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      November 2, 2015 at 3:56 am #27286

      I see Zeromus bolded the funny part.

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      May 5, 2017 at 8:27 pm #29412

      I was just running along and bumped over this bit of RP with the Hapans from last era 1. Don’t really recall the circumstances. I think I was trying to trick Zalori into something? Or I really didn’t like that guy I was selling out.

      Tayani curtseys gracefully to Zalori.

      Galerian arrives from the west.

      Galerian leaves north.

      Galerian arrives from the north.

      Narravin nods in agreement to Galerian.

      Revlis offers a shallow bow to Zalori, and then Galerian. “Your highnesses.”

      Tayani curtseys gracefully to Zalori before veering off to stand by Narravin.

      Narravin gives you a brief nod.

      Galerian bows before Zalori, then turns about to stand beside her.

      Zalori is seated on one of the purple couches set out for those that await the Queen Mother’s pleasure, her crown absent from her head and only two layers of robes worn over a white tunic and pants underneath. She inclines her head subtly to acknowledge you. “I’m surprised by your request for a meeting. I believe this is the first time you have ever reached out first.”

      A Human female turns her direction towards Zalori and listens, somewhat ignoring the presence of the others.

      “This is the first time I’ve actually had a reason to.” Revlis responds as he straightens himself, his face slipping back into it’s usual blank expression. “I don’t often find myself involved in situations that I’m unable to resolve without outside assistance.”

      Zalori nods toward one of the lounges set adjacent to the one she sits on. “Make yourself comfortable, should you like, and explain what it is that troubles you.”

      Revlis shifts a hand through the air near his waist, as though the kinetic motion helps to stir his thought processes. “In particular, I have no real problems with Velian Del Rezian, although I understand that the Consortium may.”

      A Human female asks you, in Hapan ‘Can you make it stop repeating everybody?’

      “He has gone back on his word to live his life peacefully, and speaks out against my rule.” Zalori states drily, one eyebrow arching. “As a colonist of mine, that is something that should concern you.”

      Revlis looks at A Human female, cocking his head to the side for a moment, then rolling his eyes. He pulls A Thin, MSTR-Set Datapad from a pouch on his back, then taps the screen.

      4-L0M Protocol Unit says ‘I will no longer assist.’

      A Human female nods in agreement with you.

      “Personally, I consider our affiliation in looser terms, at best.” Revlis says, taking a seat on one of the unoccupied lounges. “However, I find that given a situation in which I have to pick either the Consortium or the former Republic, I would side with the Consortium.”

      “How you consider the situation is irrelevant. It does not change it.” Zalori replies, leaning to sit up straight versus the comfortable position she had adopted earlier. “Though I am sure you did not come here merely to tell me that.”

      “No, I could insult your sensibilities in more comfortable circumstances for both of us.” Revlis replies, tapping on his datapad. “I simply came here to offer you Del Rezian.”

      Zalori’s grey eyes sharpen. “So, he’s seen fit to contact you?”

      “I understand that it’s well known that I’m not a fan of the conduct of some members of the Consortium, which is true.” Revlis says, his own eyes bright, somewhat feverish. “The same can also be said for the Republic, I don’t judge based on where a person comes from, but rather on what they do, and I do not approve of Velian.”

      Narravin whispers something to Tayani.

      A Human female looks at Galerian.

      Zalori’s own gaze remains intent on you, studying him as he relates all this. “How do you intend to offer him to me?”

      Revlis glances over to A Human female, then sets a message disk on a table next to his seating arrangement. “If you wouldn’t mind giving this to the Queen”

      Zalori whispers into a comlink.

      A Human female snatches a message disk off the table, examining the exterior of the disk before handing it to Zalori.

      A Human female gets a message disk.

      A Human female begins moving towards Zalori.

      A Human female steps closer to Zalori.

      A Human female gives a message disk to Zalori.

      A Human female begins moving away.

      Zalori holds a message disk in her hands.

      A Human female has stepped away.

      Zalori reads the disk’s contents calmly, her eyes dancing across the words. She lays it down in her lap before glancing back up toward you. “Out of curiosity, which of his acts caused you to most dislike him?”

      “The one with the mouth.” Revlis replies, then glances about the chamber. “Are your guests typically offered refreshments?”

      “Tea, normally, though I did not imagine you would want to stay long enough to have any. Should you like, I may have some prepared.” Zalori says lightly in response.

      A Human female smiles, seemingly mildly amused at the man’s request. “Your Majesty, shall I ask for one of the servents to prepare tea?”

      “Something Lorrdian.” Zalori voices in agreement, nodding subtly to A Human female.

      “I didn’t intend to.” Revlis says, frowning thoughtfully for a moment, then shaking his head as though dismissing an idea. “At any rate, I don’t care for Del Rezian’s behavior. It would likely take some arrangement in order to set up a situation where he could be collected, and I personally have little investment in the idea.”

      loo fem
      This is a young woman, probably about twenty years old, who stands with an air
      of carefree confidence that is most noticeable in her serene blue eyes outlined
      with a dash of liner. Soft face with rounded cheek bones, slim narrow nose,
      high trimmed brows, soft pouty pink lips, and rounded chin is complimented by
      her easy, charming smile. Wondrous oceans of blue gaze out playfully
      as she smiles, though, there is a hint of a wild spark lingering behind those

      She adorns purple pink hair, groomed and shining brilliantly, which
      crops her gentle face: the mane glimmers down towards her shoulders where it
      ends, with perfectly cut tips. The hair spills down between her shoulder
      blades in bladed formation, the rest of it cropping in circular fashion towards
      her shoulders where the shortest strands just barely tickle the skin of her
      collar bone.

      This young woman has a soft neck and narrow shoulders that form into equally
      lithe arms and hands, but her midsection shouldn’t go without notice.
      Overall her general shape is a toned, hourglass figure defining her chest
      and hips which are of moderate, if not winding ‘definition’. Altogether
      her skin tone is a light & even tan lending her to porcelain glamour.
      A Human female is in perfect health.
      A Human female is A titanic, gorgeous pale white skinned Human female.

      A Human female is wearing:
      <worn on head> A cowl of leather and silk wrapped durasteel
      <worn about body> An armored bodysuit wrapped with silk and leather
      <worn over body> A long flowing silk cloak emblazoned with K.G.
      You are too far away to see what they’re carrying.

      “The most simple of ways to set him up would be to reply to the letter.” Zalori says, reaching forward as a silver tea set is delivered before them quickly, steam coming from the spout of the pot. She pries the top open to see the leaves freshly steeping, closing it delicately to wait for a moment. “Tell him that his goals are of interest to you, and you would like to meet to discuss them better. State the truth, that Consortium presence on Kashyyyk is minimal, and there will be no issues. You will speak safely within the walls of your compound, and your people will not defy your word.”

      Zalori grabs the handle of the pot, beginning to pour the light-colored brown tea. The first tea-cup filled halfway is the one set closest to you, then one for herself. She cradles the warming china between her palms after setting aside to the silver teapot, growing comfortable once more. “After he arrives, he will indeed be escorted within where there will be someone waiting to arrest him. Preferably myself, though it is possible to send another in my stead.” Her index finger lifts off her teacup. “This would look favorably upon your company.”

      Zalori says, in Hapan ‘I would be willing to kindly overlook quite a few matters which have been piling up should you perform well with this.’

      “I doubt that the situation will unfold as you predict.” Revlis says as he picks up his own cup, looking down into it for a few contemplative moments. “Were I a wanted individual, I wouldn’t make my location known. Nor would I place myself in a sealed location I couldn’t leave if I wanted to.”

      Taking a sip of tea, Revlis says, “If any communication results from my attempting to contact him, it would likely be a channel, and requests for material and funding. Politicians always want funding.”

      “You are a powerful potential ally for him. You would be surprised what desperate men do when they are presented with opportunity unlike any other.” Zalori replies thoughtfully. “He simply will require a small amount of enticing, as you will make it clear to him that you will offer him nothing without meeting with him. Claim a Lorrdian quirk, if you must. Sizing him up as a man by the way he physically presents himself.”

      “It may or may not work.” Revlis concedes as he takes another drink, then grimaces slightly. He glances over the tray as though searching for something before continuing, “And I admit that my thinking is that it won’t, but should it, you may collect him at your leisure.”

      Zalori doesn’t seem the sort to sweeten anything bitter by pairing it with something sugary, but there is a small dish of a dark, sweet gel, and a plate with sandwich squares. “It may not. But assuming that it does not work, a ‘former employee’ of yours could always reach out and make contact with him.”

      “I don’t think you know my employees.” Revlis mutters.

      “Then enlighten me as to why that would not work, especially on a man so far withdrawn into his own ego that he would dare to reach out and contact you for assistance.” Zalori replies mildly, taking a sip of her tea afterward.

      “There was absolutely no danger in contacting me.” Revlis says easily, then drains the rest of his cup, with the exception of the dregs. Placing it back onto the tray, he continues, “All he did was check a box, if I respond or not, he can say that he did at some point in the future, and I am quite certain his paranoia is working in overdrive these days.”

      “Gaining his trust would not be instant. He is most likely very cautious,” Galerian interjects into the conversation. “You will need to develop a relationship with him.”

      Zalori asks, in Hapan ‘Then why is it he would reach out to you, specifically asking for you to sendpeople his way, if he would not trust anyone that you did?’

      Galerian looks the disk over in his datapad before ejecting it again. He lifts his gaze to you. “Even better.”

      You say ‘Because he thinks he can win people over to his way of thinking, I imagine, and you need to start somewhere on any project. I doubt that I am the only person to whom he’s sent mail.’

      Zalori says, in Hapan ‘Allow him to believe he’s stuck gold with you.’

      “I’ll see what can be done with it.” Revlis replies as he rises from his position on the couch, then pauses, glancing down to Zalori still sitting. “I trust that it’s mutually understood that we shouldn’t be talking about this frequently? I have a reputation to protect.”

      “A channel should of course be set up to provide communications which are required to be subtle. I trust that you will not accidentally reach for your public comm when you make a report to me.” Zalori supplies with a thin smile.

      “I’ve managed thus far to avoid doing such things.” Revlis says as he adjusts his chestplate and jacket, “Let us hope that my luck holds.”

      Zalori says, in Hapan ‘Send me a channel when you’ve safely returned back to Kashyyyk, then.’


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      Lord, I have 0 memory of this… But yeah, that was Ocerion’s Alderaanian senator, I think

      Probably a mixture of both

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