided to demonstrate a show of force at Corellia as a final warning for those on Coruscant to &Wsurrender peacefully&g in order to spare the city-planet the same fate. After the bombardment, Senator after Senator fell before the Queen Mother to beg her forgiveness and ask that the Republic and its holdings be spared. &zAs a result, The People’s Republic of Coruscant was permitted to form, Arkania was colonized, and the planet of Corellia, once ravaged, was offered a hand and encouraged to rejoin the community of the Galaxy Beyond the Mists. What would have marked an era of peace was ruined by the traitorous &RAsvar&z, who fled when it came the final moment to surrender entirely. It is to be noted that despite his utter cowardice, he did possess wisdom enough to outcast the bloodthirsty &RCiarchadh&z, who would die attempting to emulate the invasion attempt that the Failed Republic could not complete. The Republic was then left in the hands of &r&iDeela&d&z, a fish woman once regarded as intelligent and favored by the Queen Mother.

      &pThe first female leader of the Republic in centuries was doomed to fail, her &zbirth&p damning her attempts to command the remains of the Republic into cohesive order. &rDespite being given all the tools to rebuild a perfect government quite different than Hapes society allowed for, Deela’s alien nature caused her to be unable to carry out the simple task. Her inadequacy allowed for the final Republican leader, &RMerisee&r, to rise…

      &YA perfect symbol of Republican &rlaziness &Yand &rincompetence&Y, &RMerisee&Y emerged from the shadows like so many other would-be Republican leaders, promising to be different, promising to show the way… only to prove incapable of providing for his own people, much less the people of Coruscant– the Failed Republic’s last bastion. &zIt was at this time the Queen Mother grimly decided that for the benefit of all those once affected by the floundering Republican disgrace, and to counter the rise of Corellian-based Republican terrorism, that all those associated with it must receive a &rbrand&z marking their diseased minds and hearts. Living known bearers to this day include &pRoan Kas&z of the Jedi Order. &OMerisee hid from the Queen Mother, fearing her kind and nurturing hand, harboring hatred and instead of ending the Republic’s miserable existence, calling up others for a final act of war to strike at the Queen Mother’s home on the planet of Zalori. The collective Republican attempt to again harm House Zalori directly was put down via a public broadcast and execution of Coruscanti denizens, most of them aliens, in order to lure him out. The ploy worked and Merisee knelt before the Queen Mother surrounded by the bodies of fallen Republicans, himself bearing the ‘R’ brand required by the surrender. It was with that hand that he insanely declared he had won, broadcast a final message, and then fired his repeater on full-auto into his head, laughing as he died.

      &r&iThe Republican menace has been put to rest. Through the valiant sacrifice of the Hapan people and their newfound colonial allies, the Galaxy Beyond now experiences a peace unlike any it has seen in millenia.&d&p Through the grace and benevolence of the Queen Mother, entire systems flourish as they never have before, all under the watchful eye of the Consortium Peacekeepers and Colonial Militia who ensure such deranged aliens will never again gather enough power to harm their friends and neighbors for the sake of needless bloodshed. &RL&ro&png &Rl&ri&pve the &RQ&ru&peen &RM&ro&pther! &RL&ro&png &Rl&ri&pve &RH&ro&puse &RZ&ra&plori! &RL&ro&png &Rl&ri&pve the &RH&ra&ppes &RC&ro&pnsortium!

      &YT&Orumpets playing a royal notice resound, the &rrock-lion &Oof House &RZ&Ya&Rlori &Oset on the royal purple &pcoat of arms &Ocoming up in the background of the broadcast. It disappears to reveal a &zgrey-eyed &Obeauty with long &Og&Yol&Ode&Yn hair &Owearing a &Rred gown &Obearing &Gm&ca&gn&Yy &pg&Pe&Wm&Rs&O. Beside her stands a younger woman, her &rauburn hair&O done up in a bun and secured with a barrette and a &Bb&blu&Be r&bos&Be&O. It is that beautiful woman who steps forward, wearing a modest white outfit. The camera pans to reveal that they are standing at a lower balcony of the Fountain Palace campanile, the plaza in Chume’da city &Go&cv&ge&Yr&Of&pl&Po&ww&Wi&Rn&rg &Owith Hapan people onto the streets all around as they strain to hear the message about to be presented. Taelandi’s voice carries clearly, amplified and proud:

      &w”&YPeople of the Cluster, and Colonials in the Galaxy Beyond; today is a very special day. In the War of Republican Aggression, we suffered many losses. Many innocent colonists lost their lives, and many Royal Armed Forces fought bravely and died to protect our virtue and vibrance. But the strongest loss to us all was the strike that began the war: the assassination of Princess Ravanna under the white flag of diplomacy. The heir to the legacy of our people fell, and afterward House Zalori continued to suffer many more losses. A son. Nieces, nephews, retainers… but today we celebrate the assurance of our future, and seal it with the promise of further prosperity.&w” &OBefore the Hapan noblewoman, the Queen of Naboo, can even finish speaking the sounds of roars begin to come up from the crowds below in anticipation. She continues to speak over the cheers, smiling broadly. &w”&YFor some time now, we have held out hope. We have not wished to disturb you in case the worst occurred. But it is today we announce with pride that a daughter to the Queen Mother will soon be born.&w”

      &OThe thunderous excitement of the crowds is overwhelming, and as the official announcement is made rose petals of all hues begin to fall from the skies, showering the city with beauty while it celebrates. The noble populace is notably calmer than the average citizens, though all show warm approval at the news. The Queen Mother herself steps forward, lifting one hand to try and bring peace. The shape of her growing belly can clearly be seen thanks to the velvet gown she wears. &w”&zMy beloved people. During such a wonderful time as this, it has been known for the Royal House to be showered in gifts. I urge you to share those gifts not with me but for those who truly need them. There are many children’s homes on my colonies such as Lorrd and Alderaan which would benefit greatly from this. All of you remain my children, and as your Queen Mother I live to protect and nurture you all. This is my will, so it be done.&w” &OThere is a clamor as many begin praising the name of House Zalori. &w”&zThere is one final part to this happy day which has not yet been shared with you. My daughter has a name, and she will be known as Raisa. Raisa Zalori: your future Queen Mother!&w” &OShe smirks proudly with her head inclined as she looks out over the crowd, and the transmission fades to black meanwile the ecstatic cheers continue to play on, accompanied by the echoing peals of the palace bells.

      &pA news report opens with a view before the beautiful and pale Fountain Palace, focused on a podium placed before the grand fountain itself. A young golden-haired woman of unspeakable beauty and poise rises to the podium, her hands resting on the edge of it. She has no notes prepared, but she gives a dazzling smile. &w”&rI am Zara Rolands, a humble servant of House Zalori. I have been requested here to address the rumor regarding a pending Alderaanian vote to raise up a new monarch.&w” &pHolocameras flash repeatedly, but she is unfazed. Her hands part as she speaks again. &w”&rThese rumors are indeed true, as the Queen Mother made a visit to Alderaan herself late last evening to hear the request and give her own blessing toward a certain House. Alderaanian reports are sure to follow locally there, but House Zalori would like to release its formal support of the nomination for Galerian of House Ulgo to become the next King. This nomination is based off of known devotion and service to the Queen Mother and her forces in the areas of diplomacy and beyond. The formal endorsing House, House Rist, has released glowing praise of the movement, declaring it to be a step in the right direction for all Alderaanians. This sentiment is shared by House Zalori and the Hapan people. I have no further comments from the Queen Mother to share at this time.&w” &pEven as the words are said, gathered reporters clamor to get their question in. The beautiful woman merely turns away and heads back into the palace.

    • Altrez Participant
      February 4, 2021 at 7:46 pm #32312

      RESCUE-BOT: A medical droid that dispensed bacta in soda cans for people while singing about it like GATO from Chrono Trigger.
      That’s all, I didn’t play much.

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