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Typos and You!
After some discussion amongst the staff, it's be decided that typos will no longer be rewarding 100 points per report. Per help points, a written description is only worth 75 points, so it seems a bit crazy to offer an extra 25 points to fix one. As of today, typos will be rewarding 25 points per report. Happy Mudding!

Spyapp, Copy/Paste
Spyapps: Q: Can I tell someone not in my clan about things that are going on in my clan even if its not considered "classified"? A: ABSOLUTELY NOT. If someone is not in your clan, you do not have permission to divulge internal information about your clan to them WITHOUT a SPYAPP. Copy/Paste: Q: Can I copy and paste things as a "video recording" onto a note and post it? ex: A "video recording" which is just a complete copy/paste of what you saw when you typed look into your prompt. A: ABSOLUTELY NOT. Do not copy and paste your entire screen onto a note and post it. That is not acceptable. What is acceptable? A transcription of events. Think of your favorite novel and how it describes things, write down the event like that. That is acceptable. This is getting out of hand and we're going to be doling out severe punishments to anyone who feels they do not need to comply with the aforementioned.

Recent In-Game News

Donations Pour in to Restore Sheejo's Galactic Return
In the days since Sheejo's Galactic Return closed its doors, millions throughout the galaxy have donated anything they could to bring the once helpful shop back. Due to such a large influx in credits, the shop opened its doors once more. When asked about the reopening, Sheejo had this to say. "I opened this shop originally to help people when they had a few extra items, needed just a few more creds, that kind of thing. I didn't expect it to cause genocide. In any case, expect prices to be lower."

Republic Union Vows to Continue Republic Legacy
A group of sentients appears on the screen: A Zeltron, A Twi'lek, a Cathar, and an Abyssin, in the middle a group of other sentients in the background. The Senators of the Republic Union standing with various staff members. The Zeltron steps forward, "Citizens of the New Republic: the death of the Chancellor Dastin and Vice Chancellor Jrame is a tragedy from which, coupled with the extreme action of the Coalition seceeding, the New Republic will be unable to recover as you know it. The mantle of the New Republic has now fallen to the Republic Union. While we are saddened that our former fellow Senators in the Coalition chose to walk away instead of attempting to put aside preconceptions and work together, we will continue our work to bring peace, justice, and equality to all, no matter race or creed. The Republic will continue to be available on CommNet channel 42."

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