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      January 27, 2019 at 3:20 pm #31448

      Vivienne (era 3, human esp)
      Senior Agent of the BOI, Republic

      Viv was more of a refresher character (I hadn’t played LOTJ in a while), and came in during Arterious’s rule. I watched Slip come in and try to take control, and took part in the embarressing Creche naval battle.

      I was (involuntarily) a central part of Elunaar’s attack on Paze, since he was the one that asked me to go to Arkania and get the cyber installed. He was the one that arranged the surgery (and I assume he ensured that it would be performed by Paze). During the surgery, he fragged the room, shot us both up, and left with Paze. When I called out on Republic comms Elunaar ordered me to hide and said he would come and investigate. During that time he left in a hopper and killed Paze.

      Killed during a training exercise when Naztrok in the turret of my Teroch gunship opened up on the MC80 with the autopilot on. Tyral was on the MC80 practicing ship dodging with me (I think) and turned the autopilot on when the exercise was over. Of course, that Teroch had no escape pods and I went down with several rockets at point blank range.

      Darryl (era 3, zabrak esp)
      Director of Support Division, Republic
      Finder in Loss Prevention, Telgorn

      I created Darryl after to continue my Republic story (I’m a single-toon person), didn’t want to join the CSA to spoil the story. I chose the Zabrak for an improvement in combat performance (I tried to get Viv as combat ready as possible with full hunted gear and such, but 50 combat levels was annoying). With the restructuring of the Republic ranks (and Director Dav quitting), I was eventually promoted up. I thought of running for Senator, but felt it would be too taxing.

      I eventually quit and joined Telgorn with Nessa during the Syndicate war – the Republic was falling and I had enough with the leadership. I didn’t want to fight for a Republic that acted as the aggressor, bombared civilains, and generally didn’t respect the values they apparently promoted.

      Killed by turret during the EOT event – dropped from full 5.5k to KO in a flash. Didn’t even have time to flee out.

      Rejoined the battle as Relar (one of those autolevelled warriors), looted my old corpse, and entered the bunker to get the EOT imm message that the event was over. I emptied a full load of grenades into the bunker and got two perms in pvp before being ultimately killed by a hunter that gouged me.

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      January 27, 2019 at 3:55 pm #31449

      Arris Kayne – Wroonian Combat/Lvl 100 Jedi Consular
      Old Republic/E1 Morgukai/Spoopy Ghost

      My first forcer in like 12+ years, my first mastery level forcer ever, my first apped forcer ever. I apped for a light side forcer with no specific power level in mind, just the intention to be the calm, rational, diplomatic adult in the room; unflappably dedicated to trying to do the right thing; not one of those ‘let’s save everybody’ hippy-dippy jedi, but rather one who was perfectly willing to kill when killing was called for but not by default. Originally I was told I was approved for a mid-level knight and I was like ‘sure ok that’s probably for the best since I have no idea how to pk on a forcer or do master/apprentice stuff’ and lol turns out I got the number-two-master slot Xerakon thought he was getting.

      Trying to find the balance between Furyk’s growing religious extremism/separatism and the Republic’s hot-and-cold attitude was annoying. Also annoying was the first sensitive I happened upon who wasn’t cargo-botting newbie leona was some bought forcer with an amazing roll who could RP and was neat (turns out it was Zeromus, he logged out forever, and people harassed me for ~always teaming up with Zeromus~ ever since).

      Resigned the Republic in protest after the failed attempt to assassinate Arritharr, which Arris objected to on principal (he was on Coruscant, having a perfectly civil conversation about jedi/sith doctrinal differences, and as far as we know hasn’t ever actually done anything wrong other than be mislead by Sith charlatans, why we gotta go straight to murdering him?) but agreed to assist with after much browbeating by Akim. Anyway, the mook with the grenades autosaid his grenade arming command stack instead of actually arming them, I’d offered six times to take Arritharr inside the front door of the base instead of just to the room outside it, so of course when he got blocked in and someone started chanting their intention to arm grenades he force-jumped over the block and left. I followed him. The mook with the nades had managed to actually arm the first two and those went off leaving him stunned outside. The backup team INSIDE the base idfk know what happened. Anyway I went out to try to smooth things over with Arritharr and hopefully keep him from rampaging and one of the Knights, Thais came out to try to kill Arritharr herself but I was concerned she might try to dramatically suicide so I made a half-ass attempt to disarm her and then didn’t push the issue. Long story short, Arritharr left and lived happily ever after, the whole failure to kill him was blamed on me somehow, so I resigned the Republic in protest and went home, expecting someone to, you know, get in touch at some point.

      And basically nobody ever did until Furyk died and then they asked me to come back and take over the Jedi and take the fight to the Sith and of course I agreed and then Thais threw a big fit about not wanting an ~obvious sith-lover like me~ around (and then got blown up by the Sith fleet because she jumped to Korriban in a Republic ship.

      Blah blah blah uneventful shit, long story short everyone thought I was a Sith Lover for some reason, Akim started being openly, unabashedly evil, and pushed all the Jedi back out. My former Padawan, Leona, and my then-current Padawan, Ayya, were both members of the Morgukai, the Morgukai had allied with the Republic against the Sith, the Morgukai were visibly more honest and less outwardly killy than the Republic at that point, so I joined the Morgukai.

      And then got threatened with having my app pulled for ~Neru Bas-ing~ so I left again. I was in my apartment on Dac chilling, Nenta contacted me and expressed concerns about stuff, I expressed to her my desire to chat with Zask and compare notes about his fallen padawan Jyn who was in the Morgukai, I invited them to my apartment to talk. She seemed really concerned over comms so when they showed up I made a show of disarming to have a peaceful talk between Jedi, after all, I had nothing to fear from them and they should know there is nothing to fear from me. And then Nenta and Zask murdered me in cold blood while I was unarmed and sitting on the floor. Restore denied, pity ghost granted.

      Did some spoopy haunting in era 2, including finding my way to Omega’s garden to yell at him for being an evil fuck-up, got Huey shot in the face a whole bunch when I went to KSF to meet them, hung out with the OTWSS on wroona for a while. Hitched a ride to Korriban again at the end of era 2 to join the era 2 eoe effort, and left all my cool commlinks and stuff behind on Naboo when I converged up to the Death Star to troll Halo for a few minutes before getting told by an imm to knock it off (wouldn’t want to ruin an event or anything) and then stood there and watched while the 2 minute fire drill happened.

      Menzies MacDonald – Corellian Espy/Scottish Twitter Stereotype/Morgukai Bard
      Old Republic/E1 Morgukai/Morgukai Empire

      Rolled him both as a troll alt to be a goof to let off steam from having to be all nice constantly on Arris and also as a pilot alt to help the Republic during the Sith Wars. Joined the Morgukai as a Bard in era 1, mostly as a joke. The idea was to use Menzies to keep an eye out for Ayya and then blatantly alt-swap but even then I always managed to miss her :(. Engaged in increasingly ridiculous hijinks in era 2. Disguising and flying around ORA worlds keeping tabs on their fleet, pirating ships just to set off alarms, attempting to kidnap their engineers, installing security in the palace on naboo just so I could pirate a ship to set off the alarms, and sabotaging a ship the ORA parked over an uncontrolled planet.

      Eventually got captured by Moda, mostly on purpose so I could resign on him so Caneros could join the ORA. Survived into era 3 but I didn’t really play him at all.

      Turc’anero’suana [Caneros] – Chiss Combat
      Morgukai Empire/ORA/Telgorn

      Rolled him during the firesale in era 1, didn’t play him until Arris died and I was waiting to see how the RPC case turned out (turns out you’re all trash lol). Joined the Morgukai after the case got denied, mostly because Menzies was still in the clan and I was getting tired of getting strip-searched while botting research. If you met a Stormtrooper in era 2 there’s about an 80% chance it was Caneros. During the war with the ORA I ejected onto Alderaan a few times and fought Renwa on Coruscant. Eventually went to Alderaan to go interfere with ORA pop support restoration and literally didn’t notice Aoseuhl’s ship right there on the landing pad as I very stupidly stood literally right there on the landing pad and spammed propaganda. Aoseuhl walked in, double-blocked with called troops, and very politely waited for my command stack to finish before beating my ass.

      Hauled off to ORA jail as a POW, made friends with Moda, and utterly rejected the Morgukai Empire when Halo’s megaweapon was unveiled, on the grounds that while he was willing to uphold the Morgukai Empire’s laws, and willing to fight enemy combatants for the Morgukai Empire, he was unwilling to be part of anything that involved the wanton massacre of billions of civillians. Switched sides, helped Paze with restoring support on Kashyyyk overnight before era 2 eoe. Escorted Veruna during the prep for E2 EOE.

      Afterwards, when Moda and everyone else died, feeling incredibly unwelcome by the Republic, and knowing the CSA was full of former Morgukai and Sith and would probably not be welcome there either, so he went to Paze, the only person still alive that he thought he could trust, and got a job with Telgorn. Sold his Stormtrooper armor to Lazy. Barely missed being able to save Paze from Elunarr by like 30 seconds. Didn’t really do much of note. Best buds with Glee to the end. Made it all the way to the end of EOT.

      Also some scout droid whose name I don’t remember that lived for like a day who I suicided because Halo was being a douche.

      Also Stubs the GNK droid in the attack on Telgorn during the lead up to EOT.

      Era 2 EOE:
      This is the email I sent to staff about it shortly after it happened, during the inter-era downtime: https://pastebin.com/wE7fFXax

      The core problem wasn’t the 2 minute self destruct itself, but that the event as planned was going to be inherently unsatisfying no matter what happened and then on top of that the details and limitations were very poorly communicated to everyone involved.

      The claim in the immediate aftermath that everything must stand as-is out of respect to player agency and the notion that IC actions have IC consequences falls rather flat in the light of everything else that happened (i.e. staff directly telling me to stop participating, while the event was ongoing, on a char that had every IC reason to be there and do everything in his power to interfere; also the absolute lack of any ICA=ICC causal chain, or any IC actions at all, leading to Herk’s “theft” of the Death Star lmao)

      Remember the golden rule of LotJ: Anything players can do, we can undo.

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      January 27, 2019 at 4:18 pm #31452

      Hiya! Aryxia on Discord, actual account name is this. Tada! Anyways, I went into this TL with a one character in a clan rule and tried not to roll back into them once it was over. So, here goes for my characters this TL:

      Majors –
      Miraia – Arkanian Engineer for the Sith Empire
      My attempt at being an evil Arkanian whose sole focus was science. She was based on Cyrus from the TL prior, cept
      female. She regarded all of the Sith around her as inferior and wanted to dissect and collect body parts from all of her
      coworkers. Her ultimate goal was to murder the Sith Emperor and rename the organization the Arkanian Empire, but I got
      lazy someone else killed the Emperor and I suicided her after awhile.
      (She also had an inhuman chocolate craving)

      Miraia Moment:
      An Iktotchi male says to you ‘I also have some first aid kits I bought, but they are on another planet.’
      An Iktotchi male asks ‘Would you like to travel to get them with me?’
      l iktotchi
      The iktotchi male standing here is a massive 2 meters, his broad shoulders
      giving him a strong sturdy build. He has long powerful arms and legs that
      ripple with well-formed muscles, appearing quite capable of running distances
      and lifting weights twice his size. His skin is a pale chalky color, with a
      sheen of dark pink that is especially visible on his forehead and horns. The
      tough skin on his forehead is mottled with dark spots, extending out over the
      bridge of his nose and the back of his head. Pouches on the sides of his head
      give way to massive horns that curl around and forward, the thick bony like
      appendages turning into sharp points capable of impaling. Pale yellow eyes
      stare out from within bony eyebrows and sunken sockets, their empty gaze
      seemingly capable of sucking those who look at them in. **Right hand would
      be covered in a thick black glove**
      An Iktotchi male has a few bruises.
      An Iktotchi male is A very strong, good looking pink skinned Iktotchi male.

      An Iktotchi male is wearing:
      <worn over body> a worn jacket bearing the insignia of the Infinite Empire
      <worn on head> a fractured mask trimmed with gold runes
      <worn on feet> a pair of boots trimmed with gold runes
      <wielded> an AI-35 blaster repeater
      <worn on back>

      You Hmmmm out loud.
      ‘Sure.’ you say.
      An Iktotchi male says to you ‘Ok see when you just stared at me like that. That made things weird.’
      An Iktotchi male says to you ‘Like you are dissecting me with your eyes or something.’
      You say ‘Waiting for you to blink so I can sever and analyze your arm.’

      Thirteen – War Droid Combatant for the Morgukai (Morgukai Empire briefly)
      Beep. My first ever droid character. WD-13A. I made him to cheer me up from being slightly bummed out about suiciding
      Miraia. He was a really fun character and I loved barging into situations with a Beep. It was really fun playing
      as him in the Morgukai. The Morgukai were a blast to me in Era 1. Thirteen would do whatever it was told to do
      with great gusto and I had tons of fun with some of his interactions with other players. One of my favorite
      interactions involved a Human Cyborg Slicer and he would try to activate various modes and they would always
      go haywire until they deactivated at the last second. I even submitted an in character app for it to be gold-
      plated. I suicided Thirteen just after the start of Era 2. I wasn’t too big a fan of how there weren’t too
      many other droids active for the droid domination era… which was counter productive on my part…

      Thirteen Moment:
      force e
      A Tiny Home [Hotel]
      A view from the outside would surprise most people as this home seems to be
      much smaller than any other, but once inside it is clear that that is not the
      case. A short corridor with a glass floor has only a small table and two
      chairs. Beneath it, there is a humongous pool that takes the space of more
      than just this building. The apartment is filled with crystalline salt water
      greatly illuminated covering all appliances a home might need, in their
      waterproof form. A beautiful golden trident is suspended at the center, in
      constant rotation. Fish come and go through a grate connected with the
      Wroonian ocean and a hatch to the east makes for a second entrance to the
      Obvious exits:
      West – Hallway
      A titanic, normal ivory skinned Quarren male is standing here.
      Sky is standing here.
      Using your warrant, you forcibly enter the home.
      [Notice]: Thirteen has forcibly entered A Tiny Home on Wroona.

      You mechanically say ‘Beep.’
      Sky tilts her head.
      Sky scans west.

      l sky
      Tall, slender and long-limbed. A narrow face with defined structure, high
      cheekbones and sunken cheeks below them. Skin that’s pale and almost sickly in
      appearance, while remaining sun-kissed somehow. Piercing, mirror-like eyes the
      color of reflected sky off a pristine lake, hollowed out and surrounded by
      darkened circles. Short, disheveled black hair parted at one side above the ear
      and looking like a bantha licked it there.
      Sky is in perfect health.
      Sky is A titanic, pretty tan skinned Ubese female.

      Sky is wearing:
      <worn on head> a worn rebreather with glowing eyes
      <worn about body> a form-fitted bodysuit
      <held> a sleek personal [MSTR] datapad
      <worn on ears> a red earpiece with a clear lens over the eye
      <worn over body> a worn jacket bearing the insignia of the Infinite Empire
      You are too far away to see what they’re carrying.

      You nod.
      Sky lightly asks, in an unfamiliar dialect ‘Hlvabtryrc yy?’
      Sky lightly asks ‘Everything ok?’
      A Quarren male looks at you.
      You mechanically say ‘Checking for Skak-squishies.’

      l quarr
      This Quarren male stands tall at 2 meters. His ivory colored head shows off
      four long tentacles all painted a crimson red and in a constant trembling
      movement. Gill-like organs are visible at the start of two long protrusions
      that give his bald head an arrowhead shape. His narrowed penetrating eyes are
      of a light, turquoise, almost dead, color. He conducts himself in a calm
      manner, with slow, deliberate movements. His few large fingers intercrossed as
      he walks straight with his gaze always forward, not looking down even to meet
      the look of shorter individuals.
      A Quarren male is in perfect health.
      A Quarren male is A titanic, normal ivory skinned Quarren male.

      A Quarren male is wearing:
      <worn on head> a velvety red Santa hat trimmed with white cotton
      <worn about body> a suit of jet-black duralloy plate armor
      <held> [S&K] a dark green MSTR datapad
      <worn on ears> a red earpiece with a clear lens over the eye
      <worn on eyes> a pair of infrared goggles
      <worn over body> a worn jacket bearing the insignia of the Infinite Empire
      You are too far away to see what they’re carrying.

      You nod.
      Sky lightly says ‘Ahh…’
      Sky nods.
      You mechanically say to Sky ‘Broke into Vyktor’s house. Notify.’
      Sky nods.
      Sky lightly says ‘Will do.’
      You nod.

      Cirahe – Iktotchi Espionage Jedi Sentinel Master (Harrin, Jedi Remnant, Outer Rim Alliance)
      I rolled Cirahe after I suicided Thirteen as a way to get out of the majors and play in
      an engineer clan. I never usually do orphan origin stories, but her origin was as a Wroonian
      orphan who would regularly run away from the orphanage and learn from adventurers. She was
      meant to be a break and a way to just spend time with Aoseuhl just delivering ships to Harrin
      customers, while Aoseuhl did combat instruction… but she rolled Force. Luckily for me,
      Harrin was the right place to go because the hidden Jedi Master Magrinn was in the process of
      rebuilding the Jedi. I learned a lot from Magrinn and the ways of the Jedi. Cirahe was good
      before she was a Jedi, she became super goody two shoes after awakening. She would not kill
      unless she truly had to and she preferred to mediate rather than argue. She worked closely with
      the Queen of Naboo and was even at one point supposed to stand in as one of her handmaidens (though
      work got in the way of that idea, sorry Veruna!) Cirahe began losing those close to her, Aoseuhl
      died over Alderaan I think and Cirahe was barely holding herself together by the time we needed
      to save the galaxy from Halo’s Death Star. She always knew she would be one with the Force with
      those she loved during her life and accepted her death on the self destructed Death Star. (Even
      though I was livid about it IRL)

      Cirahe Moment:

      Magrinn closes the hatch.

      Magrinn smiles happily.

      “First off, I apologize for how strange this may seem.” Magrinn says, propping himself up against a panel inside the vessel.

      You ask ‘Oh the whole conversation in the ship thing?’

      “Mostly the ugly guy hitting you up for conversation -in- a ship thing.” Magrinn says with a warm smile, he waves a hand in dismissal and continues: “I suppose that isn’t the point, really. Mostly my type of humor. I do have a question, though. Has anyone, a girl named Leona in particular, approached you about anything strange recently?”

      Cirahe tilts her head to the side, “I’ve met a girl named Leona a few times, but it was mostly general conversations about things.” She shrugs.

      You ask ‘Is she a dangerous spy or something?’

      Magrinn shakes his head.

      “No, no. Not a dangerous spy.” Magrinn says. He sits himself down on a case of cargo and motions for you to do the same. “Leona is a Jedi Knight. Perhaps a wayward one, but a Jedi Knight nonetheless.”
      You ask ‘So she’s one of those religious types?’

      Cirahe hesitates a bit and sits herself down on a nearby case.

      “Oh ho ho! Religious types. I suppose you could say that, though I’m uncertain just where her loyalties and beliefs lie.” Magrinn shrugs his shoulders. He drums his thumbs on the case next to each of his legs. He inspects you from head to toe for a moment, then offers a quick nod. “What is your specialty here, in Harrin Trade Outfitters?”

      Cirahe tilts her head to the side as if in thought, “I sort of specialize in being a bit monitor-y. But for the most part I SHOULD be selling ships.”

      You say ‘I’ve just been working on training in other things. I can shoot fairly well.’

      Magrinn nods.

      “In the coming days, Leona, and potentially others will come for you.” Magrinn says, his tone almost ominous. “I’m just warning you up front. It’s likely going to happen.”

      Magrinn says to you ‘Not to hurt you, by any means. But to teach you.’
      You ask Magrinn ‘How to dance?’
      You say ‘Because… I can already do that much.’

      Magrinn chortles out loud, “How to dance. How to jump. How to breathe. How to feel.”

      You say ‘Things I already know how to do… but okay.’

      Zaela – Corellian Combatant (Corporate Sector Authority)
      I rolled Zaela as a way to vent from my prior upset regarding how Cirahe passed. She was cynical and treated
      everything as one big fat joke. She joined up with the CSA because she needed work and had quips about everything
      under the sun. If she said Neat to you, she was probably being condescending. It was my way of saying Cool Story IC.
      She was nifty character I had fun with after awhile. She would always watch the break room wall and claimed to be
      married to it (I was AFK a lot for work). She died early in the first CSA/Republic war to a murderous Jedi. He must
      have really hated the words that came out of her mouth!

      Zaela Moment:

      l ferr
      You see nothing special about him.
      Ferrol is DYING.

      Ferrol is wearing:
      <worn on body> Bare
      <worn on head> Black hair
      <worn on legs> Bare
      <worn on feet> Bare
      <worn on hands> Bare
      <worn on arms> Bare
      <worn about waist> Bare
      <worn around wrist> Bare
      <worn around wrist> Bare
      You are too far away to see what they’re carrying.

      You use the datapad to lookup the information.
      –Planet Data: ——————————-
      Planet: Ryloth
      Population: 0062187 Active Citizens: 024
      Police Level: 033 Active Police: 000
      Military Level: 033 Active Troopers: 000
      Crime Rate: 020 Active Criminals: 001
      Pirates: 000 Active Pirates: 000

      CommNet 9999 [Zaela]( lightly ): Hey, Republic. You got a criminal guy right here on the landing pad at Ryloth.

      You open the hatch on BTL-A4 Y-wing Longprobe ‘Whoosh’.

      CommNet 9999 [Zaela]( lightly ): Being a criminal.
      CommNet 9999 [Zaela]( lightly ): Should stop him or whatever.
      CommNet 9999 [A Human male]: Yeah but could you be more specific? Is he breaking into ships?

      You enter BTL-A4 Y-wing Longprobe ‘Whoosh’.
      BTL Y-Wing ‘Longprobe’ Cockpit
      The BTL Y-Wing, though strictly designated an assault starfighter, was often
      used as a heavy bomber. Comprised of a rugged, sturdy starship frame, the
      ship’s modular cockpit sits infront of a Y-shaped frame from which the ship
      takes it’s name. On each side of the frame itself sits an R200 Ion Jet
      engine, with four support pylons attached that hold a disk vectral at the
      very rear of the craft. The cockpit itself is made up by two plain, bantha
      hide pilotseats infront of a relatively spartan console, protected from
      the cold emptiness of space by a transparisteel canopy.
      Obvious exits:
      South – BTL Y-Wing Secondary Compartment
      The hatch is open.

      You grip the controls.

      You enter the control codes for the autopilot.
      You toggle the autopilot.
      Autopilot OFF.

      The hatch slides shut.
      Launch sequence initiated.

      The ship hums as it lifts off the ground.

      CommNet 9999 [Zaela]( lightly ): Just check your datapad. He’s one of those guys.
      <CSA>{Security Division}<Squad Leader>[Zaela]( lightly ): Not my job to deal with it. Not sure why I’m being nice.

      Launch complete.

      The ship leaves the platform far behind as it flies into space.

      CommNet 9999 [A Human male]: Ah. Well you can perform a citizen’s arrest if you happen to be there.

      Using your skill with navigation you reroute energy to the hyperdrives.
      Hyperspace course locked. Running final jump checks…
      Jump requires 670 units of fuel. It will consume 14% of the remaining fuel.
      Checking hyperspace course integrity. Please wait.

      [Status]: Hyperspace Calculations have been completed.

      <CSA>{One Sith}<Inquisitor>[A robed figure with plated spaulders]: <Translation from <Shyriwook> Tell him where he can shove it.
      CommNet 9999 [Laezila]: Offering a bounty?
      CommNet 9999 [A Human male]: It’s just one of those run of the mill criminals.

      You push forward the hyperspeed lever.
      The ship lurches slightly as it makes the jump to lightspeed.
      The stars become streaks of light as you enter hyperspace.

      <CSA>{Security Division}<Squad Leader>[Zaela]( lightly ): Lazy Republic.
      <CSA>{Security Division}<Squad Leader>[Zaela]( lightly ): I’m leaving him there.
      <CSA>{Security Division}<Squad Leader>[Zaela]( lightly ): I might as well report to the Chancellor if I started doing stuff like that for em.

      Minors –
      Zyn – Feeorin Espionage (Unaffiliated)
      Short lived spicer character that was somehow linked to the Sith because she dared stand next to Arritharr making spice.
      Kyrsha – Cathar Bounty Hunter (Unaffiliated)
      BH Cathar I made when they opened Cathar up, got bored when her lifemate Varstag died. Kept her through to EoT. Was fun to play, but
      no story after Era 1 EoE so rarely played her.
      Jarala – Balosar Engineer (Telgorn Corporation)
      I played Jarala til I suicided her day of EoT after Zaela. I just wanted to coast through to EoT and I did. She helped build Sooooo
      many ships. She was also allergic to everything dangerous or stupid.

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      January 27, 2019 at 5:52 pm #31453

      My characters (tons)


      Era 1:

      Khelia – My Day 1 character, a Cathar engie that was apped to be a ship-stripper for as long as possible. She found the first Shadowport, and did okay on fulfilling her app, though she needed to work with smugglers to get the stolen ships. In the beginning a Sith forcer found her and enslaved her, so she was in the Sith Empire for a long time doing engineering work and basically as a servant to Lord Mortis. Eventually, she fell in love with Auros, and left the Sith with permission to join Aratech. When Auros died, she was pretty much lost, and joined the Morgukai. Later she stepped on a mine in a ship planted by a Republican.

      Lirash (Nissam) – My first natrolled forcer, Sith Assassin Chagrian Combat main. She was fun. I barely had fury as a spell, but I had fun with her until she started really butting heads with Jekoss and whoever his politician was. Alastair or something. Eventually she got a spyapp against the politician and was going to defect to the Morgukai. She died to pirates that her Master tried to fight, who blew up the gunship she and he were on. RIP.

      Mawri – A Zeltron combatant. Mawri served as the personal assistant and basically the right hand of Omega. She 100% believed in him and his cause, and was insanely loyal. Serving as his mouthpiece on a lot of matters, she was often mistaken for a diplomat. She died era 1 EoE against Kaaton, who she fought on Coruscant with Leona.

      Era 2:

      Aoseuhl – A miraluka leader-combat. She began in the Morgukai but left their ranks and hid out in Harrin, after meeting Cirahe. They fell in love, and got married, but Cirahe turned out to have Force and didn’t see each other for quite a while. When Viphe made the Jedi leave, Aoseuhl left too, but as she wasn’t a Jedi, she kind of was just trying to follow Cirahe around, who was wrapped up in Jedi things. Eventually she joined the KSF as the Jedi were opposing the Morgukai, with hopes of being closer to the Iktotchi. After rising up the ranks, she began to be outcasted. A couple times. Despite being bountied for following the KSF. But she got to be closer to her wife, who supported her despite the Queen constantly calling her away and a particular handmaiden just trying to make me miserable. She ended up being outcasted for saying she would kill someone in certain circumstances while telling Khenla that she’s no saint, and lost her position, which Moda got (after doing the same thing she said she would do), but groveled to be let back in to be close to Cirahe and took up an entry-level rank. She found Caneros on Alderaan and captured him during the war. She was approved to play senator of Corellia in era 3, but she died launching from Alderaan five minutes after the application approval was received in my inbox. But she was reunited with Cirahe in the Force.

      Era 3:

      Razzak – ‘Red’, my T’Surr smuggler with red skin. Joined the CSA. He eventually had the Cobalt, and was just kind of a badass. I sacrificed him by becoming a Rakghoul at the end of the Plague arc, given crazy stuff and stats, and fought a whole bunch of players on Ithor.

      Dilug – Dowutin combatant. My special snowflake character I got for giving up my other special snowflake for the sake of RP. He was fun, and great. He was friends with Nirrus, ran the CSA’s security forces, and called forcers ‘mouthbreathers’. I tried to make him a decent antagonist. He died in the war against the Republic when I went to Tatooine from Ryloth to refuel, and landed right into a Jedi ambush, and they repeated me to death.

      Laezila – By far my most successful character and hunter. Lazy was a Kiffar Bounty Hunter. She disliked Telgorn for trying to tell her to sell to them or be nothing, and spoke out against them often. She fought against the Rakghouls, too. Eventually she built herself a store and made a lot of money, thoguh she only PvE’d because nobody was giving bounties. Later Paze tried to have her killed, and many suspected she was involved in Paze’s death despite Lazy not knowing Paze was behind Thuvo’s attack on her until after Paze’s death. She had nothing to do with Paze’s death, but forever resented her. She fell in love with the Kiffar Jedi Tansryn, though she was an unofficial servant for Arkelan and often fed him information. Balan and some unknown killed her on Lorrd despite bringing a few Republic soldiers as backup in case of that very situation, but was restored later. Immediately everybody was telling her what they thought happened. She was dramatic and a brat, but was insecure and lonely, often believing Tansryn was the only one she could trust. She was hired to help attack the Syndicate, which she agreed to due to Balan, but died in a capital above the planet.

      Minor Characters:

      Eosys “63” – 63rd champion of the Crucible arena, Eosys was my era 1 Abyssin Bounty hunter. He was powerful. However, after being hired to help the Republic storm the Sith Temple, he died on the way out by having his ship mined.

      Varstag – Era 1 Cathar Hunter. He was Kyrsha’s mate and died in EoE telling Rakun’s pilot that he would hunt anybody.

      Nikan – Racial Sith, was jailed and later killed in Ryloth’s mines against Vashnar. Era 2.

      Akah – A Twi’lek bounty hunter that was killed after Aho bountied her for reporting him for trying to strongarm her.

      Solil – A Sluissi Smuggler who fell into being a fleet commander in the CSA, but after Kearn cornered her on her ship and Liz defended Kearn, she quit and joined Kikinit, disguising as a Jawa often and calling herself ‘Me’.

      Basal – Dashade criminal. Maximum security inmate after trying to blow up Kearn on Tatooine after Kearn tried to kill him for picking his ship on Ryloth. He got free after Kearn suicided, and snuck aboard an Utmian flagship with the intention of killing Vei, who taunted him. A syndicate pilot got in the flagship, turned the autopilot off, and Basal quit the battlegroup and started firing on the other capitals. Should have went down with the ship but ended up ejecting, running around on Ord Mantell, and dying after launching in space.

      Phear – My Magnaguard EoT, the one that talked on the comlinks. I used turrets to murder people and got a lot of forcers that way. 😛

    • Seryb Participant
      January 27, 2019 at 7:53 pm #31454

      I had a fair amount of characters but probably the only three worth mentioning are Tukar, Blue, and Malisk

      Tukar, dashade sith.

      He was Azinimas’ apprentice and believed mostly in what he had planned. After Azinimas died he didn’t really trust the other sith all that much save for Arrithar. He joined the Crucible after the empire died and was onboard with Noctis’ plan to kill Omega. Noctis went AWOL though and so did pretty much everyone else so he moved onto the Utmian’s and awakened Liska (Liz to most of you). I had planned to lay low with the crime syndicate and position ourselves to have some at least make an attempt of taking over the galaxy but I died during the plague event when Nathan who had a hard on to kill Tukar found out he was on Kashyyyk I think via Thuvo and slagged me as I launched. Liz had moved to be Nathan’s apprentice at that point because life had kinda gotten in the way again and the rest is history.

      Blue, T’surr hunter. Real name Xerix

      He was pretty fun even if I only helped out in PVE and events. Never really had many bounties to go after though I did linger on Arkania for awhile looking for Aho after he was giving people trouble but it seems like he had gone back in hibernation. He got the name Blue because of his skin color by another player back in era 1 and went by that forever after. He was buddies with Red and the imms asked me if I wanted to become a Rhakghoul. I didn’t think I would have the time to play because life fucked me again and I didn’t commit to it. I wish I would’ve in the end but shit happens.

      I killed all my characters and quit for a while after a disagreement with the imms about not being able to capture planets. I was acting like a bitch and if there is anything you should take from what I did during the TL it’s pretty much that. Don’t be a twatwaffle like me.

      Malisk, Zabrak pilot.

      I wanted to try and learn how to pilot and after roughly 2 months away the itch to play Lotj brought me back. I rolled Malisk and joined the Republic. Learned a good bit from Nirrus as my only piloting experience before that was with Xavious and Oteri briefly during the Hutt Cartel times a TL or two ago. It was fun, I think I did okay all in all. Though I feel partially responsible for Laezy and Tansryn dying since I was the outer ship during that fight and pulled my ship back to break target lock before moving back out assuming I would resume position as outer. I did not and their ship took all the fire from Solwa and the fleet. They exploded and we ended up pulling back before returning to destroy their fleet though in the second battle. I ended up having to pod out and rather than be smart when I flew past the world just kept going I turned back to try and land since Vessa was still on world and I wanted to help to her. I ended up getting scragged.

    • Athrun Participant
      January 27, 2019 at 10:55 pm #31455

      So before I get into the meat of who I was, I will give a shoutout to those who I played alongside or I thought were memorable. It’s been almost 2 years, so my apologies if I forgot anyone, particularly if you were involved with my earlier characters in Era 1.

      Tansryn: My gosh, this guy I considered the embodiment of what a Jedi was supposed to be. I absolutely loved him on Luis, and called him Magrinn’s apprentice. If there was an heir to the Jedi Order, it was him. He was off and on, but when he was about he was definitely fun to be around. He was also constantly collecting intel on the Sith, which was the only reason I knew about the quieter ones. He was also clearly good at combat. He tended to give me advice to help me along on my path as Grandmaster, and I really appreciated his support, especially when I was having moments of doubt, particularly being a wimpy level 60. I didn’t have many apprentices, but he was one I got to do the Knighting ceremony with and RPed with it. I hoped I made that special for him.

      Emit: The moment Emit walked in the Republic’s door, he looked like he knew what he was about. If I hadn’t known he was a first forcer later, I swear I would’ve thought he was some vet. He played a very solid Jedi, was very anti-sith, and I think scared alot of them. He had some petty moments or was too aggressive at times, but overall he was pretty solid. He also had one of the most amazing apprentice RPs I’ve ever seen. Definitely an A for a first try.

      Magrinn: I was definitely concerned to be joining the Jedi Order after my bad experience last TL, but you definitely set a good tone for the Order. I did feel like Magrinn was the overall leader and set a direction for all of us. There was also a good community feeling in the clan. Given Schillinger from last TL, I would never have guessed that Andvari played him. He was so freaking serene and Jedi like.

      Leona: Luis’ Jedi Master. I really enjoyed our master/apprentice RP, especially when Luca from last TL did not really give any decent RP. (He tried, but the player was clearly busy most of the time and our times did not sync up very well.) My apprenticeship was not about leveling here but about becoming a Jedi, and I thought Leona had a fairly balanced way of teaching me things and leveling me. She RPed the how to on every skill, and I tried to replicate the style when I trained Jiik and Terry.

      Others: Cirahe, Shabu, really all the Jedi in Era 2 in the JO. I definitely enjoyed being there. Paze was annoying in Alliance but liked her as Luis, kinda liked the Queen, thought what Quelben achieved with Behemoth was amazing. Thought the sith female that was being harrassed was perhaps going a little over the top with the PTSD, but I got to do some calming mind healing. Arakyd group that I can remember: Rothmar, Shadow, hey even Giles, Tannis (Jaydon’s brother), Shanarr, Lesa. Honestly most/all of the Arakyd group who were about were good. To the Era 3 people: Arturius, Elunarr, Naztrok, Xet, Malagar, Jiik, Rimya, Arris. I’m probably missing a ton more that I interacted with and meant something to my characters at one point, but it’s late and a lot of names have slipped my mind.

      Herk: Eff you Herk, eff you. That’s all.

      =======================CHARACTERS ============================
      (includes minors at the end)
      Warning, this section is long and I can’t find a spoiler tag function on this forum, so prepare for a lot of words.

      Jaydon Talorian, lorrdian combat main (Era 1, brief Era 2)

      I rolled into Arakyd on day 1 of this Era and worked pretty hard to get Arakyd off the ground along with others like Shadow, and Lesa. Made Security commander almost right away. All those purple designs were mine if you hated or liked them. Jaydon was a former Republic soldier who fought in the Mandalorian wars but missed the final battle that made GNI news. He had PTSD, and his whole thing was about hating Mandalorians and suspecting everyone of being one. Auros was jerkish to Arakyd at the start, so I immediately pegged him a Mando and randomly asked him if he was, and he was “yup”. With the Jedi/Republic kind of alienating Republic EARLY before the Republic/Sith war and even before Lesa died, Jaydon went from pro-Republic to kind of pro-Sith and tried to join the Empire at the end. They disbanded though. I was afk/logged off for a lot of the war when Giles took over and then got captured by the Republic. Took over from Riley about a month into the Era when she revealed to me the Republic were coming down hard on us demanding rosters and other stuff. Akim +4 others raided Arakyd after I was just like gtfo to the Republic and ignoring their rules, and then Halo negotiated with the Republic to have me sit in Republic jail for a bit and I had Akim swear to take responsibility if I mysteriously died. He talked to me for about an hour before letting me go and giving me a Republic valor print to make. Arakyd did get a bit better after that, and at the EoE I named the Valor Karma (“Karma, bitches” was Jaydon’s catch phrase when Herk tried to murder Nac and Morgukai extorted Herk for 200 million) and Brevard newly inducted went to fight Aratech’s ship when they were shooting people down over Dac during the EoE.

      I was super peeved at KSF when they outcasted/captured Jaydon and handed him over to Herk, but I kind of don’t blame them looking long after back over it. I went into KSF to help, but I also came in with a major entitled attitude sort of ordering everyone around without getting to know them first. Then I jumped on Khenla for being a bad leader and I think she got pissed when I insulted Dillin, and then outcasted me after I hadn’t had a chance to donate money I was making. Although honestly even with my attitude, some people got away with being jerks too and they weren’t yelled at to my knowledge and it did seem a lot like ooc favoritism going on. Koozat got that vibe too and he left in the middle of me and Khenla’s argument after overhearing something she had said. But what really peeves me most about that death is not the KSF betrayal, because they did have reason after hearing that they were funded by Black Sun…but that that BS jailed me and didn’t even give access to a locker per jail guidelines. They used the excuse that they hadn’t been given proper locker facilities, and nobody ever came back to see me to put the freaking gear in in the day or two before Herk came to kill me. If you were going to kill me immediately, then do it, don’t just jail me without following the guidelines because you intended to kill me later.

      Herk had me remove the bounty on him in exchange for letting him go. I didn’t really believe he was going to given his insane attitude, but I took a chance to see if he would. Big surprise, he didn’t. He was all, let’s go get your stuff! And took me by the newly flagged locker room into the interrogation chamber and he and his aide closed the door. I went nope, opened the door, and ran out. Then he followed me and tried to stop me, but I managed to steal a comlink from him. (Someone who I am still not sure of had droned me a comlink and he had picked it up when I was outside of the jail wondering who had droned me. No way I was picking that up while he was standing there.) I then shouted that KSF did it, and then that I didn’t know where I was on the channel, while I was running around with herk and Zeron? chasing me around a cramped facility. Finally I decided whoever it was wasn’t online and I changed it to comm zero. They managed to corner me in a one room exit place (about two minutes later) and I was able to say KSF did it before they downed me. Then Herk did this big thing about he was really going to release me, now excuse me while I get your gear, and shut and locked the door to the interrogation room. Then he yelled something about always having Arakyd taunted and always had it out for them…and then dumped Jaydon into a plasma pool. I submitted for restore, thinking that a few rules had been broken, but it was denied.

      Luis Luther, Master of the Council: corellian slicer main, Jedi Sentinel 60 force (Era 2-3)

      If anyone guessed that I based his name off Lex Luthor, then you were right. It was funny to me. His history was that his father even owned a small corporation on Corellia, and Luis was a budding data slicer who hacked and broke into everything. He was a youngling (maybe 18-20) when he joined Behemoth, and he would talk about how important it was to protect your data. He was kind of timid and jumpy with authority (Morgukai), and was kind of naive and good-hearted, being boggled at the idea that people would just go murder people for the giggles.

      Magrinn discovered me when I was botting sciences for slicing away in Behemoth’s science lab. He randomly messaged Behemoth wanting to talk to someone in leadership. At that time I had rolled Tyral because I had a need to play a tough combat main again, and once I was back at the computer, I had swapped to Tyral as he was already a medium leadership position in Behemoth. My employees told me that a Jedi wanted to talk, so I went out to Magrinn and we had this talk about someone in Behemoth having the force. On osay I was like, oh gosh I hope it’s not my alt. Magrinn was *shrug*. Then he said he was leaving, we said bye, and I went back inside and as everything was at a lull, I went back to Luis to bot sciences. Not five minutes later Magrinn is messaging us going, oh hey your force beacon is back! So I went outside on Luis to confirm if I was one or not, and Magrinn discussed force and gave me the option to join or not, and I asked to think about it and he gave me Leona’s contact if I chose to. I think I spoke to Rothmar/Quelben? that same day and then went to Mandalore to join the Jedi Order that night. I had to pull Tyral out of Behemoth there.

      Having been trained by Luca last TL, I felt the whole Jedi thing underwhelming (sorry Luca, I know you did try), so I was pretty happy with Leona’s master/apprentice RP. She was attentive, taught me stuff, and tried to RP things…without spoon feeding me too much. I did have to remain on Mandalore a good long while due to the hidden thing, though I kinda feel that at some point I was let to go roaming as long as I was careful. I kind of tried to play lookout a little bit. Magrinn also provided a good Jedi Grandmaster atmosphere, and within the JO clan it felt like a nice group that worked and cooperated well together. No hostility or random hate for eachother.

      What I also liked about my second forcer was that where as my last one was a slave and locked in that mindset, Luis was a blank slate. He was already naturally goodhearted, and I could easily mold him into a good Jedi. He went from being this naive kid to this (hopefully) brave guy who tried to mediate problems and stood up for others.

      I don’t really know when I started jumping into things, there actually didn’t feel like a whole lot to do until the Jedi merged with the Alliance. I feel like I was passively active and participating in the Jedi and trying to do something useful until that moment. Then I went from watching Magrinn and the others be an advisor to jumping head first into the Morgukai war. I had a good number of adventures in there, as Paze can attest to. I was running all over planets helping bribe support up when the Morgukai would come in and blockade and leave. We pulled our fleets back I think due to the fear of neutering? And I think the Morgukai had pulled theirs back as well. I was generally pinging the fleets, but there was one time where Paze needed a break so I took a taxi all the way from Korriban to Corellia, and I forgot to ping the wing ships. So I had a terror moment when I’m face to face with this Morgukai orbital with the planet blockaded and I’m pretending to be someone else. Nobody came to verify, instead the pilot kept moving his ship constantly, and I was, can I land? I’m almost out of fuel, and he’s no. But finally he left, and I ejected super fast just in case he was coming back. Paze was yelling at me for that.

      My favorite moment of that war was when Kam landed on Alderaan. I had kind of assigned myself to Alderaan to keep it from falling as the Morgukai regularly came to blockade it. Everyone kind of had their own planets they chose, so when Leona was not there I was usually there. Magrinn made Kam out to be a low level mouthpiece, so I felt pretty confident going toe to toe with him. He came to murder citizens, and so I attacked him once with lightsaber out, and we clashed a few times. Then we met in the spaceport and Kam wanted to talk, so we both came out of hiding/invis and I think we had a 20 minute conversation of posturing about the Jedi and the Sith. I will include the convo in this post, I really enjoyed it because it gave me a true star wars feel rather than most of the hack and slash instead dead perms that tend to happen. So props to Telestrial for that.

      I also feel bad that Kam got spaced after that. I could not beat him, he was just slightly higher than me I think in levels because he would get random damaging hits off on me. So Khenla and Moda came in a frigate to assist, and Kam hightailed it to orbit with Skorros who had been planetside before. I used Skorros to farsight to see if the Morgukai were still above, and one time our khommite(?) pilot asked me to let him know when any ships left the capital. I had no clue why until Kam left in some stolen ship I saw him use to get up before, and then the pilot reported he was dead.

      Parvik dying was less sad in my opinion, cause I was sure from what others had said that he was way too high for me to fight. I kind of cowered in the phome for a little, and then decided to just go out and kill criminals despite his presence on planet. I had just repeatered a criminal on Alderaan’s landing pad when the chiss cyborg went by me into a fighter and closed the hatch. I was a bit freaked out, reported it and backed out of there, and then Moda came along about a minute later to grenade the ship. RIP Khenla who had gotten captured by Parvik.
      My third gutsy moment during the war was when the Alliance fleet went to battle against the Morgukai fleet, and they quickly jumped out after Moda panicked I think. They destroyed the Morgukai fighters and were really patting themselves on the back for it, until Quelben got mad at the Alliance as the Morgukai had JUST requested an immediate fighter order with Behemoth…while we had 6 Alliance cruisers sitting in Behemoth’s garage. Quelben worked out a deal with the Morgukai to personally deliver the fighters to Coruscant, and as he was lacking a capital pilot, I volunteered. It was kind of scary sitting in Coruscant space and potentially being found out, but they never even boarded my ship when Quelben boarded theirs.

      I was going to join in on the heroic boarding of the death star after hearing Quelben’s plan to get the tantive inside, but then I saw that 3 Jedi (Magrinn, Cirahe, Shabu) and 3 others (Moda, gammorean I can’t remember the name of, and a slicer?) were ready to go for it and I was just like…you know what, nevermind, I’ll swap to my pilot alt and man the fleets. Never actually got to with the mud crashes.

      Into Era 3, the Jedi Order got totally wiped out, as Leona had died to Herk firing OP death star laser at her frigate, and Magrinn and Cirahe (both 90+ forcers) died on the death star. Only ones left were Meloch (level 75, no awaken), Gnon (who went neutral and I think was only 60?), Tansryn (but I didn’t know about his existance right away), and Jiik who had been awakened by Nathan and untrained. I tried to convince the IMMs to up my force level to 75 so I could awaken and sense others, but they weren’t having, so I grumpily decided to be the Jedi Grandmaster in spirit. I got Meloch and he would show up every…few days to a week…and went about meeting with people and trying to portray a Jedi presence. The Republic Senators were immediately falling over their heels to talk to me, and the CSA was pretty reserved but rather polite. Luis had promised Quelben that he would watch over Jiik, and so he joined Telgorn to train him as so far he was the only prospects I had and he was potentially high enough to find others. Unfortunately as much as I tried I just could not turn Jiik into a Jedi. He was still a greedy little jawa who liked money and couldn’t understand why even being interested in how sith techniques worked was wrong. He wanted me to stay to help Telgorn out and be security, but I joined the Republic instead to be their resident Jedi. I also joined because Nathan had made it blatantly obvious that Terry, one of their engineers, was a high level forcer.

      I ran into Arris at some point either right before or after joining, and he reluctantly taught Jiik how to awaken, as he was the only hope for the Order’s continuance at that point. Then I took Terry as my apprentice. I tried to work hard to make him much more combat aware, and I tried to make him more Jedi like as he was swearing like a back alley street rat all the time. I made some progress, he mostly had a good soul and allied with the Jedi way, but he had some issues and he was terrible in social interactions. I think it was a player thing and he just did not understand when his humor or when his remarks offended other people. He finally got kinda depressed due to people beating him down ICly and kind of OOCly, and ended up quitting.

      Meloch had also joined the Republic after a few months, and we found Ferral. IMMs decided to give him awaken at this time, and we had a little bit of an outlandish but fun RP scene awakening the guy. What frustrated me immensely though was that I had asked Meloch prior whether he could stay around long enough to train Ferral, as I was still training Terry. He said yes, so I gave my permission, and not a few days later but Meloch disappeared. It was during the rakghoul plague stuff, and I believe Ferral expressed frustration and left 3 days later to meet with Nathan. I was intensely peeved when Meloch came back a week later, then vanished and when I confronted him weeks later, he said Ferral was impatient and left 3 days later anyhow…til I pointed out Meloch ditched for a week regardless of how early Ferral chose to leave. I’m sorry Meloch, but I was not pleased.

      On the rakghoul plague…I really liked the event, but man I was exhausted. Because of the reward aspect, I chose to get in on every wave and it was being run an hour or two apart on some days. I was actually congratulated by Xerakon for it though. Terry, Elunarr, and others were joining in, but there were a lot of times were only I was participating Republic wise.

      Emit came at a point when the Republic was beginning to get stale for me and the other Jedi weren’t really logging on regularly. He was obviously an app, and I found out he was a first forcer, but his first impressions were of a person who knew exactly what they were about and he definitely felt like a vet to me. He was rough at first, being a little too antagonistic, but he mellowed out and slid in rather smoothly with the Republic. And also he could awaken and teach everyone all the skills up to level 100, so that was a huge plus with the Jedi. He was also clearly anti-sith, so that definitely brought that edge up to a stale co-existance with the Sith we had going all Era 3.

      Unfortunately we couldn’t really get many force sensitives at that point…either they weren’t there or they seemed to be rushing towards the CSA. Jiik found someone in the Republic and got super excited about it, but he was told to hush up and it ended up going badly and the person (Aakka) ended up leaving to join the CSA. I found someone on some kind of naval training exerise by random chance as I pop awareness now and then. Unfortunately the person (Sofia/Sara) I pinned it as disappeared. Not sure what happened to them. Thuvo had also discovered them and was chasing her around. Rendal didn’t want to leave the Syndicate to join the Republic, and Tansryn could not get him to train under him. Tansryn was the only Jedi I was okay with remaining outside the Republic and in on Jedi matters as he radiated an actual Jedi aura. He was on the Jedi Council along with Emit.

      At some point, I got tired of this whole lack of conflict between us, and between the Jedi and the Sith, so I started making myself more active on Luis to find out the purpose of the One Sith and their beliefs. I had a conversation with Nathan on Wroona to talk about them, and he said some things that I interpreted as “we do what we want, when we want” and thus I wrote the “manifesto” on the dangers of the dark side on the public terminal. It ruffled feathers in a 1k world style, I didn’t want to do a childish finger pointing match going ‘hahah you suck’. Would’ve ruined the immersion, and Luis’ thing was more about awareness and conversion, and not even about antagonizing. (I spent a while trying to convert Arkelan, but gave up when he kept bashing Terry and it became apparent he did not take me seriously as I was not a level 100 forcer.)

      I continued on along that path of galactic awareness of the evils of the Sith, and decided to speak with Dyna as she was a non-forcer. Luis gave her the benefit of the doubt that she simply accepted the Sith without knowing why they were dangerous, and I went personally to meet her on Wroona. Emit and I had gone earlier, but she was not available. I ended up jumping the gun in the interest of pushing things along and doing some RP. When I went to CSA’s doorstep, I had a sudden panicky moment that I was about to get ganked, but I dismissed it…I figured after I was done with Dyna the chances would get higher though if I ended up insulting the Sith right in their base. I also didn’t expect the Sith to get the guts to attack me, as so far they had been pretty ‘peaceful’ and doing nothing. Boy was I surprised when Dyna suicide grenaded me. I walked myself into that one though, I let her take me in between the security doors, so I was trapped.

      I was super tired of playing Luis, it was stressful trying to hold up the Jedi side of things, and the Sith weren’t really doing much to make it interesting. So I was going about with the “I fear no evil” approach, and that situation was one of them. If someone eventually attacked me after an awful conversation, so be it. But I got really peeved with Nathan effectively whisper perming me without any kind of followup RP to earn the perm. (Though force dream was better than the ‘lol you suck’ whisper perms that happen.) Jedi vs Sith should not be the only reason to perm without established history to lead to that point…and our only interactions had been some obscure casual friendly co-existing moments, our conversation about the One Sith where I asked him a question and he accused me of putting words in his mouth, and the manifesto. The latter two and the perm happened within a day or two…it was too soon and I felt it was too soon. I felt there was not enough to back it up. So I submitted for a restore.

      I do not regret making Nathan’s player back up what I felt was a terrible perm. I did regret getting restored though, because I was already feeling exhausted and I’d have to keep on pushing. Also I was the sole reason for the Republic going to war with the CSA, and I didn’t want that moment to die. I don’t know if my being restored really killed it or not, but by the time I was restored the war was over. Tansryn had rejoined the Republic and I was pretty stoked about that though. I was also happy to see when logged on Tyral that Meloch and Tansryn were going about doing things, and I dubbed Tansryn a battlemaster in my mind right there.

      The time after being restored was definitely pretty lackluster. I had more RP with Emit, I think Gnon joined the Republic though we were reluctant about it, Nathan suicided himself. I talked with Lizka, the new leader of the One Sith…and she basically described her group as a self-help group dancing on the edge of a cliff and keeping eachother from falling off. She was genuine and I felt my hopes sink that we could push for any more Jedi vs Sith conflict. Luis always tried to analyze whether people were really doing bad things, and would let people be evil as long as they kept it to themselves and never harmed anyone else. So I was really disappointed to find out that the Sith genuinely were trying not to be evil…and I couldn’t do anything to them as a whole, not without going against my character. Emit could think she was playing the deceptive role, but I had to wait while they…did nothing.

      Emit getting Rimya as an apprentice was nice, and I fully supported it. It was an aspect of the Jedi that I feel Desmond needed to experience, and looking at the log he posted, it was amazing. I was also glad to be around when Madelyn was learning her first forcer as the Grandmaster and provide that aura and moral support.

      The Syndicate vs Republic war was stupid, hands down. It was near the end of the timeline and so people were getting really bored and wanting to do ANYTHING to make things happen. Vessa making up reasons and feeding it to the rest of the Senate was dumb, and Luis figured out that she was lying about a lot of things. Luis tried to talk them out of doing a morally wrong AND stupid action, as not only had the Syndicate done nothing for being ‘criminals’, the CSA would be much more likely to help them in the war than the other way around. Emit accused Luis of being too afraid to face the sith. (I was not thrilled.) They countered that if they wiped the Syndicate out with a first strike, they’d cut the CSA off from an ally. Maybe they would have if Tansryn and Lazy hadn’t died in the war, but who knows.

      I piloted the second fleet on Luis when Nirrus needed a second pilot and we destroyed some Syndicate ships. I lost my wingships and my midguard pilot, sorry about that…I was pretty inexperienced, though I think I helped them out til they ran out of fuel. I was definitely panicking and going back and forth between commands and typoing.

      At that point in the war, the Jedi were basically the only combatants we had. We had a few newbs or stragglers, but mostly we had nobody active. We were roaming about worlds, and when it became clear that the Sith would bolt if all 3 of us were caught roaming, we decided to use Rimya as bait and see if they’d go for it. Then when she went to Tatooine and we went elsewhere, I decided to have Emit check Ord Mantell for sith presences. If he felt someone, we’d raid. If not, we’d not bother. I had decided at this point we were going to fight Sith, and only Sith. Rimya decided to land down then as well. Emit sensed 3 presences down there, so he and I borrowed a ship and landed on Ord Mantell. We roamed a little bit, then went inside the skyscraper, breached the door, and found an invisible sith and another waiting for us. Lightsaber out, blades drawn. Valderus came down while we briefly spoke to Vei. Then combat started and I went down almost instantly. I did draw my lightsaber, I checked my combat logs, and I had a chance for maybe 2-3 heals before I died. I was also feared, so I bet that didn’t help. They were focused on me, and we hadn’t really communicated to Emit that he needed to rescue us and act the tank.

      I was tired, I think Emit was tired too. We all wanted something to happen, and we knew it was likely a one way trip. It may have looked like a stupid move, but we could’ve won had we been better coordinated. Unfortunately we didn’t discuss a whole lot ahead of time, and seeing the 2-3 of them just inside the door made us totally unsure what to do next. I actually thought we had a good chance of winning, but we blanked. I was glad Luis was dead, it was a gigantic relief. And I also went out fighting Sith on the ground, and didn’t get spaced or some stupid death. It felt proper, even if we were newbs and utterly failed.

      Tyral Dillan, corellian combat main (Era 2-3)

      I rolled Tyral after rolling Luis, because despite Luis being different he was naive and not so tough. Tyral ended up being a bit like Jaydon at the beginning, but that faded after I got comfortable in Behemoth. For a while I played coy and pretended that I was just a harmless engineer. I called myself a commlink engineer, and I frequently purchased animal hides from Harrin while pretending to be totally clueless about where it all went. Vrexi was smart enough to realize that comlink engineer meant something else, though I think he thought I was a pilot or espy main. Shanarr outed me after I decided to spar him for fun and dropped him. Repeatedly. I would joke on clan comms about him being mean and chasing me around, while he told Quelben not to believe my ‘harmless engineer’ act.

      Rothmar and Quelben were practically grooming to be the new clan leader when Rothmar got tired of leading and the Morgukai being annoying. I didn’t make it up to the top, but I was definitely a promising manager. Unfortunately I had to leave cause of Luis being found force sensitive. I lurked on him now and then to run cargo, and got arrested by the Morgukai for having grenades from Behemoth days. I had join join the Alliance after Luis did, though I joined the support division as I was still playing my “not combat but will help if needed” game. I talked a bit with Paze, but I definitely didn’t do much as my focus was entirely on Luis during the war.

      Tyral rose to prominence when I decided to join the New Republic in era 3. I immediately dropped the coy ‘not a combat main’ game and joined the Army. I intended to simply casually play him for the different personality, but after seeing Almina struggle with leadership I started writing up documents and giving leadership advice. The end result was I ended up being made Army division leader along side Almina almost immediately. The only thing I was missing for the first few months was the General rank.

      I ended up playing Tyral more than Luis at one point because I was a division leader and activity was falling off in the Republic. Senators were inactive (except for Arturius), division leaders went inactive or simply hadn’t been appointed, and I felt the clan was a bit demoralized from it. I wanted to show an active leader presence so people wouldn’t feel the need to quit, and ended up commanding the navy as well. I pushed Gocr up, and I’m disappointed that he failed the task. I also apped for Senator of Coruscant, but Slip got it, and after that I decided it would probably be too much hassle to be Senator and a Jedi council leader at the same time.

      The Army was great early, we were able to spar quite a bit. The 2v2 spars were definitely a learning experience, though I still need more practice on group fights. Elunarr was almost always patrolling, IDing people, and trying to catch criminals. Model trooper there, even if he did get bored and go crazy murdering Paze for their spat during the rakghoul plague. And then gave me and Arturius the runaround with a selfdestructing gunship before we subdued him. We started losing people to boredom I guess, and then Slip took over and changed the Army to Marines. (*shakes fist* Awful color scheme!) And also did his Rogue Squadron thing, which I kind of thought was dumb and just detracted from the other branches, but at least it merged back quickly enough. It was clearly an attempt to form a personal protection squad though, from my point of view.

      Once Slip and co made their CAF position and Mikna was put in charge, I kind of eased back on the General bit and Nirrus took over. I had decided after speaking with Gnon to focus more on Luis again, and I was personally glad to stop holding two leader positions at once. It was very exhausting. Tyral’s participation in the Republic CSA war was to shoot from a turret, while I resigned him on the Syndicate war and pretty much shelved him.

      I kind of ended up making Tyral the person who helped out the new people within the Republic and trying to teach them things, even if they were in other branches. I would also randomly give newly rolled characters on the streets money as he was practically rolling in credits.
      I feel bad for Vivienne and Naztrok when the died in the autopilot training accident. They were both new, and Naztrok was extremely promising for someone who was just learning how combat worked. Very quick learner, and so I had decided to give them practice with how to stop someone from leaving system. I boarded the capital ship and demonstrated the tractor beams and I think fired the ions at them. The problem started when they started firing back and I simply ignored at as it was a pea shooter compared to a capital ship. We had a discussion on things that could or couldn’t work, pausing firing or doing anything to eachother. I turned the autopilot on, got off onto my fighter, and undocked…and next thing I know their gunship is firing on the orbital again, and then the orbital fired a missile at them. By the time I had docked again, they were gone. It was my first accidental death, and I felt pretty bad about it, and was pretty peeved when others in the Republic kept harping about it.


      Jarod Vanukur: Corellian espy main, missed out on ping by about 5 levels. Was one of the few people who had minesweeper in the game it seemed. I had some fun on this character trying out the dangerous side of life by stealing from other people. He didn’t have the ability to strip ships, so I resorted to trafficking with stolen ships, which got boring almost instantly. In Era 1 he was checkpointed by Kedanna and a war droid (who’s name I forget) in a taxi on Ryloth surface. I was being coy, and both were being jerks about whether or not I was disguised, and then insisting I was lying. Then after giving “Vanukur” as my name before they scanned my file, the war droid took me to a jail locker to store my stuff, and very clearly used the character name tag to find out which name it actually was. He then threw a gigantic hissy fit that my name was actually Jarod and that I had lied to him about it. I was pretty peeved about it. I was also pretty difficult to Kedanna in jail, though I was released later without much incident.

      The real adventuring started in Era 3 when I decided to steal from Paze while she was performing surgery. I was hoping to get a full haul to later install, but then I discovered that I had forgotten to max steal/slip and it was sitting around 70%. I went to the hospital anyway to take a look around and this bothan was there. (I think his name was Muldy and he was with the Syndicate.) He asked me if I was the doctor, and I was like “Yup”, and we went to the surgery room to discuss prices and he handed over 1 dexterity cybernetic. I was kind of disappointed, but I was doing the whole, ‘I’m about to put you under’ thing when Paze walked in the door. I never group disbanded and bolted faster than that moment. I was already in hyperspace when the bothan remarked on comm zero “You hang onto that for me”.

      Then Quinton was advertising selling a lylek set on comm zero, and I showed up in a stolen ship to buy it from him. Told him I’d just go to the bank, stole the lylek set which was all nicely bagged in his inventory, and then promptly snuck off to the other pad and launched in a taxi. I think he noticed about 10 minutes later that it was missing, and I believe he was much more careful on where he kept his stuff. I turned that lylek set in for a set of carapace.

      I then tried to sell a stolen freighter, even going to orbit to hail Elunarr’s fighter asking if he wanted to buy. Then he tried to ID me on the surface, so I just skipped out and into the smuggler’s alley. He landed on the blackmarket pad, chased me out, I slipped back into the alley, and hijacked his ship and flew it off to another planet. (He had nicely left the autopilot off for me.) After that he tried to pinpoint me a few times, but I eventually met him on Corellia to sell him bank accounts, wearing a different disguise but the same description and roughly the same armor stuff. I was actually going to go to the bank with him, but he jumped the gun and attacked me with his merc out, and I fled there. I tried to hijack his fighter again, but he was much fastser about following me this time, so I ended up just hightailing it out in a taxi. He docked with me, and when he boarded I instantly hopped aboard his ship and undocked it. I pressed my luck that I could get to 500 units before he redocked, but alas, it was about 450. I discovered that R-41s don’t have 1 passenger limit when boarding through docking as opposed to boarding from the ground, and I was stuck in combat.

      He landed on the Republic pad, told me he set the selfdestruct on his ship and to follow him. So I did and he took me inside level 2 on the Republic Citadel. Anyone who was in that building knows that level was pretty cramped. It was just a short hallway from the locked door to the turbolift with two rooms branching off to the hotel and locker. I stood there with Elunarr arguing for a while about why he was arresting me, and it was because he suspected me of being the thief who robbed the Syndicate fellow. I was pretty insistent he had no proof, and when he told me this was not a Republic arrest but a personal thing, I started mouthing off on comm zero. He told me to stop, and I didn’t, so he shot me. Thus led the rather embarassing chase in a hallway between him, Dav (I think), and another Republic member. I hopped back and forth, healing myself, using the lift where they couldn’t block me in, and mouthing off the entire time on comm zero. It was 10 minutes before they finally downed me. And then Elunarr took me to the double doors to outside on level 1, and left me alone there to talk to Valderus. I promptly slipped my cuffs and started healing myself. I was still healing myself when he and Valderus walked in. He asked Valderus if I was familiar and he said no. They went outside to talk, and I tailed Elunarr out. He chased me out but he didn’t catch me. For the lulz I stayed on planet in one specific area encrypting and decrypting my file for the next six hours to see if anyone would find me. Nobody did.

      Paze installed the dexterity cybernetic I had stolen, and figured out I was that guy who’d gone on a trip with Elunarr. She basically looked the other way and asked me not to cause trouble for her customers anymore. I also more or less volunteered my Minesweeper services (I was the one who troll posted about being The Minesweeper in response to Tyc’s The Assembler.) I always intended to cause more trouble, but sadly Luis and Tyral kept me busy. I joined the CSA with him last minute just to kill him off for the EoE and participated in the space battle. Dyna killed me in the FFA.

      Vinchan: defel bounty hunter. I don’t know why I rolled this combo, I got no locateship and playing a hunter without it is terrible. I joined the Power rangers (aka Clan Craskil, I was the blue one) and rolled around with them now and then, particularly in the Era 1 EoE, but I really did nothing of importance. I gawked when Omega went on an 11 man gank raid of Behemoth. (Rakar and I got to personally watch him mow down every employee while he used Que–I forget her name to operate the lift.) I did a little hunting for Telgorn. I sparred Lazy in the Coruscant arena, then taunted her for lack of skill, then walked off when she wanted a final spar when we were 2-2. I went to Telgorn to get a better equipment as I was using Era 1 Aratech gear while she was outfitted in the latest stuff, and she jumped me in their lobby. I definitely messed up there and didn’t punish her for blocking me and her in with a merc. Instead I focused on killing the merc so I could escape, and then didn’t.

      Rathtar: sith combat main I rolled when the Sith Empire disbanded in Era 1. I think they were still cheap then. I intended to troll and cause trouble, but never did. Instead I joined the CSA after Luis died and was just a rude trooper who IDed everyone he came across. Nothing really notable, though I did chase the MSE and HK droids on Tatooine and did 1v2 combat until everyone else showed up. I stole the HK’s repeater. I chased the MSE droid into space and stopped his taxi from leaving. He then docked with me, threw a grenade aboard my taxi, and I boarded his taxi just as it undocked, and ran into the cockpit. I caught him without a blaster in hand and was taking him down, but he armed a grenade and ejected us both to the surface. My combat log showed him as “unconscious”, bah. And yes, the IMMs did question me on this name twice. I think it sounded similar to a creature in lotj, then laughed when I realized it was one. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but he always called the Sith Lord or Lady that. It really bothered me to call people by name like we were best bros.

      Dalton Weathers: a human pilot main. I rolled him into the Alliance purely to learn piloting and to help out an undermanned navy. I didn’t do much more than checkpoint monitoring and occasionally man a wingship when Gorba was flying. I joined the CSA and then manned a wingship under Baxtor’s command when we took on the Republic fleet (over Coruscant I think). I had a heck of a time keeping my ship recharged once we lost the outer wing, and I totally forgot about making the squadrons do anything so they were acting on their own. I wasn’t quick enough deciding what to do when my ship ran out of fuel, so I blew up. Didn’t even make it to the escape pods.

      Xienn: arkanian engineer main. I loved this guy, he was solely an RP character. I took what I had seen of Cyrus last TL and dialed it down. There was no mad scientist or ambitions to rule the galaxy going on, but I definitely acted like everyone was inferior to me. I joined Telgorn as they were on Arkania to provide some Arkanian presence there, though I didn’t stay long due to Luis. I swear I probably annoyed Paze by my superiority complex. I was generally making casual slights about others, or shaking my head about other species’ failings. I got permed by that whiphid doctor because I had called him inferior on comm zero, and basically ignored him when he was present on Arkania. That restore was overturned, though I didn’t really play him too much after that as I left Telgorn to join the Republic.

      Zorx: If you remember this mon cal leader engineer in Arakyd, he was dumb. All he did was bot armor and ships, and when I did converse with other people, I swear he sounded retarded. I did not put much thought into this character (he was a ship botter after all) and I swear I hated him.

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    • mongwen Participant
      January 28, 2019 at 1:03 am #31459

      I’m very anti PVP and don’t go in for all the drama for drama’s sake and wheels within wheels a lot of you playing seem to prefer, so my character was pretty straightforward. This was my first. I’m still fairly new to the game. I was Korjin in era 3 and she was just …Korjin. Once you got to know her, you learned she had a great big heart of gold, but she was very shy at first and focused on her tasks more than anything else. She wasn’t entirely on anybody’s side in the various galactic conflicts because she didn’t entirely trust any org on the galactic scale, so she gave all she had to Telgorn. I wanted to play her as a good character, but I didn’t see anyone really acting “good”, so I just socialized when possible and otherwise had her do her job. I prefer relaxed RP.
      I was disappointed in the whole EOT thing. Many of you know I resent having my character\’s story forcibly ended, anyway, but beyond that the ending was too abrupt and I was left feeling unfulfilled. She was faithfully being an engineer waiting for droid parts to analyze when suddenly people start running around killing each other and Xerakon says \”so long, thanks for all the fish, go die right now\”, in effect. No bringing the thing to an ending with ceremonial awards for those who lived through and memorials for those who didn’t even in so simple a form as reading names off in a public gathering, no recognition or thanks for those who defended a planet who’d long ago decided they didn’t want any more to do with the galaxy until they were desperate, just …Pouf. Extremely unsatisfying. Korj had no reason to care about Naboo except for just being a decent person.

      I wanted to find my own way out afterword, but wasn’t given that consideration and someone in a frigate started shooting at my ship when I was trying to leave after the event. I didn’t appreciate that. I’m not a fan of free for all PVP and if I’m not done RPing yet, whether the RP is solo or social, nothing should have prevented it. That means no random shooting at anything that moves should have happened. That aspect needs to be changed if you insist on keeping the silly restarts every couple years. Consideration should be given to those who prefer not to engage in PVP no matter the circumstances, whether it’s IC or OOC. See you next TL once I figure out what I’m going to be.

    • sardog Participant
      January 28, 2019 at 6:28 pm #31462

      Malagar – Xet – Krum

      Malagar was my first character in at least 20 Years. I used to play on a mud called SWRIP. So needless to say I was a noob. I chose a human smuggler, figuring I’d lay low, learn the lay of the land and run cargo. Behemoth was perfect for him because at the time, Behemoth was practically deserted (around 1/2 – 3/4 through Era2). Tyral hired Malagar and taught me quite a bit about mudding and my character quite a bit about interaction with customers and others. I ran cargo until I gathered around 2 Million (part of my backstory was to pay off a hutt that had enslaved my parents) then all my cargo went to Behemoth to keep it going. We had no engineers save for Vrexxy every once in a great while. Tyral left in time and I did all I could to keep Behemoth going. Quelben stepped in for an absent Rothmar and that’s when things started getting interesting. Quelben groomed me for leadership, even though I didn’t want it. At some point during all this, I hired Jiik and suddenly we had an engineer. I rolled Xet to help out, but that’s all the plans I had for him. Malagar rose through the ranks helping Quelben with his master plan of backstabbing the Morgukai to ensure ORA victory. During the EoE(2) Malagar was present with the Queen running communications as the fleets fought it out. I didn’t play Mal all that much in Era 3 unfortunately. Xet demanded my attention as you can imagine. Era 3 Mal was the retired old spacer who just wanted to live the easy life, which he did, with tons of credits earned in Era 2. He would stop by Telgorn every once in a while to make a large donation out of loyalty to Jiik and Paze finally talked him into joining, but only because they promised him no responsibility, no boss to answer to, no subordinates to keep in line, etc. Strictly an advisory role. Mal did have a couple of shining moments in Era 3, like racing to Coruscant and demanding the Republic allow him to be present at Elunarr’s execution after his murder of Paze. Malagar was put to rest shortly before EoT by a Krayt dragon as he was exploring the dunes of Tatooine.

      Xet was, like I said, rolled to be nothing more than a tool to keep Behemoth in business. I leveled him from scratch, sciences and all. I purposely did not take shortcuts in learning skills because I wanted to learn the ropes and appreciate what I was doing. When the EoE war was ramping up and the Morg and ORA were coming to us for ship orders, I had to put my main character, Malagar, away for a bit and Xet stepped forward. Some of my most favorite rp sessions were in the public garage on Naboo while secretly building ships for the ORA. That’s where I developed Xet’s personality and I love how it was done naturally. I like to develop my characters on the fly, starting them only with a very broad idea of how I want them to be. It was in that garage that Xet met Paze. He thought they were very annoying, but the RP was fun. Their bond started when the notorious, mud killing, ship bug hit. Xet and Paze were building NTB bombers alone in the garage and BOOM. When we logged back in, Paze holding Xet’s gear and Xet was holding Paze’s gear, both naked. Their bond only grew stronger from then on, with Paze coming to Behemoth for Asaylum(sp?)…twice! It was during this time, over dinner that Xet and Paze made a pact to open a garage together called “The Naked Garage”. Never quite made it that far, but close enough I guess. Era three saw Xet joining his old Behemoth friend and boss, Jiik in opening Telgorn. Xet never wanted to lead. He even threatened that he would leave if Jiik ever died or decided to go. In the few months that Jiik stayed with Telgorn, Xet grew to love his new family however. His bond with Paze was strong, to the point that Paze moved in to his ship (which was his home….yeah, Xet lived in a ‘trailer’). Ergo was an amazing droid and Ibeo…oh paranoid Ibeo…always kept things interesting. When Jiik did leave, Xet took over, not wanting to leave everyone else he considered friends. I was nervous as hell, tired as hell, and just over all stressed. My second character ever and I’m leading a clan?! WTF? I felt obligated to do a good job for everyone involved and I hope I did. Please let me know if you have criticism, just in case I get another clan dumped on me again in the future. I learned a lot in the first few weeks that followed. I learned that I HATE devs. The only reason I think that Telgorn was successful was because of my experiences in Era2. Mainly Quelben. That dude taught me so much about leading a clan, and I didn’t even know he was doing it. Thank you. Anyway…you know the story, eventually Paze was murdered. Xet was devistated. He spent two weeks barely talking to anyone. Instead of building ships, he would be in the back of the garage working on a secret project. That project was Paze’s statue that was put in place in Telgorn’s lobby. After a while, Xet started to come back to life and things rolled on. We had many great people in Telgorn. Izzy was one of my favorite engineers to work with. Meloc…everyone knows Meloc. Yin, our admiral who mysteriously disappeared after losing the senatorial race to Brevard. Najix, the annoyingly talkative duros pilot. Glee was amazing. It’s RP was spot on and fun. Korjin. Korjin was another favorite engineer. Her heart was big enough for the whole mud. Love me some Korjin. Jarala, alergic to EVERYTHING except building ships. Ergo though, Ergo was key to Telgorn’s success with his leadership bonus and impeccable rp of an engineering droid. I always looked forward to dev sessions with him. I know I’m leaving people out but this thing is getting long…Thank you to everyone in Telgorn for making my first clan so enjoyable and successful. My proudest moment was seeing six engineers and two foreman pumping out 3 or 4 Heavy cruisers in less than two days. We killed it!

      Krum was another tool roll. We couldn’t keep an active echo-0 slicer in Telgorn, except for Ibeo. We had a few try and once they hit Echo-0 and completed their skills, they took a deserved break…and never came back. So I rolled Krum to be around to secure our ships when Ibeo could not and also for a change of pace when I needed a break from Xet. Never thought he would be so well liked. I enjoyed sitting in the Utmian Tower with Quincy and…I think it was Terra, pinging ships during the Mandalorian Death Watch event. Also just sitting in the garage with the engineers while encrypt/decrypt spamming. Lots of great rp was had in that garage and it will be missed.

    • skyfall Participant
      February 4, 2019 at 4:50 am #31467

      I joined LOTJ in late 2017, and it’s been fun. This being my first tl, I focussed on 1 char at a time. None lasted longer than a single era or part way into another, except for zandor, who I played for like 2 days rofl. I’ll highlight the biggest moments for me, some of you might recognize a few, as I recognized one or two from their points of view while reading this.

      Drego, human espionage
      Espi/slicer combos were my favorites last tl. I enjoyed being able to get through almost any locked door, and the smuggling levels weren’t too bad. Drego was in intelligence for the republic, but didn’t do too much, as he was created near the end of Era 1. My most memorable point was with Akim when the Republic went to hell in the Morgukai war. I was on Ithor with him and another, I forget the name, and he outcast us to keep us from getting killed. Drego managed to survive EOE, but didn’t do much, all my chars were weak in combat, ended up stuck in the bank on Coruscant due to the battle droids. Things got a little interesting in the end of era one into the beginning of era 2. Congrats to whoever played Nessa, you survived through a lot. Drego, Nessa, and a couple others tried to form a resistance to the Morgukai under cover. Drego was arrested twice by the morgs. First was for carrying explosives, which for me the player were my favorite weapons. The second time, he was running cargo to wroona when the morgukai came in with a battlegroup and made their presence felt. His ship was tractored aboard Legeon and he stowed his explosives and comlinks in the locker on his zeta before being boarded. In hinesight, I wish I kept a few grenades on me, I’d of loved to arm them with omega and the others standing around. That’d have been a way to go. Drego was taken to Coruscant and executed, though he was never told really why. I assumed they knew about the resistance plan, we were probably betrayed, but I never found out by who. Nessa was a target of the morg I learned after, which means they had some info. That was char 1.

      When you can’t beat them, join them. Char two for me was Bocknore, human pilot. Most notable for sitting in Executioner over Corellia and bagging pirate kills. Got over 600, I think I kept the tl record. Made a few million doing it, so it was a nice way to spend some afternoons. Bocknore was loyal to the empire, straight up imperial naval officer. I went offline for a bit and came back on to find the empire had moved back to Coruscant in the fight with the ORA. I spent a good bit of my time at night in the Kinetic Fist, our Valor class cruiser, basically trolling the ORA and making them have their diplomats put out blockade fires all over their space. I helped take out a capital at mandalore as part of a fleet, and was responsible for a time for having refueler freighters on the Kinetic Fist for runs into enemy territory. It was great in the beginning because the fist had no fighters, so the hangars were free. I do remember letting someone through in a transport, shout out to whoever it was, that I probably should’ve killed. My end came because I wasn’t really thinking. A non-public ship came in and landed, should’ve shot it out of the sky like a good imperial, then moved like I had been doing. I had been moving in case my position was reported to ambushing fleets, over Kashyyyk, this time was the first and last time I didn’t do it. They got my position, and I knew something was wrong when an escape pod launched from the u-wing. I didn’t act fast enough, and the Fearless battlegroup jumped right on top of me, fighters and all. I couldn’t get away, and I couldn’t fight. I ended up podding off the ship, but the ORA fighters blew my pod to hell. This was the first, but not the last char I would lose to bad decisions on a capital, but I’m learning, I hope. My only real experience in a major battle will come last with my third main char.

      Now, for some comic relief. Zandor, human slicer, easily the least productive char I ever had. Only notable thing was getting arrested on purpose so I could see what Desolation Alley was like as a prisoner. The arrest was kind of funny. I broke into and tapped the comm junction on Coruscant, a sure way to go to jail. Nathan and a stormtrooper came to get me. This next bit is quite funny. Apparently, they didn’t have greets or whatever for each other, and the trooper was out of armor. So there we are, all 3 human males. Nathan and the trooper attack each other instead of me, it was funny to watch. I’d have fled if I wasn’t trying to get arrested on purpose. I go to jail, and mine, then sit offline till I lose bocknore. Zandor gets released, and I get inducted into Bohemoth for a time. I was there for the start of EOE, and nothing else, irl and internet were the reasons. I left zandor alone until Traesto died, and suicide in a way I didn’t mean to. I was going to explore naboo before suiciding, but the self destruct had been activated on my public shuttle after I used autopilot and targeting to destroy a pirate, just having a bit of fun, and launched with fuel. Blew up in space and didn’t know what happened immedietly. Ah well, wasn’t a big loss, had like level 19 piloting, if that shows you how much time I spent on that char. Now, for the last char.

      Traesto, bothan espi
      I’m back to espionage slicer combos. Another verry weak combatant, traesto was my espi in the Utmian Syndicate. Started out fun, helped fly ships to be stripped among other things, but then we sort of stopped openly committing crimes like that, and it was just running cargo and trying to adept slice and secure, which got boring after a while. I’ll admit running cargo in a frigate was the fastet credits I’ve ever made, but it got boring after a while. Naturally, I missed both wars, a shame, as my bothan was cruiser capable. I spent most of my time with Traesto on Ord, most of it encrypting and decrypting to try and master slice and secure. I ended up with slice at 98 percent and secure adepted, at the verry verry end. Smuggler levels were good, just couldn’t get pirateship, ah well, you can’t have everything, . Now for the story of my only space battle, hopefully I can get some experience and ooc training this tl so I don’t go out in quite the same blaze of glory, or rather, imphamy. Being blind with a screenreader is part of it, it takes me a little longer to catch on to what’s going on, and fleetradar is dead aweful spam with fighters, so I had about a minutes delay in targeting the right ship, after finding out what everyone else was shooting at in that EOT battle. I should’ve probably never been in an outer ship as well, as I was taking damage the whole time. My issue arose when I went to fire ion cannons and found my launchers and ion cannons damaged. I had to recharge shields, and was taking hull damage. I went to repairship, and while I was doing it, the ship lit like a Christmas tree around me. I lasted maybe 3 minutes into EOT. I think I outlasted the first droid ship though, but barely, and I’ll bet I was the first allied ship to go down. It was kind of disappointing, I had planned to be there for the space bit of EOT, but didn’t last long at all. It wouldn’t have been as bad If I died at the end of the battle, but my death there was a combination of a lack of experience and it being my first ever real fleet battle. I hope to learn better for next time, and I’m going to suggest an improvement for fleetradar based on my experience to help screenreader users like myself. I look forward to playing with you this tl.

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    • Odari Participant
      February 5, 2019 at 2:39 am #31469

      A legend is born, or something…

      ArkanTsurrM steps out of XT-3 Public Transport ’17Hopper’.

      ArkanTsurrM leaves north.

      Halkon asks ‘Well yeah, but other than that?’

      A being in durasteel armor laughs.

      Razzak scans north.

      A being in durasteel armor quietly exclaims ‘Hahaha!’

      Razzak grunts like a pig.

      Razzak scans north.

      Kassiya warmly asks Razzak ‘Long lost twin?’

      Halkon gives a data uplink glove to Razzak.

      A being in durasteel armor quietly says ‘That’s the other one.’

      A being in durasteel armor scans north.

      Razzak gutturally says to Kassiya, in Hapan ‘That one is blue.’

      Razzak gutturally whispers into a comlink.
      CommNet 0 [Razzak]( gutturally )<An unfamiliar dialect>: Gjlvz uqc qwr bndlcpx bu?

      Razzak scans north.

      A being in durasteel armor quietly says to Razzak ‘He used to hang out here all the time’
      You nod.

      Kassiya warmly asks ‘Who?’

      Halkon asks ‘That the hunter?’
      You confidently say ‘I recall seeing him here.’

      A being in durasteel armor nods in agreement to Halkon.

      Razzak gutturally asks ‘What him name?’

      Razzak scans north.
      You confidently ask ‘Uh… Blue?’

      Razzak scans north.

      A being in durasteel armor nods.

      A being in durasteel armor quietly says ‘Think so, yeah.’

      Razzak tilts his head.

      Razzak gutturally asks ‘Him name ‘Blue’?’

      Halkon says ‘Been a long time since I’ve seen him.’
      You confidently say to Razzak ‘Guess that means your name should be Red.’

      Kassiya warmly says to Razzak ‘Neat. He can be blue I’ll call you Red’

      Razzak heartily chuckles.
      You smirk.

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    • Odari Participant
      February 7, 2019 at 9:30 pm #31481

      Jedi meeting Magrinn for the first time (sort of), Zask getting chewed out…

      { { Papanoida Street }
      This seemingly endless street stretches the length of Trade City’s western
      border and is undoubtedly one of its best kept. The road’s smooth duracrete
      finish is patterned to resemble fashionable cobble but without the hassle of
      maintenance. Solar powered streetlights dot its edges at even intervals, giving
      ample illumination for evening strolls during the twilight hours. Around each
      one is a small ring of flowers whose heavy scent seems to hang in the humid
      air. They are meticulously kept by the small droids that weave through foot and
      hovering traffic.
      Obvious exits:
      North – { { Papanoida Street } }
      West – >> The Wroonian Government Building <<
      Magrinn is standing here.
      A being in long flowing robes is standing here.
      A being in flowing robes of demicot silk is standing here.
      A Human male citizen is standing here.
      A being in jet-black heavy duralloy armor is standing here.

      A being in flowing robes of demicot silk bows before you.

      Magrinn says ‘There she is.’
      You raise an eyebrow.

      Magrinn smiles at you.

      A being in jet-black heavy duralloy armor nods in agreement with you.

      A being in long flowing robes hissingly asks Magrinn ‘Do you supposed we do jothing for those that follow Bogan and cause harm?’

      A being in jet-black heavy duralloy armor mechanically whispers into a comlink.
      CommNet 4780 [A being in jet-black heavy duralloy armor]( mechanically ): welcome to the party…

      You nod in agreement to her.

      Magrinn says to A being in flowing robes of demicot silk ‘We protect those that “Bogan” would harm. Including those who have fallen.’

      A Human female stops using Long flowing robes of demicot silk.
      A Human female wears a flexweave jointed suit of segmented durasteel about her body.

      “They are no different than you and I, not at the core.” Magrinn says, offering you a warm smile. He pauses for a moment and speaks in her direction, “Please, Take a seat.”

      (OOC) Magrinn says ‘it’s all good, I’m not here to judge you’

      (OOC) A being in long flowing robes says ‘Huh?’

      (OOC) A being in long flowing robes says ‘I’m just saying slow response.’

      (OOC) Magrinn says ‘I’m just being a turd, it’s ok’

      Magrinn says ‘Were the Dark Lord of the Sith himself to land here and threaten the citizens of Wroona, I would engage him in conversation.’

      A being suited in durasteel and flexweave says to you ‘It looks like we’ve had a reunion of sorts. The first step.’

      Leona glances around for a moment, then shrugs and takes a seat. “I feel like I’m late to a meeting…”

      “I’d want an explanation. I’d want reasons. I’d want to give them the opportunity to parlay.” Magrinn says, motioning toward the sky. He offers a quick nod toward you, then continues: “From there, he makes every decision. He will choose the tempo our meeting takes.”

      “Should the Dark side choose violence. We defend ourselves, we defend those who cannot defend themselves.” Magrinn says, patting the repeating rifle strapped to his back. “Should one of us fall in that process, then so be it. I was doing what I’ve sworn to do.”

      Magrinn asks A being in long flowing robes ‘When he is in chains? Defeated?’

      Magrinn says to A being in long flowing robes ‘I extend my hand. I give my brother the love he needs to find redemption.’

      Magrinn says to you ‘I guide him back toward the light. He will choose whether to bask in it or turn away.’

      Magrinn says to A being in long flowing robes ‘You didn’t even give Master Arris the some courtesy.’

      (OOC) Magrinn says ‘same*’

      Magrinn smiles at you. “Are you confused yet?”
      You casually say to Magrinn ‘From the moment I woke.’

      A being in long flowing robes hissingly says ‘I… acted swiftly. Too swiftly.’

      A being suited in durasteel and flexweave says ‘Is Jym awake? Perhaps he should be here as well.’

      “Perfect!” Magrinn exclaims, turning his focus back toward A being in long flowing robes. “Swiftly and?”

      A being in jet-black heavy duralloy armor mechanically asks A being suited in durasteel and flexweave ‘I can check..?’
      You blink.

      A being suited in durasteel and flexweave nods in agreement to A being in jet-black heavy duralloy armor.

      A being in jet-black heavy duralloy armor mechanically whispers into a comlink.

      A being in long flowing robes hissingly says ‘With judgement, when I should have offerend reconciliation.’

      Magrinn asks A being in long flowing robes ‘Swiftly. With judgement. And?’

      A being in jet-black heavy duralloy armor mechanically whispers something to A being suited in durasteel and flexweave.

      A being suited in durasteel and flexweave shuffles her feet as she looks between Magrinn and A being in long flowing robes.
      A being in long flowing robes tilts his head at Magrinn.

      The sun’s radiance dims as it sinks in the sky.

      A being in long flowing robes hissingly says ‘Violence.’

      “Hundreds of adjectives in Galactic Basic to describe how despicable your actions were.” Magrinn says, grunting a bit as he schleps back over to the lightpole, slumping himself back down onto the road.

      Magrinn asks ‘Thousands?’

      Magrinn holds up three fingers and stares at them blankly.

      A being in long flowing robes hissingly says ‘Meloch is the scholor, Magrinn. Not I.’

      Magrinn shrugs his shoulders, “It doesn’t matter.”

      “We are the Jedi Order. We are rebuilding.” Magrinn says, extending his hand toward A being in long flowing robes. “Will you be a part of it? It will be a long, trying road for you.”

      A being in long flowing robes extends his hand to Magrinn, clasping at it.

      “Perhaps, some day, we can call you Master Zask again.” Magrinn says with a shrug of his gross shoulders. “Until that day, he is as much an apparition as Master Arris.”

    • tweave Participant
      February 8, 2019 at 10:49 pm #31482

      I played Gorba 😛

    • tweave Participant
      February 8, 2019 at 10:58 pm #31483

      Julius (Darth Caedo) – An Iktotchi pilot that I rolled to help the Sith Navy along. He ended up rolling 60 levels of force and was pretty weak on forcer terms but I managed to do alright with him on the ground and in space. I had a lot of great times with him during the wars. I ended up developing a squadron cycling system to throw off target locks until the squadrons were dealt with which pretty much made our fleet untouchable for the first war unless our squadrons were taken down, until the code was changed. I killed Azinimus and the Alastair via spyapp with him after the war and took over as the Grand Inquisitor. When the second war kicked off and we knew we were beat, Caedo and the Admiral grenaded the strike team that breached Korriban and managed several kills before my character was eventually ambushed and brought down. Good times.

      Rakar of Clan Cras’kil – A Zabrak BHer that started a family of hunters. This was a very fun role. There were quite a few of us and we made a lot of money hunting both mobs and players. We almost went to war with the Republic but didn’t due to not really wanting us to be a warring faction of sorts. Though it most assuredly would have been a lot of fun. I can’t remember how he died.

      Gorba – A Bothan pilot that I rolled and joined the ORA with. He had eventually became the Admiral. I had a lot of fun getting the fleets together and teaching some people how to fly. I had a famous oh shit moment with him when I was ordered to take our fleets to Coruscant and Halo was manned and ready for me. The mud crashed and when it came back up everyone was moving around and my ships were dropping like flies. I pulled out of the area and resigned my character and didn’t go back to flying after that.

    • Andvari Participant
      February 9, 2019 at 3:45 pm #31484

      God damn this Magrinn guy was good shit.

    • Odari Participant
      February 10, 2019 at 1:03 am #31485

      Best jedi, wonder who played him?

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