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    • statesman Participant
      November 9, 2017 at 5:25 pm #30500

      In tribute to the call for clan apps for Era 2… and also the recent conversation about fortress-like player homes. 🙂

      Buzz buzz.

      Do you wanna build a new clan?
      Come on, let’s go roleplay!
      I never see you anymore.
      Come out the door.
      It’s like you’ve passed away!
      We used to be best buddies,
      And now we’re not.
      I wish you would tell me why!
      Do you wanna build a new clan?

      a masked, hooded figure emerges from the phome

      (Villanously) : Go away, <yourname>!

      (Meekly) : Ok, bye.

      My old best friend is now a Sith Lord!
      I think they’d perm me just for fun.
      Every story ends, it’s true
      But I’m not through
      I’m living on the run!
      (In my phome!)
      It gets a little lonely, in these empty rooms
      Just watching the hours tick by…

      Time passes as eternity continues to unfold.
      The sky slowly begins to glow.
      The sun rises in the east.
      It’s noon.

      But seriously, I look forward to seeing what cool new clans we have next Era!

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    • magrog Participant
      November 10, 2017 at 5:46 pm #30505

      Jawa only Engy Clan. For sure. Fore real.

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