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    • KRESKZZORZ Participant
      July 22, 2015 at 1:36 pm #26208

      I don’t remember the name Riley and I would never have black hair with purple streaks that’s just tacky.

      i can only assume someone is impersonating me, and from the looks of it doing a damn fine job B+

    • Xavious Participant
      July 22, 2015 at 2:00 pm #26211

      @Brendo: I practically burst out laughing reading the thing about Oteri/Paco doing the the week long disappearing act, then returning, snorting a line of coke, and going on a 3 day bender. Oteri has a crazy work schedule and that’s the epitome of how his piloting campaigns were in the Hutt Cartel.

      : Lol at that log was awesome. Zalyk would definitely be proud. Out of curiosity, what “Darth Angarus” things did you get in trouble over?

    • Zeromus Participant
      July 24, 2015 at 1:28 pm #26446

      PEOPLE OB LOTJ. I BRING TO YOU: The Textbook Example of Why You Should Check For Microphones aka The Downfall of the Krayt’s Maw. I believe the story about this one is that somebody from AEW slipped a microphone onto a random engineer (Qai, thanks Veric.) from TEC. The microphone was not very useful initially, but at some point the engineer left TEC to join Krayt’s Maw, an engineering clan. The guy was still new to the Maw, but was brought in on a meeting where the Maw proceeded to outline their master plan to fuck with everyone. Warning, this is long but so good.

      A comlink buzzes ‘Surprised you came.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Nasariah is still mad at you for offering it to him and him
      refusing it.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Considering the galaxy’s dubbed all “terrorists”.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘The Maw is misunderstood.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Quite.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Hopefully, I’ll be able to help bring the Maw to it’s
      rightful place.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I am ready.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘So, how is Captain Starfall?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Not seen him myself, we seem to keep missing each other.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Good choice of replacement if you ask me’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Hrm?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Lucie’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Indeed.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I trained her well, I’ve been pulling back slowly for about a
      week now and she’s a great choice.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Always had a thing for her.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Not to mention, I’m not too far if she needs help or advise.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Ineed.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘She knows?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘She does.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Leonard learned of it when the position was first offered.
      Lucie learned of it from both Leonard and I last night.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘But I’ve never mentioned it until now.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Oh wait, we’re talking about different things.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Oh!’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Oh, your horn-dogness about her.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Ah! Clay, hello. I have good news for you. Your armor is
      being finished as we speak.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘This is good news indeed.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Did you handle his empowerments?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘We could do with some droids’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Your first order of business will be cleaning up the mess we
      made last night. Though I admire your intellectual prowess, it’s your
      diplomatic skill that provoked me to bring you over.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘It’s ok, Colonel. You can admit that I’m a sexy beast and you
      wanted more sexy beasts around you and Jori.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Erm.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Lost my faculties there for a moment.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Speaking of messes, might I suggest that one way to fix them
      is not to make them in the first place.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘So it would seem. Nonetheless. Do you understand your
      A comlink buzzes ‘I do.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I’ll, first, request a full briefing on all activities and
      on-goings, to include – but not limited to – last night.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘The fuck?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘With me.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘It’s no secret that our actions as of late have been nothing
      short of excessive. I won’t make any apologies, what’s done is done. Suffice to
      say, as you know we were under contract to the Queen Mother to remove Vengo.
      This coupled with my own experience with the slug from my early Republic days
      spurned me to act rashly.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘That contract has, I suspect, been ended due to our failure
      to meet its terms within the alloted time frame.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘The Hutt has issued bounties for all of our members
      nonetheless. Making us targets for his hunters and agents. Contract or not, our
      situation with Vengo will continue for the foreseeable future.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘It wouldn’t surprise me if Vengo’s agents released that
      horrible misconstrued commlog last night.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I’m quite sure that they did.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Perhaps I can speak with the Queen Mother. She was always
      pleased to see and hear from me while I was at TEC.
      A comlink buzzes ‘Did you notice the horrendous fuck up?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘It is true about Nar Shaddaa however. We are truely in an
      arrangement with their Governor-General for the time being.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘In spite of that, no other organization will hire us due to
      our recent actions. We’ve had no further inquiries from anyone about our
      A comlink buzzes ‘Hrm.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘And no, I didn’t notice, to be honest. I normally kept to my
      work while there. But now that I am here, I will pay far more attention to the
      on goings of political issues.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘When I started this I had no desire to become involved in the
      holo-opera that is the galaxies politics. Now it seems I’ve become the
      A comlink buzzes ‘What was your goal?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘They were quite adament that the Bothan wasn’t the Governor.
      They were quite right, he was the reporter.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘The reporter masqueraded as the Governor-General?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘To make money, quite simply, operating as an independent
      contractor to organizations in need of a professional military unit.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘It’s a long story.’

    • Zeromus Participant
      July 24, 2015 at 1:29 pm #26449

      A comlink buzzes ‘Alright. So, let’s start at the beginning. Now that I know
      this is – in fact – a mercenary group. I can easily put a more pleasant spin on
      A comlink buzzes ‘So, you started the company, you’ve hired some troops. We got
      some ships together, then what.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Well, we took a contract from Nasariah.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘To protect neutral worlds in the event of their forced
      occupation. Someone told Hapes that we were hired to kill them.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Military Contractors has a better ring to it’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I met with the Queen Mother and she made it clear that we
      would need to eliminate Vengo to regain any “confidence” from her.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Actually, Advanced Protective Services sounds better than
      Military Contractor’s.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Suffice to say, I took the offer in the interest of
      preserving our existence rather then be annihilated by the Consortium.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Whom lead the raid on Nal Hutta?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Both of them’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Both of whom?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Raids.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘The shootout had nothing to do with us though. We attempted
      to work quickly and quietly so that an event like what happened DIDN’T happen.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘An Echani named Bauren spotted us during our ambush and
      tipped off Vengo.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘We pulled out and monitored from orbit while the streets
      turned into a shootout.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Bauren? He used to be the Director of Security for TEC.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Long before my time.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘You mean Berek.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Berek and Bauren are not the same person.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I’ve had this conversation with several people.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘No, no. Berek was Director of Operations when I was first
      hired. He took Bauren’s spot as Director of Security when Bauren left due to a
      lack of action – same reason Berek gave us. Bauren was Berek’s boss, Bauren
      left, Berek was promoted to Director of Security, Oliver was murdered by AEW,
      Berek took Oliver’s position, I was hired, Berek left, I took over Berek’s
      A comlink buzzes ‘To keep it short.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Ahh I see.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Huh. Then perhaps Bauren truely is a member of the
      Consortium. Interesting that he still tipped off the Hutt.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Indeed.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘So. You get to the surface, how many were in your
      A comlink buzzes ‘Four.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Sarut was in the process of setting up the ambush. We were
      laying in wait.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Straight line stack or horizontal stack to sweep up the
      A comlink buzzes ‘We had the spaceport locked down.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Bauren showed up and suddenly Vengo knew about our location.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Just after Bauren whispered into his comm.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Ok. So, you’re by the spaceport, and it’s locked down. Bauren
      comes wondering by, tips off Vengo. You and your team pull off planet
      completely at this point?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Did any member of your strike team fire a single shot?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Not one.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Grenades?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Landmines?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘We engaged in no acts of violence whatsoever.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘You pull off planet, return to the Sarut, pull back from
      orbit and you monitor the space waiting on Vengo.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘And Rev started shooting.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘We returned to the Dauntless.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Was Captain Rance Starfall awake at the time?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘He was.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Wait, who’s Rev? He’s not on our roster.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Rev was the one we believe told Hapes about the Nasariah
      A comlink buzzes ‘A betrayer. He was on Hutta and started shooting.
      A comlink buzzes ‘Rev belongs to which side?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘AEW.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Why is it everytime something bad happens, AEW appears to be
      at the center of the incident?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Indeed.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Ok. So Rev starts shooting at whom?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Vengo’s agents.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Uh huh. Any truth to the bombardment of Nal Hutta by Captain
      Rance Starfall’s orders?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘They were my orders.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘We had recieved intel from the Chancellor that Vengo was
      still on Nal Hutta. We scowered the planet for over an hour.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘You ordered the bombardment of a planet with innocent junkies
      uled over by the slaving hutts?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘That’s going to be hard to spin…’
      A comlink buzzes ‘As I said. I won’t deny my error. What’s done is done.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Indeed.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I can spin it though.’

    • Zeromus Participant
      July 24, 2015 at 1:30 pm #26450

      A comlink buzzes ‘We attempted to target the Winter Palace and the Anjiliac
      Bunko specifcally with the bombing. Such was not possible.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘It’s hard to hit a sitting target when you have to manuever
      around planetary fire.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘How do you intend to “spin it”?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Shouldn’t have to. Dodging planetary fire ordered by Vengo to
      destroy you based on Rev’s actions of opening fire on Vengo’s agents and then
      telling Vengo that Rev saw you open fire on his agents is something easy to
      A comlink buzzes ‘How many times was the planet hit?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Two salvo’s. But the bombardment happened last night. Well
      after the raid.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘The raid was a week ago.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘That’s an important piece.’

      A comlink buzzes ‘We commited a SECOND raid last night. At the Chancellor’s
      instruction. When we didn’t find what we sought, I ordered the bombing.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Have either of you – or any member of the Maw – at any given
      time, openly admitted to being the cause of the bombardment?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I don’t believe so.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Colonel, I need you to be as close to one hundred percent
      positive as humanly possible.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Of course they were accurate, you left targeting beacons on
      the surface and fire was directed on their exact positions.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘So, someone from the Maw has openly admitted to bombing Nal
      Hutta last night, publicly?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘No.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘No.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Well, then. I’m glad that I can make the announcement.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘What exactly do you plan to say?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘”An unknown Hutt agent was able to bring a team aboard the
      Sarut and pirate the vessel due to the incompetence of a pilot hired by the Maw
      – that has sense been handled appropriately – and bombarded the lustrious
      planet of Nal Hutta in an effort to tarnish the already tarnished reputation of
      the Krayt’s Maw Advanced Protective Services.”‘
      A comlink buzzes ‘I need a copy of the broadcast from last night.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Hrm. I need the one from Vengo’s guy, to include any color
      that he may or may not have been pushing through the holodisplay.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘That I don’t have.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Do you have a copy of it?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Broadcasting Network [Nal Hutta(Private Signal)]: [Nal Hutta
      Kal’Tomok News] The [NHKTN] logo twirls on the holorecordiscene pans out to a
      Lethan female Twi’lek seated in a bomb shelter ‘
      A comlink buzzes ‘The “Bothan” their talking about never claimed to be the
      Governor-General of Nar Shaddaa. He is the reporter that interviewed the
      A comlink buzzes ‘And the Smuggler’s Moon has made it quite clear to us that
      they do not live under the rule of the Hutt Council. Their’s is a symbiotic
      relationship and nothing more.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Are those the colors used in the broadcast?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Did the reporter have any tone inflection during the
      A comlink buzzes ‘It was as you heard it.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I can replicate it in whole with a different story as long as
      everything I need is there.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘What story will that be?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘A broadcast from Nal Hutta about the issue at hand with a
      completely different spin.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Turn it back on Vengo and AEW.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘What is Rev’s position at AEW?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I miss anything?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Head of Security I think’
      A comlink buzzes ‘During which raid was Rev seen, last night or the one several
      weeks ago?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘The one a week ago.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Is it possible he was seen last night at all?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘AEW’s hunter activated bombs the following day t
      hat took out
      Sarut, by the way. And according to Vengo’s own broadcast there were further
      explosions on the Nal Hutta public pads.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘That would’ve had to have happened after we left orbit.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Not to mention the explosions on Arkania last night.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Does AEW’s hunter have a name?’

    • Zeromus Participant
      July 24, 2015 at 1:30 pm #26451

      A comlink buzzes ‘Indeed. I have it.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Can you describe him to me?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I could do with it as well.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Lowshhk???’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Now I feel silly..’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I made him his armor….’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Well at least we know it’s shite then.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘They have an Abyssin hunter on their payroll as well. Alexi
      claimed he was named Crow. But I could’ve sworn that “Crow” wore Mandalorian
      styled armor.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘He wore what?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Then he is a bigger fool than I had first believed him to
      A comlink buzzes ‘You said the bad word’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Seems so.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘If he truely is of their bloodline then leave him to me. ‘
      A comlink buzzes ‘I will gladly silence him..And for free.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Why have you started sounding like a damn droid all of a
      A comlink buzzes ‘Lack of sleep. Too much stupid. I need a caff. Anyone else?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I’ll have one.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘No one else dies that doesn’t need to Sergeant. If Crow wants
      to be and idiot… … then so be it.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘So, I’ll spin last night off as an attack orchestrated by
      AEW’s hunter, Lowshhk.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘What about when the Wookiee comes calling, demanding to know
      what happened?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Oh yeah.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Lofi called us up demanding to know why we had it out for Rev
      and whatnot.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘We were attacked last night?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Vengo’s news outlet attacked us in their broadcast, yeah.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘How will they know that we released the story if it looks
      just like Vengo’s agents stories and comes from Nal Hutta?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Touche’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I remember the mechanical voiced guy as being crooked… but
      where from…’]
      A comlink buzzes ‘Friend of yours?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘He has evidence we can use against the Senate.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘And we’re back.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘If my advice means anything, I’d stop now.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Shall we let Qai do the PR work?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I need Kath Hound. He has evidence against Soran.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘You’re not exactly putting us in a shining light.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Unfortunately, I’d have to agree.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘What if we just came right out and said that we were told by
      Soran that Vengo was on the planet?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘We need to have irrefutable proof.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘You have a log of him hailing the Dauntless from his ship
      Prospect, right?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Well the Chancellor did sort of tell me.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Not saved, no.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I’m still interested in finding out which member of the
      Consortium leaked the fact that they hired us to off Vengo.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘What the hell is he talking about?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘What did he hire you to do Qai?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I made his armor.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘You hired him to kill Lofi.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘You took my offer because you needed somewhere to operate
      from that was already at odds with AEW.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘No.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘No. I honestly have no idea what he’s talking about.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘The Hapans couldn’t place the hit because their allied with
      A comlink buzzes ‘Exactly.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘So they came to you.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Exactly. But I, honestly, have no idea what he’s blithering

      A comlink buzzes ‘No, no. No member of the Consortium has hired me to kill
      Lofi. I have no favors owed to any Consortium member.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘You need to tell me the truth Qai.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘ALL Of the truth.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Kath Hounds a nut but he’s not a liar.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I made his armor. He came to me and was interested in
      information about Lofi after the armor was completed and I made personal
      delivery as I was the only one awake.
      A comlink buzzes ‘His name is Morkath.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘The armor he wears is the armor that I made for him.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘That is all.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Yes, we discussed Lofi, and yes, I expressed a disinterest in
      him, but only as a competing engineering firm.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘All I know of what happened is that when I left on vacation,
      he assaulted Vengo, failed, was captured, and started telling everyone that I
      sent him to kill Vengo on the Republics orders, and that his next target was
      the Consortium, but that I told him to make it look like a hit from the
      A comlink buzzes ‘I have sense been more than capable of destroying the
      A comlink buzzes ‘It’s a little hard to put a hit out on someone when I’m in a
      week and a half long hypersleep.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Stay here.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘We’re going to shut this maniac up.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Wasn’t planning on moving.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Get the hangar for us.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Make sure to lookup any ship that enters the system.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I really should make myself a new suit of armor.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Tangent belongs to the Neutral Government.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Why can’t I find records about Lina2?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I sold her that ship’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Today might be the day of my doom and demise.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘That’s a hunter, in Sca
      A comlink buzzes ‘Damn…’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Why can’t find find information?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘He comes near Nar Shaddaa you deal with him.’

    • Zeromus Participant
      July 24, 2015 at 1:31 pm #26453

      A comlink buzzes ‘Qout: Y-91 Taiqsvkysk ‘Vtyy”
      A comlink buzzes ‘Qhban: Mkraoyjscu’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Brxn jcwpjy qw: Ldpnaygu Uioicidv Ypmlubvvz — Ptqx 46’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Hunter.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I’d count on it.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I’ll need my armor if he’s coming aboard.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I’ve got a suit of armor in my ship.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I’ll be right back.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Bear in mind, I’ve got logs stored on Naboo of you ordering a
      hit against the Queen Mother sent to me by Republican Intelligence.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘And I never betrayed him. I honestly have no idea as to what
      he’s talking about.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘-Me- ordering a hit?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I know that we discussed Lofi. I know I expressed my
      disinterest. But no one ordered me to pull in a favor and pay for a hit on
      A comlink buzzes ‘I never ordered a hit against the Queen Mother.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I know.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Doesn’t mean people aren’t fabricating what they want.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘What else should I know?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Seeing as you only mysteriously knew about some falsified
      “hit” as soon as I started talking to Kath Hound?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Let’s see if it reacts’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Can our interceptors take him?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I know a lot. I know that Leonard is in a torrid love affair
      with a Hapan male.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I know that Jori is a spy for Lofi.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I know all sorts of things.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Shh’
      A comlink buzzes ‘All mailings I received and dismissed without a second
      A comlink buzzes ‘When you tell me – or I hear it myself – that you ordered a
      hit on the Queen Mother, then I believe it.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘When I hear it – or see a transaction – that you’re a spy for
      Lofi, I’ll believe it.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘When I walk in on Leonard and the Royal Prince having it out
      somewhere, I’ll believe it.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Until then, it’s nothing but lies and slander.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Take notice, I’ve mentioned everyone we know except for which
      A comlink buzzes ‘Vengo.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Got the name of the ship the Wookiee arrived in?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Scab.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘It’s floating over Hutta.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘So why haven’t we turned it into space dust?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘So. Seeing as how I’m the center of all sorts of attention,
      falsely so, I can assure you that Vengo is playing a very large role in fething
      with all of us.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Who do you think hired Morkath then?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Just the way you wanted them?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Who do you think hired Morkath then?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I do not know.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I do not know.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘But he’s just made my job that much easier.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘So who do we go after..?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘No one.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘But Morkath needs to be quiet.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I think he’ll be quiet… for awhile at least.
      This is my favorite part right here
      A comlink buzzes ‘Glauben Sie, dass die Qai ein bisschen bekloppt Mann?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Nein, ich bin mit gesundem Verstand, ich danke Ihnen sehr.’

      A comlink buzzes ‘I stand by my decision to let him live. I don’t think he
      deserves any of whatever he’s gotten wrapped up in.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘We’ll have to ruin his facilities.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘And then protect me.
      A comlink buzzes ‘Hm?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘His accusations against me will not server the Maw any good
      unless he is silenced. And I hate to suggest that. I’m not a violent
      A comlink buzzes ‘As long as he stays quiet he lives.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I have been
      waiting for a good fight.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Infact, I need to test these robes..’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Understood?
      A comlink buzzes ‘And if he doesn’t?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I’ll deal with him myself.’

    • Zeromus Participant
      July 24, 2015 at 1:31 pm #26454

      A comlink buzzes ‘Hrm.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘What do we know of Rev’s whereabouts on the nights of the
      A comlink buzzes ‘Was he anywhere near Nal Hutta?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘The first raid. He admitted on open comms that he was there.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘And broadcast his intent to fight Vengo’s agents.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Do we have anything from Soran that prove’s he ordered the
      bombardment of Nal Hutta?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Stored transmission logs in the ship’s computer of him
      hailing us from his ship, Prospect, stating that Vengo was still on the
      A comlink buzzes ‘Did he specifically order the bombardment?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Why would Soran Ni be so interested in letting the Maw catch
      this heat for something that he should have been doing to begin with.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘None of it makes any sense. Soran knew about Vengo when I was
      in the Republic. He ordered Republc Intel to keep it under wraps.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘He even ordered them to dirty up the intel so it’d be
      A comlink buzzes ‘And then he stepped down as Chancellor.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘He stepped down as Chancellor? Is he not still the Supreme
      A comlink buzzes ‘They are in the process of transition.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘We never bombed Dantooine.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘I was awake for an hour after the bombing. We never heard a
      single person speak on comms about the bombing until well after that.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Same’
      A comlink buzzes ‘When was this supposed bombardment?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Last night.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘When?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Roughly 18 hours ago.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘He’s running his trap because Aleissia put him up to it.’
      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): The Krayt’s Maw
      will not deny that one of it’s vessels was used in a heinous act of violence.
      At this time, the Maw has not concluded it’s investigation. However, the Galaxy
      may rest assured that the pirated vessel is back under full control of the May
      and the incompetent individual that was tasked to maintain the ships security
      has been dealt with accordingly.
      A comlink buzzes ‘Add that it was a military exercise as well.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Seriously?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Add what as a military exercise? Nal Hutta?’
      A comlink buzzes ‘Shush.’
      A comlink buzzes ‘They know you’re easily goaded.’

    • Zeromus Participant
      July 24, 2015 at 1:44 pm #26459

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]( laconicly ): My name is Bleys-and-Klai Thalia Jaac. You all know me as a fool and a terrorist and you’re absolutely correct in that assessment. I started the Krayt’s Maw to live life on my terms and I let my hatred for Vengo the Hutt and his operation consume my life. In doing so, I ordered the bombardment of Nal Hutta personally in spite of knowing full well that no beings evil justified the murder of so many. That being said, I implore the galaxy to direct it’s disdain for the Maw against myself and not my men. I’m the villain in all of this and I won’t hide behind justifications any longer.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]( smoothly ): You suppose to deny it until you roll.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]( smoothly ): You’ve never been married, huh?

      CommNet 0 [A Pau’an male]: There seem to be many evil-doers in tow with you, I highly doubt you are solely to blame. Anyone that allowed and supported such attrocities is equaly guilty in my eyes.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]( timidly ): Th-the truth is out. All the l-lies. He can’t deny it.

      CommNet 0 [A Devaronian female]( lazily ): Just followin’ orders. Gotcha.

      CommNet 0 [A Verpine male]: Perhaps an organization with such propensity for bombardments should be disarmed. Voluntarily or not.

      CommNet 0 [A Verpine male]: What does the apologetic Colonel one say to that?

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]( laconicly ): I’m sorry. Could you please repeat the question?

      CommNet 0 [A Verpine male]: Should not that one’s organization disarm itself of the Cruisers it has misused and murdered so many civilians with?

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]( passively ): I doubt willingly.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]( laconicly ): No. I agree with the Verpine. They should. Currently I am dealing with the formalities of either the Maw’s disbanding or continuance under another’s direction however.

      [ 35] Jori Ashbeck: The Krayt’s Maw
      Tue Jun 11 18:30:21 2013
      To: All concerned
      To Whom It May Concern.

      Laides and Gentlemen of the galaxy, my name is Lieutenant Colonel Jori Ashbeck,
      formerly second in command of the Krayt’s Maw and I have prepared a statement
      regarding the recent incidents over Dantooine and Nal Hutta. I am not making an
      attempt to absolve myself of any involvement with the Krayt’s Maw, however
      these words are the unadulterated truth. I was recruited into the Maw by
      Colonel Bleys-and-Klai Thalia-Jaac under the guise that the Hapes Consortium
      was soon to begin an attempt to annex my mother’s home of Lorrd. The Krayt’s
      Maw had been hired by Nasariah, of Teraan Engineering Corporation, to protect
      the Lorrd and the Kanz Sector from Hapan incursion. While I hold no malice
      against the Hapans themselves, I signed on to protect part of my heritage
      however this alleged aggression in planning turned out to be nothing more than

      After meeting with members of the Regency and later the Queen Mother, the Maw
      was contracted to remove Vengo the Hutt by the Hapes Consortium with the time
      limit of a seven standard days. Chancellor Soran Ni also contracted the Maw to
      remove Vengo the Hutt after the Maw Fleet’s initial deployment to Nal Hutta,
      despite engaging in negotiations to bring that world into the Republic.

      The initial spark that caused the first confrontation on Nal Hutta was as a
      result of a Maw operation that was continued by a member of Appazanna
      Engineering Works security department, known as myself only as Rev. Maw
      personnel were involved in an observation operation of the Winter Palace in
      relation to the aforementioned contract. The observation team, based at
      Bilbousa Spaceport, then withdrew.

      The following information comes solely from my own communications records.
      Shortly after the observation team withdrew, a firefight broke out with members
      of Vengo the Hutt’s security and the member of AEW’s security. A Maw cruiser
      was dispatched from Dantooine to Nal Hutta for observation and following a
      declaration of intent from a member of the Hutt’s circle, earlier identified as
      broadcasting on behalf of Vengo, that all members of the Maw were to be
      bountied publicly, another member of the Hutt’s circle, a Twi’lek known as
      Silais, was ordered captured and interrogated as he left to head to Coruscant
      and continue with negotiations. The Twi’lek was then delivered to the Queen
      Mother in person on her own orders and left with the Consortium. I have no
      information on the whereabouts or what became of this individual after.

      The following day, the Republic ‘ordered’ Maw vessels from Hutt Space, stating
      that the Nal Hutta was now under the guise of the Republic, despite not
      officially showing so. After a heated argument between the Colonel and
      Chancellor, Chancellor Ni contacted the Colonel privately, contracting the
      removal of the Hutt and the acquisition of Nasariah for the sum of two and a
      half million credits.

      The blockading of Dantooine, my father’s home, was an entirely peaceful
      operation as far as my own records show, however I cannot claim this as the
      entire truth as I was also not present. The provisional government was
      contacted and no demands were made for the planet to be turned over to Maw
      control. I can confirm however, that no attempts at bombardment from orbit were
      made or even considered.

      Lastly, the now-infamous Nal Hutta bombardment. After the Governor-General of
      Nar Shaddaa, who I will add was indeed not the Bothan in the broadcast, but the
      Duros stood next to the Bothan reporter, invited the Maw Fleet to provide
      orbital protection, Chancellor Ni once again contacted the Maw. However this
      time I personally took the message, stating that Vengo the Hutt had never left
      Nal Hutta and that he was hiding out in a hidden sector on the surface. I
      passed this information on upon being relieved by the Colonel, who then
      expressed a desire to ‘glass’ the surface. The rest as they say, is history. At
      the time of writing, the Colonel has admitted to ordering the bombardment of
      the world. All of the above is factual and comes entirely from my own first
      hand account and records. I fully expect to be called a liar, however this is
      the truth.

      Lt Col. Jori Ashbeck

    • Kirash Participant
      July 24, 2015 at 2:04 pm #26460

      Hah! Holy shit I completely forgot about that Krayt’s Maw clusterfuck. They were entirely correct in that I wanted Vengo gone because I knew he was trying to play both sides against the middle, but I love how when this all broke, it just passed over me and the full blame was put on the Maw.

    • Zeromus Participant
      July 24, 2015 at 2:39 pm #26463

      I was reminded that there’s more to this. This begins after the last microphone log posted above, wherein the Krayt’s Maw is alerted to the fact that they have a microphone on them and Qai hoists himself by his own petard.

      A comlink buzzes ‘I won’t be goaded this time. I’m going to keep my cool.’

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): Brystar Evellence.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): The Krayt’s Maw does not needlessly slaughter anyone. We’re Advanced Tactical Responders, not barbarians and murderers.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): He was a pilot that was hired and trained and he left the vessel with the bay open and the autopilot off.

      CommNet 0 [Karsh]: And what’d you do to this Brystar Evellence?

      CommNet 0 [Yelloweyehum]( softly ): One wonders how a ship that can’t be pirated was somehow magically pirated.

      CommNet 0 [Karsh]: Did you turn him over to the hutts?

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: We’re not buying what you’re selling, and we’re just regular guys. Good luck with that song and dance.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): Brystar Evellence has been handed over to the proper authorities. And just because a vessel was pirated does not mean that pirates cannot reside within an organization.

      CommNet 0 [Karsh]: Who’s the proper authorities?

      CommNet 0 [Karsh]: I’d like t’follow up, make sure none of your accidents happen to Lorrd.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]( calmly ): Speak for yourself, that is an entirely plausable explanation. One idiot does not represent an entire organisation, though one loud-mouthed idiot like you does represent the majority of the galaxy’s comlink heros.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): The fact remains that a vessel belonging to the Krayt’s Maw was used in an unauthorized manner. The Krayt’s Maw is also currently preparing relief efforts and funds for the rebuilding of what was destroyed by one of it’s vessels.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: Will these be like the ’10 million credits’ for the people of Alderaan nobody ever saw a single chit of?

      A comlink buzzes ‘Eh?’

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): Actually, I was on Alderaan when that exchange was made. I saw the 10,000,000 credits exchange hands.

      A comlink buzzes ‘Viscount Lares donated 10,000,000 credits to Alderaan.’

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: You’re just stacking up the lies.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): If you insist.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): However, the fact remains that what I am saying is the truth.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: If you saw the credits change hands, where did they go?

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): And while numerous agents of various organizations may or may not have conflicting “proof,” the Krayt’s Maw has taken accountability for a poor judgement call and is moving quickly to rectify it.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): To Alderaan.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): As Viscount Lares said it was going.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: And for the matter, ignoring the sidetracking of the topic, what ‘credits’ do you intend to donate to the people of Nal Hutta left homless, wretched, and even more destitute as a direct result of the Krayt’s Maw?

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): Certainly not to you.

      CommNet 0 [Karsh]: So, did you turn over Brystar to Vengo the Hutt?

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: I don’t want your blood money. Use it to build a better hospital. Or just say you donated it and hope everyone forgets.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): You can be outraged at the atrocities committed last night. That is everyone’s right, as it is my right and a shared rage. But, it is certainly amusing – to me personally at least – that you’ll stand wherever you’re standing and chastise an organization over the public communications channels and ask all sorts of questions….when….no one see’s you moving to assist Nal Hutta at all….

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): Brystar Evellence has been dealt with by the proper authorities.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): Now, if this is “Find-An-Organization-to-Blame-All-Evil-in-the-Galaxy-On” week, then I must’ve missed the fliers.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: It’s take-personal-responsiblity-week.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): And The Krayt’s Maw has taken responsibility for the actions of one of it’s employee’s as well as it’s vessels and is – as I say again – making moves to ensure Nal Hutta receives relief transports as well as funds to rebuild what was destroyed.

      CommNet 0 [Karsh]: This guy’s real good at evading mentioning who the “proper authorities” are. I’m skeptical that this Brystar guy even existed.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: The Krayt’s Maw has actually given evasive and vauge answers to all of the questions posed.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): All the while, making preparations to rectify an atrocity committed by one of it’s former members while it takes a massive amount of Galactic heat.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]( calmly ): Perhaps the Krayt’s Maw will prove you correct and have you quietly removed. I for one will be glad to be rid of your constant babbling.

      CommNet 0 [A being in loose fitting wvyren black robes]: I will do it for free..

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: Wait, the Maw is admitting that it was one of their pilots now and not a ‘pirate action’?

      CommNet 0 [Karsh]: If anyone has met Brystar Evellence please mail Commander Karsh Alstar of Regency Security. I’m offering a 500,000 credit reward for any information about the man. Maw employees are excluded from this reward, independent information only.

      A comlink buzzes ‘That doesn’t help.’

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]( smoothly ): If you’ll do it for free, I got credits for some real work.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: That’s another lie you caught yourself in.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): The vessel was pirated and pirates can come from within.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): Did not catch myself in anything. You’re twisting the words to help you sleep at night.

      A comlink buzzes ‘You’re not improving the situation.’

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): The comment was made: “I find it hard to believe that a ship that can’t be pirated was pirated.” To which I remarked, “Pirates can be inside any organization.”

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): If you’d like an exact quote, I can provide it.

      A comlink buzzes ‘I am.’

      A comlink buzzes ‘They’re doubting theirselves and their feelings now.’

      A comlink buzzes ‘An open line of communication is easy to come by so long as you can keep those that would circle and confuse you at bay.’

      A comlink buzzes ‘It really doesn’t sound that way to me’

      A comlink buzzes ‘This….man that needs to stop trying to cause trouble, cannot catch someone in a lie.’

      A comlink buzzes ‘If there is no lie to be given.’

      A comlink buzzes ‘Just watch.’

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: You claimed that your pilot left the autopilot off on accident, then you said that the pirates that used your ship came from within the Maw itself. Why bother with the first story if the second means they had access anyway?

      A comlink buzzes ‘We’ll send credits down to Nal Hutta in an effort to correct the issue. It’ll be a joint operation with TEC.’

      A comlink buzzes ‘It will get better.’

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): Either you want the truth, or you want something you can misconstrue and twist in to a lie.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: Just admit that you’re a bunch of dullwits that don’t plan any more than 20 minutes into the future, and hope people accept that and still hire you. There’s no need to lie.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): The Maw had a bad judgement call on an incompetent pilot whom left the autopilot off and the bay open. It’s considered an act of piracy – from within – when that act of incompetence causes an issue of this magnitude and the individual that started it all had power to stop it and did not.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: You’re backpedaling and redefining your answers. Just tell the truth. Everyone makes mistakes, and this story is just..bad.

      A comlink buzzes ‘Now we let them know that the Chancellor offered us a million to kill Vengo and 2.5 to get Nasariah in jail.’

      CommNet 0 [A Ryn male]: Twice in one week? Two civilian targets? Last time I checked ye couldn’t pirate a ship that takes twenty crew to operate on yer lonesome bucko.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: The least you could have done was construct a plausible story before you made one up on the fly.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): It’s not a redefinition. I’m a vague person by nature.

      CommNet 0 [A Ryn male]: You’re a liar by nature.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): If you want me to be blunt, fine. We hired an incompetent pilot. The little shit wandered off the ship without securing it properly, it caused as issue where someone whom was orbitting about Nal Hutta boarded the ship. Brystar lands back on the ship, and the next thing we know he’s either bombarding the planet or he’s gotten his ass handed to him.

      A comlink buzzes ‘I’m going for a walk.’

      CommNet 0 [A Togruta male]( melodically ): This whole situation does sound bad for the one in the engineering suit.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): Yes. The Maw made a mistake. Yes, the Maw can be no more apologetic than it is. Yes, the Maw has handled the situation internally and turned the little bastard over to the proper authorities. No, he’s not been seen or heard from since. Yes, the investigation and the vagueness was centered around whether or not the public needed to know we don’t know – yet – if we hired a spy or not. Does that suit your needs better?

      CommNet 0 [A Ryn male]: Again kriffer, can’t bombard a planet with a pirated ship, you’d have to kill the entire crew single handedly fire the guns, arm the missiles, and pilot. Sounds like your incompetent pilot is a friggin Jedi. You should hire a public relations person to cover up your incompetence. Once maybe. Twice? Common now, how much spice you snort this morning?

      CommNet 0 [A Togruta male]( melodically ): I know that I’m parroting, but who exactly -are- the proper authorities?

      CommNet 0 [Karsh]: Who are the proper authorities?

      CommNet 0 [A Ryn male]: Considering it was Nal Hutta wouldn’t the propper authorities be the Hutts? The ones you tried to kill?

      A comlink buzzes ‘I suggest you return to TEC while some remainder of your reputations intact. The Maw’s succesfully slipped into the bottom of the gutter.’

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: Sounds like your whole thing fell apart.

      CommNet 0 [A being in an engineering power suit]( seriously ): If you must know, and if it will help you sleep at night. Yes. The bottom of the bucket fell out from under us – momentarily – while we were swimming in the shit already.

      A comlink buzzes ‘What? Walk away from all this fun?’

      A comlink buzzes ‘I promised to help you.’

      A comlink buzzes ‘I fulfilled my job at TEC in full, as evidenced by Ms. Lucie’s rise.’

      A comlink buzzes ‘Now it’s my turn to help you.’

      A comlink buzzes ‘You heard the Chancellor. We’ve just played right into his hand. We’re doomed.’

      Broadcasting Network [Naboo(Private Signal)]: For anyone interested in what the Krayt’s Maw have been saying amongst themselves all morning, please proceed to your nearest public notice terminal. Oh, and thanks for carrying that microphone around for the last twenty-four hours, Qai. Yours, the Concerned Snoop.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: You still aint said who you gave your guy over to, or did we change the story to him mysteriously disappearing?

      CommNet 0 [Jokken]( clearly ): Ouch.

      CommNet 0 [Karsh]: You guys are real idiots. Always check for microphones.

      CommNet 0 [Karsh]: Thanks for the show, Qai.

      CommNet 0 [A Pau’an male]: Oh that is excellent.

      A comlink buzzes ‘O bca’g oifo c gcyyryraus ct jm.’

      A comlink buzzes ‘Are you positive?’

      CommNet 0 [A Ryn male]: Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw. Hope ye get kriffed by a wampa idjits.

      CommNet 0 [A Human male]: Oh yeah. I’ve been listening too. I was just letting you public hang yourself.

      A comlink buzzes ‘I izbm qnl gshxgeqfe myjoyaoklwc epxk S ysrgw zs 2114 va ra’

      A comlink buzzes ‘Jhi pdox’ne hei ygobqecswim mzpm K fynpb ygfts fzh Naygfmhj tuk fxbh bj jbd nosvrs uuhdmec hz Sufbsmmi.’

      CommNet 0 [Karsh]: Speakin’ a new language ain’t gonna help, we already heard all the good stuff.

      A comlink buzzes ‘It sounds like someone was monitoring that very channel.’

    • KoolAidMan Participant
      July 24, 2015 at 3:33 pm #26466

      Thank you for going through the effort to post this. This is probably the most memorable event when someone asks me about last TL.

    • Bai Participant
      July 24, 2015 at 3:37 pm #26468

      I don’t even remember it

    • Helix Participant
      July 24, 2015 at 4:02 pm #26473

      I remember when.. the mud was up.

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