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      April 20, 2017 at 1:10 pm #29016

      The following guides need done. I will pay points for them. The bigger guides will warrant bigger point loads.

      Beginner topics/guides
      Explaining chargen (Xerakon)
      Explaining the relationship between class, race and maxlevels (Telestrial)
      Account setup, points explained (Xerakon)
      Specialize In 1 of 11 classes (class system)
      Finding the right clan for you (Calladin)
      Your first 15 minutes on LOTJ
      Your first hour on LOTJ (Desmond)
      Your first two hours on LOTJ (Desmond)
      Your first five hours on LOTJ
      The account system + points (Xerakon)
      IC communication – say, pose/emote, talk, clan (Khamael)
      The OOC channel
      Botting (Diiroehn)
      This is how stats affect your character

      Game mechanics/features
      Take Command Of The Fleet (navy combat)
      Master The Force (how force works)
      Era/timeline system (Xerakon)
      The RPC

      Player guides
      How to make credits (KAM)
      Detailed guide on battlegroup (Noctum)
      How to level up
      The basics of flying (The Belgian Viking)
      PVP/Ground Combat (Andvari)
      Navy combat
      Bigger look at communication (holoprojectors, encryption, private frequencies, clan channels, microphones)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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In the wake of a Morgukai blockade and destruction of numerous pirates in Mandalorian space, more and more war droids have been spotted on the surface of Mandalore, armed and seemingly patrolling the streets. The droids have been seen freely accessing critical infrastructure and seem to be enforcing either Mandalorian or Morgukai law. Citizens of Mandalore, though usually meeting governmental forces with rancor, seem indifferent to the patrolling war droids, despite the targeted bombardment of an area of the planet deep in the wilderness. Travel and trade have not been restricted to the planet, and the Morgukai issued a concise statement about reparations for anyone who failed to evacuate the area when directed. Rumors abound speculating what this means for the war torn planet, though so far neither the Galactic Republic or Sith Empire have issued statements.

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