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      February 15, 2021 at 9:15 pm #32384

      I joined LOTJ during the 2017-2019 timeline, first during Era 1 under a different name to test the waters, and then as Vivienne in Era 3. That was during my engineering work placement, where I was under a lot of stress and mostly alone in an unfamilar environment. LOTJ became my escape, and I often spent my nights here.

      Some of you may remember how I, as Isla in the 2019-2020 timeline, talked about “retiring” from the Empire at the end of Era 1 to focus on my studies. While part of that was wanting to provide a cover as an Imperial spy, it was mostly truth – I had become too attached to LOTJ, to a point where I was thinking about it often while offline. There were times when I was more concerned about in-game politics than what was going on in real life.

      I ended up popping back into LOTJ during the Empire-Rebel war, during the middle of my final semester. That did not end well for me, both in terms of my studies as well as in game. Some of you may wonder why Isla died on the carrier over Lorrd, and that was because I chose to stop playing to avoid screwing up my grades. I’d embarrasingly undocked from the cruiser without realising it was my lifeboat, and I pretty much stood in the escape pod room and let the ship blow up around me. Roleplay wise, it seemed like a better end that simply disappearing from sight or committing suicide in a hotel room.

      While I did show up for the CG and EOT, I was pretty adamant on the fact that this timeline would be my last, aside from a brief showing during the sandbox. Obviously I did not like every player or agree with every staff action, but my experience here was generally positive. A lot of fun was had roleplaying with you guys, from learning the ropes at the start to training new recruits near the end. It’s just too stressful of an atmosphere and not suited for me – currently tabletop RPGs are my preference.

      I’ll keep my LOTJ Discord up for a week or so, incase anyone wishes to speak with me. Otherwise, my accounts are locked out permanantly. Thanks for the memories.

      Vivienne (Vivienne, Darryl, Isla, Areona)

      On a lighter note, I’ll share a bit about Isla (Lorellian Espi, female) – I wish we had a big forum thread where everyone talked about their characters, since Discord doesn’t really cut it.


      You see a young woman before you, probably in her early twenties. She is around
      five foot seven with a lithe, athletic frame. Raven-black hair falls back
      behind her shoulders down to her waist. Her skin is soft and unblemished, with
      the exception of several light scars that seemingly can't be completely
      patched. She wears no makeup aside from a touch of lipstick.
      Resting on her face is a pair of aviators, with a gold-plated frame. The lenses
      are mirrored to hide her gaze. Her armor is made of tight-fitting black steel
      weave, both fashionable and functional at the same time. She moves casually,
      trying to blend into the crowd and avoid excessive attention.
      Despite her delicate features, there is an edge behind her and a hint of
      intelligence. Her brown eyes carefully take in every detail as she surveys her
      surroundings. A flesh-tone headset and IEMs are barely visible underneath her
      locks, keeping her wired at all times. Occasionally you hear her mumble softly
      or tilt her head in response to the latest message.


      Given name: Isla                 Surname: 
      Race: Lorellian Adult   [Force rank: None]
      Player id 104794 Player home [(None)]
      Hitroll: 55   Damroll: 38   Armor: -0625  Align: [======|======] No Alignment
      Hit Points: 4669 of 4669     Move: 3940 of 3943
      Str: 25  Dex: 24  Con: 25  Int: 24  Wis: 24  Cha: 25  Lck: ??  Frc: ??
      combat            Level: 80 /80    piloting          Level: 110/110
      engineering       Level: 63 /63    bounty hunting    Level: 3  /3  
      smuggling         Level: 123/123   leadership        Level: 57 /57 
      espionage         Level: 139/139   slicer            Level: 103/103
      medical           Level: 64 /64    science           Level: 77 /77 
      force             Level: ???/???
      CREDITS: 115859       BANK: 376799        Pkills: 00003   Mkills: 00438
      Pirate Kills: 154       
      Weight: 00734 (max 0000999)    Items: 00063 (max 00240)

      I play strictly with a single toon, hence why a “jack of all trades” character is important to me. Typically an Espi is the only suitable class, and unlike Darryl (Zabrak Espi, 2017-2019) I wanted the ability to fly cappies.

      I imagined Isla as a “street kid”, but a rather bookish one who enjoyed reading, computers, and focused more on planning than doing. She was unsatisfied with the criminal gangs and eventually joined the Raiders, with a goal of turning them into a true government rather than a mob of criminals. Politically wise Isla believes in meritocracy over democracy – hence her push for the Empire. While she was against the Empire’s racist policies and felt that they were too heavy-handed at times, she treated those as a necessary evil in order to maintain galactic order. The latter point became less of a concern after the Rebels started their war.

      Isla was somewhat of a fighter ace, with 12 manned starfighter kills in those Corellia events. She also liked to run the outer ship in a fleet – I roleplayed this as being her interest and experience in single-ship handling. Truthfully that’s my focus as well, and I practiced often during the Raiders’ time by taking up a corvette or frigate against the autopiloted fleet.

      Generally I was pretty impressed with how the Raiders handled the constant flow of new leaders – Virtia, Roan, Green, Kalros, Tiizo, and Maldiv. Maldiv’s coup was quite expected, especially when Gideon called in the merc near the bunker entrance. If Maldiv wasn’t an invincible force ghost, I would likely have sneaked out before the bunker door closed, citing the need to rest. I would have watched on the cameras and blown the place to hell as soon as Tiizo was attacked. In the end, I ended up playing along with the coup and acting submissively in front of the Sith. Maldiv did a good job of leading the Empire though, being a evil character that at the same time respected his clan. On the other hand, a Tiizo Empire would’ve been hilarious.

      I tried to spy for the Empire in Era 2 as a neutral, with Kaiden as my handler, and I honestly felt I did a terrible job at it. I ended up spending more time on tradecraft than actually talking with people, and I doubt anyone trusted her anyways. I rejoined after the Rebels declared war and Kaiden was killed.

      Some of my favorite moments included the naval battles against the Republic (though stressful), but also the quieter times drinking with the Raider crews or chilling in the base. Meanwhile, the wedding of Gadget and Kharad was pretty much the most wholesome event I’d seen in LOTJ, and I wish there were more player created parties like that one!

    • snowscoran Participant
      August 12, 2021 at 3:39 pm #32962

      This was a cool post! I didn’t play while you did, but you sound like good people and I just want to thank you for the write-up. Sounds like you had a fun time all around, hope life keeps throwing good things your way.

    • scavalier Participant
      July 15, 2022 at 6:38 am #35377

      Wow , wish you all the best

    • Athrun Participant
      August 28, 2022 at 10:45 am #35403

      Go figure I haven’t seen this post until a year and a half later, when you’ve already tuned out of LoTJ and won’t be coming back. 🙁 I was Kaiden, Isla was one of those ‘oldguard Raiders’ for me.

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