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      Alright. Here’s a compiled overview narrative of the timeline. If anything is incorrect, something needs updating, or I missed something major, let me know below and reference the paragraph [#]! Please provide a reason for the change as well to help me restructure as needed.

      EX: In [17], the Alliance declared war, not the Morgukai. The Morgukai put a deadline on Herk’s extradition or they would declare war, and ORA released Herk and declared war the day before.


      Era 1

      [1] The universe starts off with a war-torn Galactic Republic recovering from a massive conflict with the Mandalorian Crusaders. The Mandalorians had razed Lorrd, but were barely defeated on their homeworld of Mandalore. The two survivors of the Jedi Order have returned to their temple on Dantooine to lick their wounds, too weary and mournful to revel in their victory. Although they have consolidated with the Republic to bring about stability, there are many threats on the horizon. The Morgukai mercenaries have subsumed control of Tatooine, a merciless force of sentient War Droids led by a cyborg Warlord, and their intentions are anything but clear. Rumblings from Korriban have produced the heralds of the Sith Empire. Although new to the galaxy, these red-skinned beings were already becoming famous for their “magicks” that unnerved the Jedi in particular. Two titans of industry have emerged unscathed from the war: Arakyd Industries based upon their lonely station in deep space and the Aratech Corporation of Dac.

      [2] Although tenuous run-ins occurred between the Jedi and the Sith early on, the first sparks of conflict occurred between the engineering corporations due to differences in pricing. In short succession, Arakyd’s science professor and then its CEO, Lesa Van Auren, were murdered. All fingers pointed specifically to a crazed science teacher, Herk Mondo, of Aratech – though nothing could be confirmed. The Jedi, convinced of a Sith-encouraged plot to remove the company’s leader, began to form their religious principles about the Sith (who practiced what was beginning to be called Bogan) and stepped back from the issue, writing Arakyd off as a potentially ally. Often painted as the hand that signed the death warrants of many of Arakyd’s employees, Herk Mondo somehow managed to escape judgement through various informal trials and paid kickbacks – though he quickly became one of the most vilified men within the galaxy.

      [3] Following countless cautious meetings and attempts to learn of one another’s cultures, the Sith Emperor, Azinimas, grew impatient with the Jedi Grandmaster Furyk Flinn’s needling and managed to infiltrate the Republic world of Alderaan with both their ground and space forces. The moment that the trap was set, the Sith declared war upon the Republic, capturing two and killing one soldier during their assault. The Grandmaster, thought destroyed over the planet, survived to lay low for several weeks. Believing the Grandmaster dead, the Emperor offered the Republic peace with very little terms other than to keep the Jedi in check. However, their relationship would never be the same.

      [4] Centurion Alpha-and-Omega unit, leader of the Morgukai mercenaries, became increasingly paranoid of the Sith Empire during his dealings with them after the initial war. During this time, a member of the Sith defected to the Morgukai, but was promptly captured back by the Sith and forced to a trial by combat, where he was slain. The Alpha-and-Omega unit’s reaction to this trial earned him a bounty by the Sith Empire. This event prompted him to craft an alliance with the Galactic Republic and the Jedi, who were spoiling for a follow-on war after their initial loss to the Sith Empire not long before.

      [5] A consolidated strike force composed of Morgukai warriors, Republic soldiers, the Jedi, and even several bounty hunters stormed the Sith Temple on Korriban. Despite being ambushed within the temple’s turbolift and taking grievous losses, the raiding team managed to scour Korriban, capturing or killing several of the lower-ranking members of the Sith Empire and finally kill the Sith second-in-command, Darth Caedo. Emperor Noctis managed to flee into deep space along with several other high-ranking members, though little else was heard from them as the Sith Empire crumbled. Not satisfied with simply dismantling the Sith, the Republic fleet continued on to Arakyd Industries’ station, where they destroyed the Sith’s long-time allies once and for all.

      [6] Although the Galactic Republic and the Morgukai mercenaries remained in their alliance, the Chancellor Akim grew bolder in his own policies and demands, while the Centurion Alpha and Omega unit became more paranoid as to the Republic’s intentions. The Jedi, who promoted caution and a wish for peace with the Morgukai, were outcast by the Senate. Fear the destabilization and corruption of the Republic, many of these Jedi joined the Morgukai. As the alliance crumbled around them, the last straw for the Morgukai was the Republic’s disinterest in aiding the Morgukai against the looming threat of the Techno Union. Attempting to seize advantage of the Morgukai’s divided attentions, the Republic fleet struck and were promptly destroyed over the Morgukai capital of Tatooine. What remained of their leadership, including the Chancellor, were killed by the Jedi and several Morgukai warriors on Corellia, forcing the capitulation of the Galactic Republic and their disbanding as an official government.

      [7] Just as the Morgukai managed to defeat the Galactic Republic, the minor threat from the Unknown Regions, known as the Techno Union Army, suddenly became even greater. At first only making their intentions known for droids’ rights, the Techno Union increased their aggressive stance, landing upon Geonosis and seizing control of a droid factory. Soon after, they began dispersing battle droids across the galaxy with the objective of destroying organics and ensuring droid supremacy.

      [8] The Morgukai’s former Warlord, Kaaton, was deployed to Coruscant’s surface with a war droid escort. Speculation ran rampant as to whether he was somehow infected b a virus or simply was angry at how the Morgukai had embraced organics over the mechanical image in which he had built them. After killing several of his Morgukai assailants and fighting even a Jedi to a standstill, he was eventually overwhelmed by the full force of the Morgukai.

      [9] Following this tragic event, the Morgukai warriors and countless beings from across the galaxy temporarily allied to rush to Geonosis and stop the incursion. Battling across the planet’s sniper-, mine-, and droid-riddled surface, they were able to break into the droid factory and halt its changing production corridors long enough to destroy the Techno Union leadership and send out the deactivation codes to the droid forces ravaging the galaxy.

      Era 2

      [10] For the five years following the Techno Union defeat, the galaxy worked hard to rebuild. The Morgukai seized several planets, ending upon the capital ecumenopolis of Coruscant, where it resettled and their new leader, the Alpha-and-Omega unit, declared himself Emperor. Infused with the ghostly essence of the former Sith Emperor, Azinimas, the Morgukai Emperor utilized this knowledge to upgrade the Alpha-and-Omega unit’s systems to become adept at lightsaber combat. The once-independent engineer Vyktor Harrin rose to prominence to form Harrin Trade Outfitters on the planet Wroona. Almost overnight, a behemoth of a corporation (with the same name) rose to power on the peaceful planet of Ithor, lead by the unassuming Rothmar Mekinth. The vacuum of power that occurred on Korriban by the Sith Empire’s toppling was filled by a grassroots planetary independence movement led by Khenla Zilu known as the Korriban Separatist Faction. Rumors abound throughout the galaxy as well of slavers and criminal organizations hidden within the shadows.

      [11] Early within the Omega unit’s reign, the planet Lorrd, rebuilt after the years it lay in destruction from the Mandalorian war, issued a distress call: The autonomous system protection fleet that had guarded them for so long – the Kinetic Fleet – had dispersed after the fall of Lorrd and could not be found. Governments, corporations, and individuals scrambled across the galaxy to assist the Lorrdians – most, however, hoping to earn the favor of the Lorrdians or the others who offered services for a transponder from any of the 15 Kinetic vessels. Primarily among such was the Queen of Naboo, Camile Liviana Veruna.

      [12] With the Morgukai scrambling to find any rumor of the Kinetic locations across the galaxy, the Separatists managed to find one and battle their way through a massive droid force and retrieve the vessel’s transponder. Across the galaxy, more of the vessels were being found. Some discoveries lead to successful recoveries, others to threatening over claims, and in one incident, a Morgukai cruiser opened fire upon a frigate carrying Separatists and several Jedi. In the end, the Morgukai were able to carry the day and achieve governance over the planet Lorrd for their efforts – but only after threatening to kill Vyktor Harrin and destroy Harrin Trade Outfitters in order to obtain the last transponder. Vyktor was never heard from again, his company subsumed by his partner, Viphe.

      [13] Despite growing unease between the Morgukai Empire and the Korriban Separatist Faction, which was suspected of rebellious thoughts, unexpected events overtook both Dac and Nal Hutta, cooling their tempers for a brief time. In a style typical of the Huttese crime lords, the Besadii kajidic reported to the Separatists that their huttling heir had been kidnapped. Following the trail to Tatooine, they worked with the Harrin Corporation to defeat a Hutt palace’s defenses and retrieve the information as to the heir’s kidnapper. Returning to Nal Hutta, they were able to utilize Morgukai technology to fight their way through the vicious band of Aurodium Sword mercenaries and rescue the huttling prior to being shipped off-world… or worse. In recognition for their efforts and attempts to maintain a balance between the kajidics, the Hutts accepted stewardship by the Separatists.

      [14] The Sun Guard cult of Korriban unveiled their hand as they purchased a deep-core mining platform on the Invisible Market and secreted it to the planet Dac. As the drilling began, it was certain that the planet did not have long until it was irreparably damaged. The Morgukai soldiers managed to obtain a surveyor from the Separatists that allowed them to find the Sun Guard base, making a deal with a malcontent Elder to secretly rid Korriban of the Separatists in exchange for vital information to board and destroy the platform on Dac. In doing so, the formerly neutral government of Dac agreed to joining the Morgukai Empire.

      [15] However, shortly thereafter, the Morgukai Empire denounced the Sun Guard Elder publicly, breaching their promise with him. In response, Sun Guard cultists flooded Morgukai territories for several weeks, slaughtering their citizens and warriors in reprisal. Indeed, the Emperor Alpha and Omega unit itself was deactivated and destroyed beyond repair following its capture on the planet Kashyyyk. His rule was quickly subsumed by a Triumverate Council, headed by the H4-L0 pilot unit.

      [16] Now too large to represent just Korriban, the Separatist Faction emerged as the Outer Rim Alliance. However, this only emboldened the Morgukai’s suspicion of their intentions. In reprisal for Queen Veruna’s offers for Kinetic Fleet transponders some time ago, the H-4L0 unit took his fleet to Naboo and began bombarding the planet, massacring millions. This unwarranted act of aggression caused Queen Veruna, who also was closely allied with the remaining Jedi Order which had taken great pains to remain hidden beneath the leadership of Grandmaster Magrinn, to commit Naboo to the cause of the Outer Rim Alliance.

      [17] During this time, the Black Sun crime organization, led by Herk Mondo, began to make themselves known as they encouraged crime and governmental overthrow across the galaxy, extorted shop owners, and carried out hits on people of stature – including Viphe, the leader of Harrin Trade Outfitters. Much of their activities were aimed against the Morgukai Empire, who began a vigorous campaign of rooting out the crime ring. However, the Morgukai came to find information that the Black Sun were funding the Outer Rim Alliance in secret, making massive loans for outrageous returns. When this came to light, Herk turned himself into Alliance custody for protection and in an attempt to stay a step ahead of the law. Following refused extradition requests, the Morgukai threatened to go to war with the Alliance if they did not extradite Herk to the Morgukai. The Alliance decided to release Herk unpunished one day before the deadline and declare war upon the Morgukai first.

      [18] The Outer Rim Alliance prepared well for their war with the Morgukai Empire. Quick to seize territory, the Alliance fleet and ground forces blazed through Imperial territory, capturing even Alderaan and Corellia directly upon Coruscant’s doorstep. However, a miscalculation was made as they took their combined fleets into the Corusca Sector, where the Morgukai’s naval might was waiting for them. Despite even odds, the Alliance fleet suffered heavy losses and were sent tail-tucked back to Korriban, while the only loss to the Empire was an interdictor corvette. As the Morgukai grew emboldened by their success, they attempted to reconquer some of their last territories – but were ultimately unsuccessful due to the Alliance’s dug in ground forces. With the Morgukai’s dominance in space against the Alliance’s ground preeminence, the war appeared to be locked in a stalemate.

      [19] This stall did not last long, however, as the ultimate weapon “Death Star” project that the Morgukai Empire had been researching for over a month – the H4-L0 Battlestation – neared completion. On the eve that the H4-L0 pilot droid was to begin uploading his consciousness into the station to make it his own, the battlestation was boarded and stolen by none other than Herk Mondo. Rampaging through the galaxy, Herk’s battlestation destroyed several Outer Rim Alliance vessels before making his way to Dac. Although he was able to destroy the planet, the Morgukai Empire’s primary battlefleet entered the system and was able to get within range and dock for just long enough to send over a small strike team.

      [20] Following Herk’s execution, the battlestation was returned to Coruscant orbit, where it was finally synced with H4-L0’s consciousness. With this new development in the war against the Alliance, H4-L0 struck out against them, shortly destroying the Alliance-governed planet of Nal Hutta. He was shortly repelled over Naboo by the Alliance’s rebuilt fleet and their allies, and fled to uncharted space to rearm and repair. The H4-L0 unit requested that his friend, Quelben of Behemoth Industries, join him to assist.

      [21] What he did not know, however, was that Quelben had been playing the Morgukai for months. When Quelben’s corvette arrived, it concealed a strikeforce of many Jedi and Alliance troopers. Upon landing, a desperate battle began to secure the battlestation’s command center and destroy the H4-L0 unit. Sensing that his time was near, however, H4-L0 was more vicious than anyone had ever expected. As the Alliance fleets were entering the starsystem, he locked down the landing bays and closed access to the escape pods and initiated the self-destruct timer for the battlestation, destroying himself and over 12 other heroic sentients. With this one action, the Morgukai were defeated, but at great cost…

      Era 3

      [22] Following the destruction of the H4-L0 battlestation, a New Republic was founded upon the principles of its predecessor, the Galactic Republic. Headquartered on Coruscant, member planets from across the galaxy sent Senators to speak on their behalf to the new government. Although the Queen of Naboo removes the hyperspace beacons for her planet so that they may rebuild in peace, many of the Outer Rim Alliance’s members transferred into the new seat of power as well to maintain their vision for the galaxy. What very few members remained of the Jedi Order joined forces with the New Republic. Sensing this weakness, many Sith which had remained hidden over the years formed the new One Sith order within the Corporate Sector Authority. The Corporate Sector Authority, a corporatocractic government, rose to power on the planet Wroona, given to protecting and assisting businesses within their boundaries. The Telgorn Corporation, propped by the Adasca megacorporation, rose to prominence as the spacelanes to Arkania were once again established. Word also spread across the galaxy of a small Jawa clan – Kikinit – producing the finest weaponry within their shambling sandcrawler on Tatooine. On Ord Mantell, a brash crime family known as the Utmian Syndicate began making its mark, uncaring for the publicity they incurred. Rumors also abound of a small, seedy cult hidden beneath the surface of Lorrd who worship a large egg as their unborn savior.

      [23] Rumors of space abductions arose quite quickly after this shifting of galactic power. Very few beings were left alive in the wake of these, but those that were became exceedingly ill. Some died, and some… were forever changed. Linked only to the sighting of a ramshackle Hammerhead-class Cruiser, the galaxy began to hunt the vessel in earnest. Over Corellia, the vessel managed to abduct four beings for a brief period. With the group knocked unconscious, the T’surr known as Red was able to drag the group to relative safety inside of a freighter and launch out. Over the next week, a state of virulent plague was declared as the Rakghouls made themselves known. All sorts of remedies were attempted with the infected beings. The Creche even allowed use of their miraculous healing pool, to no effect.

      [24] Rampaging throughout the galaxy as the cruiser made its way from planet to planet, heroes responded to each in turn to beat back the savage tide. Scientists, engineers, hackers, and beings of all walks of life made their way to Arkania to assist in research and development of a cure for the plague, while their infected friends and colleagues remained locked away inside of a containment bunker. Finally, computer scientists were able to triangulate the location of the cruiser, where naval forces and warriors from all organizations throughout the galaxy managed to board and kill the Rakghoul Prime progenitor. Returning to Arkania with the prime sample, scientists were able to develop a vaccine for the outbreak and cure the infected beings. Due to the Telgorn Corporation’s ingenuity and sustained involvement, the Adasca BioMechanical Corporation awarded them with access to their amazing laboratories to develop new technology.

      [25] Following the Rakghoul Viral Outbreak, the Unborn Savior of the Creche cult appeared to be close to wakening. People from across the galaxy made their way to Lorrd for what promised to be a momentous event, purportedly of salvation. Unbeknownst to all, the previously Rakghoul-infected being known as Paze that had attempted treatment within the Creche’s healing waters had unintentionally spread the plague to the creature within the egg…

      [26] What awoke from within was monstrous, immediately attacking everyone except for its loyal subjects. The New Republic navy took to Kanz space, its primary battleship fleet quickly beaten and losing two cruisers to a lone Creche frigate, they fled to Ithor to lick their wounds and regroup with the Telgorn Corporation’s ships, finally destroying the frigate just as a mixed-forces ground team landed on Lorrd to destroy the creature. With its dying breath, it released a supersonic roar so loud that it destabilized the Creche’s cave structure. Fleeing into the surrounding mines, the group was able to barely escape annihilation.

      [27] Around the time that the Creche cult imploded, a leading figure within the Utmian Syndicate – Slip Morrivar – was elected to the New Republic’s Senate to represent Coruscant. Almost immediately, he was viewed with extreme skepticism and suspicion – having come from a known crime family. Soon after his induction, Senator Morrivar announced his goal of ousting Chancellor Arturius Alde and overtaking the position. He creates his own division of veteran soldiers called Rogue Squadron, and rumors abound of his intentions to coup the Republic if necessary. However, Chancellor Alde resigns and Slip Morrivar rises to become Chancellor just as new Senators from Ryloth, Mandalore, and Alderaan join the Republic.

      [28] Just before their elections, proof of Slip’s treason is uncovered from a botched recruitment attempt within the Republic ranks into what he dubbed the Shadow Council. Although explanations for the purpose of the group were varied, the widely-accepted version was of a group that wished to control the galactic major governments behind the scenes. The “puppet masters” named within this group included Chancellor Slip Morrivar of the New Republic, Pfon Selenis-Zdravnik, first of the Corporate Sector Authority, “Liz”, the leader of the One Sith within the Authority, and Kikinit, the Jawa leader of the Kikinit Clan engineers. Now wary of these individuals, the Shadow Council information quickly circulated, and, combined with other irresponsible decisions on the Chancellor’s part, causes the new Senate to vote to remove Slip Morrivar from the Chancellorship.

      [29] Although the galaxy appears to be calm overall, religious tensions are on the rise. The Jedi, sheltered by the New Republic, begin to publicly denounce their long-time enemies, currently in the form of the One Sith, which reside within the Corporate Sector Authority. While the Senators of the New Republic seem to discourage this behavior, the Jedi press on, with the Grandmaster Luis Luther himself posting a manifesto upon the public terminal, denouncing the oddly quiet One Sith as evil. Followed by a repudiation by the One Sith, who claimed only to protect the interests of the Authority, the Grandmaster made his way to Wroona to discuss the issue with the leader of the Authority, Dyna Selenis. There, he was viciously assaulted by the Authority – who made a mistake in attempting to dispose of his ship, which the Jedi tracked back to the Authority’s private landing facility. Although Dyna claimed that the Grandmaster attacked her, it was widely believed in the Republic that such a thing was against his character.

      [30] Recognizing that war was on the way, the Republic began to scramble to prepare. Recognizing that their ships were understrength and their soldiers unprepared, they pushed for production of their ships and squadrons from Telgorn Corporation while their soldiers gathered equipment. During this time, the Authority demanded that if the Republic did not oust the Jedi from their ranks, they would go to war. Senator Dosij of Mandalore took upon the role of mediator in order to forestall the Authority from war while the Republic prepared. Buying several days, war began with the Republic fully prepared. The Authority assaulted Ryloth, but were turned back after the Jedi killed several of their soldiers on the ground. Within 48 hours, two Republic fleets engaged two Authority fleets above Tatooine and destroyed five Authority ships while losing one of their own. Acknowledging the Republic’s military supremacy following this loss, the Authority accepts disarmament terms from the Republic, in which they also concede the planet Tatooine to the Republic.

      [31] Despite worries that the Utmian Syndicate – as long-time allies to the Authority – would join in the war, they remain sidelined and unprepared following a cargo embargo on Mandalore along their primary cargo route. Although depression sweeps through the Authority, the Republic begins to suffer from a lackadaisical attitude of uncaring negligence. A sort of general quiet falls across the galaxy for a short time… before war reared its ugly head once again.

      [32] The actual reasoning for the war between the New Republic and the Utmian Syndicate is all but unknown, but it sparked off quickly and violently. Despite suffering several losses over Ord Mantell, the capital of the Syndicate, the Republic sent an invasion fleet to the world and annihilated their protection fleet. However, it did not take long for the Syndicate to acquire a second fleet from the Authority. Days later, the Authority officially joined the war, though their contribution seemed to be minor. Once again, the Republic and Syndicate fleets engaged – this time over the planet Alderaan – and once again, the Republic fleet annihilated the Syndicate fleet. Despite these early victories, the Republic had been undermanned from the outset of the war, and several of the Senators were outcasting able soldiers, even those willing to fight, if they did not approve of the leadership. The final battle took place over Coruscant, where a Syndicate fleet was beaten for a third time by the Republic. However, the remaining Syndicate ships regrouped with the Authority and made their way to Coruscant, where they destroyed the last New Republic fleet, resulting in the government’s capitulation and dissolution.

      [33] Prior to and during this war, droids throughout the galaxy had begun to act erratically. Some were sabotaging whatever was near them, others assaulting organic beings, and many just exploding on the spot. Barely a scant week following the Republic’s defeat at the hands of the Utmian Syndicate, transmissions emerge from the planet Naboo once more, claiming the discovery of a droid army, the planet itself blockaded by droid-commanded battleships. Once the galaxy learns of the message, they scramble to assist the Naboo. Following a massive space battle, the combined forces of the Corporate Sector Authority, the Utmian Syndicate, the Telgorn Corporation, and various mercenary individuals make landfall, are drafted into the Royal Naboo security Forces, and transported to the swamps of Naboo, where a battlefield has already been prepared and a stalemate exists between the Naboo and the droid forces. The combined alliance of heroes storm the battlefield, braving masses of droids and their anti-infantry turrets to destroy the droid factories and power generator.

      [34] Finding an old bunker, the few survivors from the battlefield descend into its depths to find the corpse of a Gungan slicer who, in an attempt to program droids to destroy other droids, made a classic coding error. The droids instead began a rampage to destroy all organic life – first among them, the slicer by his test subject: 8UZZ-54W. The Droideka Mark II, especially developed and sold to the slicer by the Telgorn Corporation, becomes the primary target as it began sending its virus out to droids across the stars. Requiring an extensive team of heroes to defeat before it overwhelms the galaxy, the RNSF militia storm the Gungan’s laboratory, and are eventually able to destroy the Droideka test subject, halting the automaton virus and preserving the safety of the galaxy from the droid menace.

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