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    • Baxtalo Participant
      July 25, 2015 at 3:20 am #26562

      lol the (first?) broadcast set I did after the Republic fucked up and killed Ravanna

      &YT&Orumpets playing a royal notice resound, the &rrock-lion &Oof House &RZ&Ya&Rlori &Oset on the royal purple &pcoat of arms &Ocoming up in the background of the broadcast. The Queen Mother is clothed in a traditional black mourning gown with a cape bearing the &RZ&Ya&Rlori &rrock-lion &Odraped about her shoulders. &w”&zThe people of Alderaan may rejoice, for at last the disturbing shackle of the Republic is freed from them. The Hapes Consortium is pleased to accept this monarchical, beautiful world as our final colony, assuming Lorrd does not choose to come under the Consortium’s banner. To the rest of the worlds of the Republic: I strongly encourage you to lay down your arms.&w” &OThe beautiful woman’s features harden, her voice cold. &w”&zYour ineffective government has failed you for the final time, as I will relieve your incompetent, murderous scum from leadership. From economic turmoil, to corruption, to deceit and outright murder… time and time again, they have failed you. Before, your Republic was beyond my care. But now your leaders have murdered my daughter, my heir; my very pride and joy, and those who stand in my way will feel the hellfires of my lasting wrath, and suffer long from the bloodlust my son now bears for those any involved in Ravanna’s death.&w” &OEyes narrowing, the grieving woman smiles thinly. &w”&zTo Asvar specifically: If you are wise, you will abandon this waste you have inherited and enter into negotiations regarding your homeworld of Arkania. Otherwise, you will find your world’s protective forcefields will not last against our superior ion weaponry… and our very many bombardments.&w”

      People of Alderaan: You already riot in the streets; now rise entirely against the Republic you loathe. No longer have you need to fear repercussion from them, or worry that their fleet will come to suppress your people’s true desires. The Consortium has come to your protection, and we will lead you into a new age of enlightenment and prosperity. It begins tonight.


      &z[&CL&cB&ON&z] &Y*&CL&co&Orrdian &CB&cr&Ooadcast &CN&ce&Ows&Y*: &w”&pFollowing weeks of negotiations, the Lorrdian Regency finalized colonization with the Hapes Consortium today. It was unknown if the Regency would take this direction or not, but recent local newscasts report the event was spurred on following an unstable relationship with the Republic, and an attack on &CG&co&Overness &CN&ci&Oabi and &CC&ca&Ovan &CD&ca&Onnen-&CA&cl&Oeissia’s &pperson this past week.&w”

      &w”&pThe finalization of Lorrd’s becoming a Hapan colony took place with the government’s head meeting personally with the &RQ&pueen &RM&pother and a small entourage of high ranking Hapan officials and other members of &RH&pouse &RZ&Ya&Rlori. &pThe &CG&co&Overness &preleased an open letter to the Lorrdian people, stating, &g’Thank you for your patience and support throughout this troublesome conflict. Your confidence in your government and your new colonial benefits will be a symbol to those other worlds in the Mid-Rim that diplomacy is still a strong alternative to bloodshed. Go with Via’s love and open your hearts to the new opportunities this presents to our world.’&w”

      The war which was caused by that spawned this motd:

      &w-&WThe Republic has declared war. &RIts reasons are unknown, but its purpose is clear: Destroy all Hapan way of life. Send them back to depths of the Beyond, to their last bastion. Make them hole up in their citadel, and we will set fire to it while they all cower within.
      &w-&zAll naval personnel: Defend our worlds and attack liberally at the Republic. Be more active as it is now that we need you. &RReclaim Kashyyyk immediately and drive Alderaan from their control.
      &w-&zAll ground personnel: Cause as much chaos and havoc on their worlds as possible, never staying in one place for long. Travel in groups of three or more and kidnap liberally. Those who cooperate will be jailed. High profile targets who try to escape must not be allowed to. Mithus should be captured and swayed to leave the Republic with a public statement if possible. Alexi must be kidnapped so she cannot produce for the Republic. Alene… is useless to us and also to them. If she comes into our line of fire, kidnap her. Otherwise, leave her be. &RKill those who resist and refuse to give us information about the Republic. This is a war that &ithey&d&z began, but we will end it with the spilling of their blood.
      &w-&zAll royal engineers: Build at the Naboo facilities with fervor. We will need a number of ships in the coming days as we have already lost one due to an inactive Navy during the Republic’s first strike.

      &R- These messages are urgent
      &p- These messages are in regard to day-to-day affairs
      &W- These messages regard special events
      &z- These messages are special announcements

      &RReclaim Kashyyyk immediately and drive Alderaan from their control.
      &RKill Republicans who resist and refuse to give us information about the faces of high ranking Republicans such as their Admiral and ground force leaders. This is a war that &ithey&d&R began, but we will end it with the spilling of their blood.

      and then this:

      &w”&cGood evening, this is Sola Naberrie from &OC&Yolonial &ON&Yews &ON&Yetwork&c.&w” &wA distinctive jingle plays during a newbrief intro, giving way to a Naboo broadcaster backgrounded by picturesque view of the Hapan Cluster. Unlike usual, Sola Naberrie seems grim and sad. &w”&cThe news of the day is war. Not even a week into the newfound peace the Queen Mother brokered with the Republic after Princess Ravanna’s murderers were brought to justice, the Republic has declared war on the Consortium for unclear reasons. Their only demand is for the Queen Mother’s head for actions never actually committed during the previous war.&w” The woman turns to face another camera as the view shifts to its point of view. The Naboo woman’s hands clasp on top of her newsdesk. “&cThe Queen Mother has released this statement, following the shocking deaths of Leonard Teraan of Teraan Engineering Corporation and Nasariah, a research director there, ‘&zI fear this is a fight for more than the stability of the Cluster, or even her colonies. All worlds under or even near the Republican umbrella have seen it in these last few days. The Republic cuts its teeth on its own citizens on Alderaan and Arkania to date, and who knows where they will strike next tomorrow. They will attack without mercy, and those who favor sovereignty instead of slavery must stand up and fight.&c’&w” After the clip plays, the newswoman seems still somber, but more lively. “&cOur beloved King Taren Salik has pledged his full support of the Hapes Consortium as always, and has demanded responses regarding the Republican incursions on our peaceful world of Naboo, criticizing especially their actions of shooting down Leonard Teraan’s ship this last night following an excursion to the Cluster to discuss trade relations between Naboo and Alderaan. ‘&OOnce more a Republican Admiral has shot down a peaceful, diplomatic envoy. Look to your government and begin asking questions before they take that right away from you.&c’ This is Sola Naberrie for &OC&YN&YN &cnews.&w”

      searching for new leadership via motd

      &Y(OOC): &zWe are currently in need of new Zalori clanleaders who will fill the roles of first and second for the remainder of the war and possibly beyond (RIP Ravanna and Talis 🙁 You guys were great.) The background for these leaders will be younger Zalori sisters (or brother?) or some other kind of relative. Cybele’s eldest sister is dead, as is her mother, so those roles are out. If you have an interest in filling these roles, you must be dedicated to ‘bringing the galaxy to its knees before Hapan beauties’ with exceptional RP and by not hanging back in the shadows. I’m looking for leaders here; no matter whether you roll an engineer, pilot, combatant, etc., you need to be able to help drive the clan forward. Send me tells while I’m on comms to ask about the role/s and pitch character concepts, or to ask about the one already set concept which would need to be applied for on the site. Keep being amazing.

      And the end of the war with the Republic:

      &w”&cThis is Sola Naberrie coming to you live from &OC&Yolonial &ON&Yews &ON&Yetwork&c studios.&w” &wA distinctive jingle plays during a newsbrief intro, giving way to a Naboo broadcaster backgrounded by picturesque view of the Hapan Cluster. “&cUnification Day is upon us at last. All around the Cluster, the Houses rejoice with their own long-refined celebrations, while Hapan colonies are experiencing it for the first time. It was only a year ago that the Transitory Mists were penetrated by Republican scouts, and we’ve come to prosper on a level far greater than ever dreamed since then. This year’s celebration is especially marked by events both tragic and inspiring, as it is the end of the 48 hour period given for Republican surrender, and early reports conclude that Chancellor Asvar Jeth has agreed to the demand.&w” The view of a beautiful city plaza comes into the frame, showing a statue pedestal without a statue yet on it. “&cIt is also a time of great loss. House Zalori was devastated by the loss of our Royal Princess Ravanna and Prince Talis, as well as the Dukes Trins, Sastor and Duchess Nomaza. Members of House Orelon including Maximus and Laesia, and those of Maires such as Lady Cecile will not be forgotten. Memorial construction is underway to commemmorate each precious Hapan life that was lost, though the Queen Mother has emphasized repeatedly she wants statues of her children placed at the royal plaza on Hapes Prime as well as on Zalori.&w” The view returns to one of the Naboo broadcaster. “&cUnification Day celebrations nonetheless continue and allow colonists a chance to become closer with the Cluster we pledge our alleigance to. This is Sola Naberrie reporting for &OC&YN&YN &cnews.”

    • Kirash Participant
      July 25, 2015 at 3:25 am #26563

      Anyone who was not in the Republic, be thankful. It was one big clusterfuck of no one giving a fuck.

    • Baxtalo Participant
      July 25, 2015 at 4:21 am #26567

      @kirash: when zalori.txt ended and rawnie.doc started I looked back and realized that you were the person who gave me the closest thing to prison RP I got down there, which turned into some of my thinks. Didn’t know you were you at the time, and I’d since forgotten, but it came back from going through all these threads lately. So thanks for that!, here’s the results that came from you farspeaking over the yells between cells, and some of the character sway you had over her:

      &wI can’t do it. I just can’t do it anymore. I can’t tell which voices are real and which ones aren’t. The voices that creep in because of the withdrawals… maybe they’re something more. Something sinister. The shape of my nightmares isn’t the Twi’lek who beat me anymore. It’s Tektus. Him and his hoarse voice, like his scabby lips are pressed up right into my ear. Whispering. Whispering. The memory of the others before they left are inside, imprinted within. &C’&cIf you care about me as much as you claim, then listen to me and let them do what they want.&C’ &wMaybe Sasil left to protect me. He knows what I have to do to come out of this alive. Who it is I have to kneel before. &C’&rAt least you tried. Hang on to that Rawnie, helping people without second thought. Don’t let them turn you into one of them.&C’ &wViz. I’m so sorry, Viz. &C’&rRawnie, You are a good person.&C’ &w… But I’m not, Viz. I want this. &C’&rI never loved you. You were moderately enjoyable, but now a liability and a loose end.&C’ &wLove? What–? &C’&OI am better than you now. That is why no one comes in to beat me.&C’ &wIt’s not real. That doesn’t even sound like Lekon or Viz. They didn’t even know how much Sasil means to me. Don’t let them in. Don’t let them… Shut them out. Shut them out. &C’&gYou cannot hide your feelings from me. I see your soul. You would deny what you have known your entire life. You have nothing. You are nothing. You doubt yourself just as you doubt your “friends.” You are alone.&C’ &wI’m not alone. My friends are with me. They’re my strength. &C’&OJust cuz you’re seperated, ain’t mean you’re alone. Ain’t you got any faith in your friends?&C’ &wDon’t leave me, Lekon. You’re the last one I have. ‘&gAbandon all hope. You are alone in the dark. You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?&C’

      He’s not my friend. I was alone, and he foolishly chased after me. But I was never not alone.
      He is one of the naive ones who thought that by chasing after me, he would be less alone himself. Poor little sneakthief spicer. Naive little child.
      Why? Why would I snuff out something so naive when it can be controlled instead? He believes me to be his friend, and so does Viz.

      There was a lot of back and forth in between and especially afterward in regards to any kind of negative mentality, but thanks for driving the first real ‘evil’ thoughts that character had in era 2 that weren’t /just/ spice-induced jitters. Specifically what started to turn back the clock on all the work made on her, aside from Lekon still being alive, was the sheer mountain of ‘prison letters’ I got with words of encouragement from basically all of TEC and the constant contact they attempted to be in in order to ‘save’ her. You were one of the few people in the Empire who did try to actually RP with me, though, even if it was limited (as I think you admitted at one point) because of the two’s IC relationship

    • Kirash Participant
      July 25, 2015 at 4:33 am #26568

      Sounds about right. I don’t remember much about E1 or E2. I’ve tried to suppress a lot of it.

    • Baxtalo Participant
      July 25, 2015 at 4:37 am #26569

      honestly, if he hadn’t assumed there was a romantic relationship between her and Viz, it probably would have sealed the deal and there never would have been issues. it came off really discordant instead because he was pretty much her caretaker because she was spiced out

    • veric Participant
      July 25, 2015 at 9:57 am #26577

      I found it very hard to RP with Rawnie in the Empire mostly because she was immediately being set up as a scapegoat for us to hate and it seemed rather forced. Galv had even said something along the lines of she was the lowest of the low and etc etc etc. Closest I came to RPing with Rawnie in the Empire before she died was Niraya tried to get Rawnie off spice as she was a former alcoholic and spice user herself. At the time I think I wanted to make it ‘fair’ icly for the inevitable rawnie vs luna situation that was already brewing.

      I think we even met once pre-induct on Dac when I was on a supply run and you had asked me why I was in the empire because I was nice to you during your time in TEC.. it was sorta funny ICly because during the ten year gap between eras Niraya was a certifiable monster when it came to experiments.

    • Samantha Participant
      July 26, 2015 at 3:54 pm #26659

      Alexi – Arkanian Engineer – Republic/TEC
      Allahna – Human Combat – Republic/TEC/Incom/Rebel Alliance/Incom
      Isme – Arkanian Engineer/Jedi – TEC/Jedi Order/TEC
      Lidi – Zabrak Hunter
      Ameli – Arkanian Engineer – Incom/Rebel Alliance/Incom
      Marina – Arkanian Teacher – Incom
      Mallakazza – Wookiee Hunter
      Pik – Utai Espi – Republic/TEC/Trade Federation/Incom/Rebel Alliance/Incom

    • Baxtalo Participant
      July 26, 2015 at 6:03 pm #26668

      Aw, Isme. 🙁 RIP Isme, she went well before her time

    • Hashi Participant
      July 27, 2015 at 4:36 pm #26681

      Just popped by randomly and saw this thread. Figured might as well:

      Lofisshpirran: Founder of AEW. Had huge fun setting up this clan and running it. Big thanks to @Rosemary in particular for working her ass off with the sciences and everything else right from the beginning. Not sure either of us slept much at all during the first few weeks of the TL.

      I think my favorite memory is one that almost no one would know of, so I will share: Moh’s echani hunter had that cube from the broken Cortosis quest that would periodically scream (screaming metal cube? Yessir). Anyways, Zalori was trying to yell at Lofi on the holovid about someone AEW killed (think it was that crazy Dashade that we popped for breaking into our HQ while the turbolift security was still broken) and the cube starts doing its screaming thing. Zalori asks “what’s that noise” and Moh does this creepy emote about slowly sliding the cube behind his back while Lofi brushes the whole thing off and tells Zalori something about looking into it. Screaming is heard periodically throughout the rest of the meeting.

      After getting burnt out, I pretty much quit and started playing some other games. I was really happy about everything AEW did both during my time and afterwards and want to thank everyone who was a part of that, maybe especially some of our unfortunate victims. At Moh’s urging, I did come back and bought Force on a Kubaz Combat main at the end of Era 1 and made:

      Darth Sadus: Was Darth Angarus’ secret apprentice, until I stupidly fell into Galv’s Forcer trap in orbit around Alderaan and ended the secret. Revealed myself as a trained Sith to Galv but sat in jail on Hapes Prime for like five days b/c I wouldn’t admit that Angarus was my master even though it was obvious to everyone. Got an inside seat for the destruction of Hapes Prime, during which Galerian tasked me with making sure Trenamere made it through alive. Was hilarious b/c Trenamere was convinced I was there to assassinate her. Kicked around in the Empire for a while more or less in a prime position to do something and never really did. Was still absolutely loyal to Angarus and he was virtually absent during that period due to RL stuff. Should have been killed by Frump in a starfighter grenade suicide effort which only failed due to Frump grabbing a smoke grenade out of his backpack. Was my only Force character and probably would have been a lot of fun if I had done more with him, but got burnt out on LOTJ again and went back to playing other stuff.

      Still playing other stuff but hope you all are doing well and have a great new TL!

      Take care,


    • Kirash Participant
      July 27, 2015 at 8:25 pm #26684

      Lidi – Zabrak Hunter

      I tried to save Lidi on Saun when them grenades started going off like crazy on Arkania. By the time I got back to the Square, you were gone though. Wound up having to save Electra instead. Sorry 🙁 Lidi was my favorite hunter.

    • Zhelir Participant
      July 27, 2015 at 11:38 pm #26685

      Hello there! I’m Zhelir, and I was a carebear.

      I started, by luck, right at the beginning of the Timeline, within a couple of weeks of it starting up. I played a handful of different characters that I dicked around on, but I only had two of any real consequence.

      Rood Vran — Kel Dor combat main, joined up with TEC, rose through the ranks to Director of Security until Teraan’s dissolution, later came back as Security for Incom. Spent the first two months or so slapping myself every time I used an emote that involved his mouth — smiling, grinning, etc. Pretty much survived on an unearned reputation within the company, as the only player I fought while in Teraan was a random Jawa slicer that cut through our doors out of curiosity. Had a lot of fun with this character though; Of particular note: His BFF status with Lucie, his interactions with Rawnie, and his interactions with the Force. I was the one Isme found (the Verpine actually awoke me, not her), had a long, hardy laugh at my glorious 5 force levels. When Isme was killed, he blamed the Jedi for dragging her in to their war, and for starting it in the first place. Between the Republic smoking Leo, the Hapans turning and curbstomping TEC, and the Empire butchering the holy hell out of the remnants of TEC, he learned to hate governments and carried on to a massive distrust of the Alliance. I’ll freely admit during his time in Teraan, I was one of those people scared of losing their character because of how much I liked him. Got over it in Era 2, but promptly quit after Sasil went off the rails. I initially thought the Empire was a bag of dicks for this (aside from the Sith, every one of whom I’d encountered I had a great time RPing with), but later found out it was pretty much just Sasil deciding we all had to die. That cleared up, I actually had a lot of fun prior to leaving with the whole oppressive atmosphere. Eventually joined back up with Pik in Incom and did a whole lot of nothing. Meant to be around for the EoT, but got married and bought a house in June, which more or less killed every ounce of free time I had.

      Roland “Scum” Darkin — Echani bounty hunter I made in Era 2, immediately realized exactly how bad I was at PvP in this MUD. Big thanks to Naz’grim, my little hunting party’s leader, for teaching me a ton about this. Did a lot of tribe-like RP with our group, Naz wound up getting killed right about the same time as the TEC people and my quitting, so the little party disbanded. I came back in Era 3 under the name “Scum,” had a lot of entertaining little RP sessions, particularly enjoyed hunting trips with the Maitrach (can’t remember exactly how it was spelled), but ultimately didn’t do much with him.

      Looking forward to going in to the new timeline a little more focused on what I want to get out of my characters, and not completely inept at the game.

    • Zeromus Participant
      July 28, 2015 at 1:26 am #26687

      Yeah, the Sasil nonsense was pretty unfortunate.

    • Paco Participant
      July 28, 2015 at 4:10 am #26688

      If the Sasil situation were a picture, I think this would be it:

      “Look what has done for you, is impress yes?” “No.”

    • Baxtalo Participant
      July 28, 2015 at 12:09 pm #26690

      Hashi, Lofi was my favorite character of Era 1, probably. Him killing Oliver after that shit-talking scenario like day one of the TL earned so much respect from Zalori and started her wanting to try and court AEW even though TEC made the most sense (though I knew I’d have to tear them from the Republic.) But seeing engineers with backbones and teeth was fantastic. I’d also forgotten about that screaming cube but I absolutely remember it now lol

      : Rooooooood! <3 My moral compass and mentor! Makes me happy to hear you escaped the Sasil bullshit and lived to see the end of days. For having all of 5 levels of force (what idiot awoke you, anyway) you handled being a combatant who had just a very small past with the JO only to dislike them pretty great. He felt like he could have been a canon character, even if he did smile about 1000 too many times

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