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      January 5, 2021 at 8:13 pm #32253

      This is meant to be a guide, and my perspective going into the new timeline. This is not meant to predict what the IMMs will be doing with clans they are looking for.

      Good Themed Republic:

      I feel there is often a misconception on the mud that being a good government means freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of laws. We have to remember that this is the Star Wars universe and we can define it to what we want it to be and tailor it to our small playerbase: we have no room for 12 person juries, our jail time can be a bit hard to work around when scheduling trials. (I would love to see an SW themed trial system though that is both practical and allows for some non-predetermined judgement.)

      Star Wars’ Republic was a bureaucracy cluttered with too many systems, too many interests, and the occasional corrupt Senator guiding them towards the formation of an Empire. While there are many shady politicians, I feel there is a misconception that being a politician makes someone shady: it does not, but what does happen is that the individual is in a state of power. Now they have to weigh in on many matters, they have to look out for their planet’s interests, they have to look out for the Republic’s interests, for their own interests, and somewhere in there, some minority may be left by the wayside. Politicians are more likely to be neglectful, rather than trying to stir up trouble. Most would believe in the Republic and the system. The further into the core you are, the more restrictions there are likely to be to support the peaceful utopia they -mostly- had.

      Slavery: Republic should be anti-slavery, but something that should be kept in mind that the Republic is not a mercenary group who runs around freeing slaves. The Hutt Clans control the slave market and large scale operations would risk massive war, not to mention be expensive to deal with outside their borders. The best the Republic can do is outlaw slavery in their own territory.

      Laws: The Republic was a bureaucracy. This means they had laws, taxes and permits a plenty, the bane of Lotj players. Rules and taxes do not make the Republic evil, they just help fund the military and senate so they can manage the massive Republic. When this becomes evil or corrupt is when the laws are cruel and unjust (ex. xenophobic or inducing mass murder), troopers are open to bribes, and people disappear for simple disagreements.

      Accountability: The Republic should uphold its laws as best as it can. Sure, a few things may slip the crack due to how bloated it is, but members committing crimes should not be overlooked. I feel that Republic soldiers would be treated more carefully and nicely than an actual criminal…but then again I feel a criminal should be treated better if possible. If you go around murdering people, then you should expect the Republic will look into your behavior and not hide you from the public (keeping in mind not breaking spyapp though).

      I want to be a shady trooper/politician/nerf-herder: so do about 25 others who think it’s a cool concept. Sadly, it’s just following the same reused trope, and if you choose to be a good lawful individual, you’re probably unique in the crowd. I feel the spectrum that Republic might have ranges from lawful good to neutral, with more chaotic types risking being thrown out for flagrantly breaking rules, which the Republic should be all about. There would be very few bloodthirsty or evil individuals, except perhaps as a result of war trauma, and again, these would risk being removed.

      Self-righteousness: Just because you are labeled good doesn’t mean all your actions are good by default and the other clan is evil because you oppose them. Your actions need to support it. If you murder everyone and their family, you aren’t still good because you’re Republic.

      Everyone hates the Republic: Everyone loves to hate on good clans and hold them to a higher standard, contrary to the self-righteous people who feel they are good and above board because of their label. There is nothing wrong with spreading propaganda, but do it in a flavorful manner and supporting the story. I have done, and can appreciate a good spin from a warped evil character’s mind to change the hearts and minds of the republic, but half the time it is just almost OOC sounding cries of how bad the Republic is for doing X. Don’t jump on the Republic for being evil because oh gosh, they raised taxes, or because they chased a criminal outside their jurisdiction (a real misconception that no government tends to follow). If they bombard, harass citizens, warmonger, etc, then by all means, they stuck their foot in it and they should be held accountable. But if their only crime is existing and permit laws, then let them be: they’re a bureaucracy, not an evil entity.

      Evil related: coming soon!

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